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Game Maker Games - Raptor
 Raptor by Gareth Tilt
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Review by Quimp
One hundred million years ago, give or take. In Raptor, you play as a green-stripped velociraptor that must fight to recover its crew’s eggs, unluckily stolen by pterodactyls. How tough can a bunch of pterodactyls be? The answer is as simple as it can get: tough enough to last you awhile!

As soon as you start the game, you know Raptor is of professional quality. The beauty of this dinosaur platform-adventure game comes from the storyline: throughout the game, the levels, dialogs, cut scenes and events are strongly linked together to create an extraordinary atmosphere. Unlike many games with dialog, you will not want to skip them unless you’ve already been through the discussions. For one, they are always relevant and instructive, and for two, they are hilarious.

Some players may be disappointed that no blood or neck-breaking is part of a game featuring dinosaurs, but those not worried about it will certainly find a superb game play. The only times I thought the game lacked in action was when you need to go back several rooms to continue your quest: this could provide to be an essential strategy since you can carry quite a few elements in your inventory, to heal or energize you. Although the slow-paced times are to be expected from an exploration game, they could have been avoided: running through rooms takes care of it, until you notice you have little to no energy left. Who would want to exhaust the character just before fighting a bunch of enemies?

Aside from the intermittent mellow moments it may have, Raptor is certainly among the best platform adventure games out there. After all, it has all it takes: outstanding graphics, a great game play for the most part, a smooth learning curve that progressively shows you how to play the game, and an attractive and warm atmosphere surrounded by a remarkable storyline.

The Creator wrote:
Control a velociraptor around 25 smoothly animated levels and capture your eggs back from a flock of marauding pterodactyls.

Download Raptor (EXE, ~9.3 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Raptor

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.07.26 The HammerHead
Rating: --

I completed this game and was very impressed with it. I only found one problem - when it starts to rain, the rainy background drags behind everything else as you move rather than staying put where it belongs. I assume you couldn't find a way to do it perfectly. You may have found out since then, but I would be glad to tell you how if you are interested. Anyway, very well done...
2006.10.31 Nucleus
Rating: 10

10 all the way! best GM game ive played to date!
2006.09.25 zon3r
Rating: 9

Even as a little kid, I loved dinosaurs. I had probably over fifty of the plastic models and regularly had them fight out huge battles when eggs were stolen. So, unsurprisingly, I took to Raptor like a fish to water.

Excellent graphics! Don't know where I can find better environments and animations. People complained that the world was very monotonous, but as for me, rocks, sand and green vegetation are my personal fave. So no trouble here.

The gameplay is very innovative, but I don't get the jumping. It just...doesn't make sense. No matter what I press it always jumps the same, looks the same, and sometimes hurts a baddie or not. I'll get it eventually. I like the system though. Very usable. The catching of food is tricky, but worth it when you are caught with zero health, so its a nice challenge. The energy meter thing is very well done.

Sound is unknown. I haven't listened since my speakers are completely fizzled right now.

All in all, Raptor is one of the most polished GM games I have ever played. For whoever is reading this, go download it. Now.
2006.07.25 Cocoanuthead
Rating: 9

Wow, this is one of my favorite games. Its eathier this or seiklus. I loved this game. Its humor, gamepaly, idea, storyline was perfect. Great Game.
2006.07.25 Cocoanuthead
Rating: 9

I also want to add that the game was a little short, which is why I gave it a 9 and I encountered a glitch where my character jumped over the cave and fell. Still, great game.
2006.07.24 Xamoc
Rating: 10

The story line is GREAT, the sprites where smooth and just perfect. This is one of the best GM games I have ever played!!!!!
I love the humor with the dinosaurs, its not lame and overdone, its just good enough to make anyone laugh. This game deserves a 10!!!
2006.07.24 Xamoc
Rating: --

Oh, and i love the puzzles, especiallthe one where you have to make the frog hit the button.
This game was so original.
2006.07.16 Aaron Sarfaty
Rating: 10

this game is superb. good graphics and very original game and idea (not like the edited mark's tut kind of games very good almost bug free
2006.07.12 ert__
Rating: --

This is a really good proffesional game.
One thing i didn't like was that the puzzles were too hard sometimes. I have tried for almost two weeks on the puzzle with the launching rocks where you have to get up onto the high ledge (before the first egg), and i still can't figure out how to do it. Are you supposed to stand on a rock to launch your self up? No, i tried that, and it doesn't work. Maybe a clue... or something to at least give you an idea of what to do! Has anybody gotten past this part? Is it possible? Are you even supposed to go this way? This is probably where alot of people quit.
That brings me to my next thing, you can't save whenever you want. Every time I play, i have to start a new game because my old one didn't save. And i know that it saves after each egg, im not an idiot.
This makes the game really frustrating at times. And I mean REALLY frustrating. If any of you have played Jumper, then this is more frustrating than Jumper. Even talking about this game makes me mad! I'm going to end this before i smash my computer screen.
Raptor is a pretty good game. I keep it on my computer just in case i want to get frustrated really fast.
2006.07.12 Snailfox
Rating: --

Weeeell.... squat down on a geyser (the holes that blow out steam) and after a couple of seconds you will shoot up into the air from the pressure. (This is explained by one of the raptors in the game)

You should be able to hit control-S to save the game anywhere, anyhow, anytime, and then control-L to load again (or press exit to the main menu and do it from there)

I'll try to explain things better next time around :-)
2006.07.11 tomatoeworm
Rating: 9

I would've given this a ten, but because of a glitch where i had to click a raptor 6 times before i could talk to it, i give it a 9, nice job though. Not even i coulda made a game like this.
2006.07.09 mulliganmaster
Rating: 9

Nice game ... The only thing that I didn't like about it - and it really isn't bad, just a preferance - is there are too many key commands to remember.
2006.07.08 Marbs
Rating: 9

Excellent game. I played this a while ago and really enjoyed it. Quite original as well.
2006.07.06 King_ty
Rating: 8

nice game!!!!
i like the idea!!!!
2006.06.27 Jabberwock
Rating: 9

I just beat this. It's a great game, with good humor, story, and graphics, and, for the most part, good gameplay as well, though the controls are at times a bit sluggish. The areas could've had more variety, as well, but that's not too big a deal. I like the puzzles in this game quite a bit- they're pretty original. Plus I've always liked dinosaurs.

Cool game. Not one of my personal favorites, but certainly very good.
2006.06.17 revert
Rating: 10

Thats a fantastic game! Finnaly someone makes a game of my favourite dinosaur =)
2006.06.17 Mooseyfates
Rating: 10

I finished it today. It is an incredible game with great sprites!
2006.06.15 Hootie hoo!
Rating: 10

This is amazing,great animations, very well coded, original, and just a nice concept. It's so full of creative and original ideas, like the energy bar. Your health regenerates faster if your energy is higher.
This game really stands out due to the lack of general violence. I highly recommend this to anyone who is tired of so much violence in games or just wants to play a nice, smooth game with a large variety of puzzles and obstacles.
2006.03.22 si3792
Rating: 10

it's perfect game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006.01.04 Radnom Games
Rating: 9

Very fun, extremely well animated, very nicely coded, totally impressive.

The amount of detail in this game is amazing.

I got stuck on the rock poppy part though, and to reset the puzzle I had to exit the oom, enter and fight through everyone.

The animation was very, very nice. Everything fit well.

Some parts just seemed overly complicated (eating) and the background was far too plain. Other than that, very good.

I give it a 9 even though ratings don't really mean anything.
2005.12.27 cactus
Rating: 10

One of the best and most well made GameMaker games I've ever played. Personally I'm not a fan of dinosaurs, and I didn't really get drawn into it. That's probably just because I'm not the targeted audience for this game, though.

Still, I know quality when I see it, and this is a quality game.

Technically I rate the game a 10/10, but on an enjoyment scale, I personally would've given it somewhere around a 7/10.
2005.12.10 fishykorps
Rating: 8

this game is so original, I was waiting for someone to make a platform game with dinosaurs, I'll give it an 8
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