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Game Maker Games - Eve of Emotion
Eve of Emotion by Jeremy LaCroix
Humans were created as tools for gods to use to complete physical tasks which non-physical beings cannot do themselves. Humans were created without emotions, and cannot think or feel.

Except one. Eve was a defect, meaning her Emotions were active. Humans created from her cells could feel too, but all defects, including Eve, are wanted dead by God.

Update 12/25/05: Eve of Emotion upgraded to version 1.6.4 (Revision 2), which is a very minor bug fix release.

Update 01/01/06: New link/host, and Eve of Emotion is updated to version 1.6.5 (Revision 3) which is another minor bugfix release.

Update 01/13/06: New link/host.

Download Eve of Emotion (EXE, ~31.9 MB )

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2008.01.02 FrenchyEntertainment
Rating: 7

This was a pretty fun game! The starting is really fun with the random monsters, but at one point the monsters suddenly get really tough. The music is good, the graphics are pretty bad but the story line is cool
2006.08.11 jlacroix
Rating: --


The opening track is indeed Chris Cornell, from his solo album before his Audioslave days and after Soundgarden broke up. I believe the track is called 'Can't change me'.
2006.07.31 moran
Rating: --

i always wanted to put something together like this - but it takes a helluva lotta time. props for doin' that. some of your backgrounds are kinda cheesy and don't really 'go with' the character and enemies, but it doesn't take much away from the game. i didn't get far into it so, i don't feel i should rate it. i read some harsh comments towards your work on a couple of your other things and i thought i'd stick up for you - keep up the good work.

oh - and is that audioslave at the beginning? It sounds like Chris Cornell - although, I guess it could be a Soundgarden song, too.
2006.07.21 operating_thetan
Rating: 6

hmm...short and a little blah. and the sweet ass opening music makes it sound like you're in for a world saving romp with this hot chick and all i get is like thirty minutes of eh...still i liked the effort.
2006.06.20 Pie_4
Rating: 9

I personally think this is just as good as Eve of Sadness! 9, Baby!
2006.06.09 SqueakyReaper
Rating: 7

Pfft. This couldn't be RPG of the year.
The story is set up nicely, albeit you overused lambs. It'd be better if you left 'lambs' as a reference to how low humans are thought to be, but nothing more.
You ripped half of these sprites out of the resource packet. They fit together, but I noticed very vividly which you did and which you ripped.
The animated movies are a bit chalky, but I don't really know how. Just watch the first movie.
The battles are kind of dull, and Eve has no reaction like 'Wow, strange monsters!'
How does upgrading to a knife increase attack power if your attack is a fire 'bulletish thing'?
Overall, 6.5/10. For a very potent game, but needs work.
((rounded up))
Keep it up, or higher. Good luck.
2005.12.18 Chris Kolar
Rating: 10

I'm going to be the first to comment on this game, and boy do i feel lucky. Im just gonna start by asking a simple question: rpg of the year anyone?

this has to be my favorite gm rpg ever, the storyline is amazing, and the overall gameplay was excellent too. Even though you could skip through all of the storyline, i still found myself reading on to find out what was happening.

This is a 10 out of 10 in my book, the first i have ever given out. This game is set up just that nicely.
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