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Game Maker Games - Kirby's Massive Adventure
Kirby's Massive Adventure by Pie_4
A fun kirby platformer with lots levels and 5 copy abilities! Have fun!

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.12.11 Joe
Rating: 3


Not as bad as most of Pie_4's games, though.
2006.11.17 Lario_Flovo
Rating: 3

When making a Kirby platformer, make sure you use variables to make Kirby still have his copy ability.
2006.11.15 Lorenzo_The_Comic
Rating: --

FlamingCow90, need some help on Mr. Shine (The 5th boss)? Try standing and let the door touch you, I hope that shall help. I've also beaten this entire game.
2006.11.13 Lorenzo_The_Comic
Rating: --

You guys should give this game a thumbs down! Wait until you see my Kirby game, Kirby's Comic Adventure. Well of course there won't be a staff review for that game. I usually don't hear a single sound effect in any of Pie_4's games.
2006.10.26 D_J_S_
Rating: 8

gameplay is goog but there should be health NOT instant death,also i don't know how to get to the door in area 1 level 3.
ps: great kirby two thumbs up
2006.10.15 Lorenzo_The_Comic
Rating: 2

Darn! Darn! Darn! Okay, Haley actually does not carry the Needle ability in Kirby and The Amazing Mirror, and you'll need to improve the animations. You cannot discard your copy ability once you obtain it, and my Kirby game puts all my might to it. And also, for the fire and sword copy ability, you should put seperate objects like I do for the fire/sword so the collision will become more realistic. And does Sword Knight do his attack when you get hit by him? I dnon't know the fact out of that. So if you like my Kirby game titled 'Kirby's Comic Adventure', I would be glad to make some more details about it and if you can point out any game codes or boss strategies, I will post it on my website. And I also have too many games I'm working on. Do you know the names of any of these enemies?:

Waddle Dee
Sword Knight

You should had used Needlous instead of Haley for the Needle ability. Okay!
2006.08.26 FlamingCow90
Rating: 6

Umm, when I got to the one boss (5th one???), who flys in loops, I found that once you destroy him, the little button (that you have to touch to go on) floats around, following the same path the boss did... you can't touch it. I tried for hours. nothing worked. nice game otherwise.
2006.06.02 Jjjohn0404
Rating: 7

Nice Kirby game. Pretty hard too. I liked that game.
2006.03.29 Ryan PF
Rating: 5

It's pretty good, but I can't get past the third level.
2006.02.10 RICANJO
Rating: 7

Not a bad attempt on a kirby game. I am also making a kirby game, and it is very tough. Next time maybe add a health bar and lives?
2005.12.06 pyrotoz
Rating: 6

Hmmmmmmm..... The graphics are good, sound is O.K., backgrounds are ok, But gameplay and lifespan are not so good. I find the gameplay of this game quite broing and repetitive, and so the lifespan would be low as well. Maybe it's just me though.
2005.12.06 Pie_4
Rating: --

ya the game is sort of repetitive. mabey lil fix that.
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