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Game Maker Games - Yoshi's Fruit Catastrophie
Yoshi's Fruit Catastrophie by Matthewbot
Yoshi's Fruit Catastrophe is a simple, yet addicting. mini-game you play with the mouse. As the fruit flies by the screen, your goal is to catch as much as possible with Yoshi's long tongue. Try and see if you can beat my score of 81!

Download Yoshi's Fruit Catastrophie (EXE, ~1.28 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.10.30 aweirdgamer
Rating: --

To: JamGames

You're a hippocrate (or however it's spelled).

Why do you rate it 10?
2007.09.03 Jam Games
Rating: 10

This is okay, but very hard. I suck at it.
2007.06.11 DrackGames
Rating: 10

WOW! This is extremly good! Its a fun Yoshi game! Yoshi fan games are always fun, and this one is one of 'em. Good job! Whovever is stalling and reading reviews, DOWNLOAD IT!
2006.09.17 Grate_Oracle_Lewot
Rating: 8

A fun way to pass your time, and much better than my Yoshi Game, anyway. Something more, like multiplayer mode, would be awesome!
2006.03.15 Ryan PF
Rating: 8

This is a really fun game! And I got 96...it's on this screenshot: http://www.ryanpf.com/Screenshots/YFC_Hi_Score.png
2006.02.16 Mostis
Rating: 8

Hey, not bad. This is one of the better games I've played. Great graphics, no glitches or bugs, and difficulty. That's a good thing. I did a search for Yoshi in the archive, found only 2 games, this one is WAY better.
2005.11.29 GamerHippo7
Rating: 9

I'm a sucker for origionality. I'm glad I've finally played a game-maker game that doesn't put Yoshi to shame. I found this rather fun, and I like the use of the mouse, yet my highscore was only 76 on my 1st try. Yes, yes I can see myself playing this from time to time. Well dome
2005.11.27 REZ
Rating: 8

i gotta say, mario mini-games made by fans, suck but this game is really good!

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