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Game Maker Games - The Adventure for The Two Herbs
 The Adventure for The Two Herbs by Deadheat
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Review by cactus
The adventure for the two herbs is a one week effort made by Deadheat. It was designed for a challenge where you could only use basic geometrical shapes for graphics and the game had to be an RPG that took place in a single room.

The game revolves around a little square, who's brother has fallen ill. Apparently, the only cure for his illness is a mixture of two herbs that are extremely hard to get a hold of. Your mother puts the task of finding these two herbs on your shoulders, and you are left with little choice but to head out and search for them.

Given the nature of the challenge the game was created for, the graphics are pretty unimpressive. However, they are consistent and stylish, and do their job quite well. The gameplay is a sweet mix between platform and adventure. The challenges are varied and never repetitive, and the game is of a decent length to boot. One thing that slightly distracts from the fun is that it feels like the game plays a bit too fast. You move and jump at quite a frightening speed, which can cause some frustration when you try to get past the more delicate jumping challenges.

The presentation is a mixed bag. The menu is rather good looking and the music is decent, but there is a general lack of sound effects and some of the humour involved in the storyline doesn't work as well as it should. In my opinion, the game would've been better if the attempted funniness of the dialogue was toned down a bit. But that might just be me.

The filesize is quite huge for the minimalistic resources the game uses, but it's definitely worth the download. I recommend this game to all fans of platformers and adventure games, and hope that you will find it as fun and enjoyable as I did.

Deadheat wrote:

Your brother has mysteriously fallen ill.The only way to save his life is to find two rare herbs which mixed
together, will cure him. Time is running out for your brother, so you'd better save his pathetic life! Because your mum said so...
Obtain objects and items to progress in the game and open up new areas. The game was created in one week for a competition on gmclans.

Download The Adventure for The Two Herbs (EXE, ~6.0 MB , Content caution )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.10.24 beam
Rating: 7

This is surely one of the better games I've played in a while. I like the graphics and the gameplay, my only minor gripes being some minor graphical inconsistencies (I really dislike the houses and trees), and the dialogue. It would have been much better if the 'humor' was actually humorous, or if it was dropped completely. Gameplay-wise, the controls could have been slowed a bit. The bottom line: this game was fun and that's all people ask for really.
2006.10.23 deadheat
Rating: --

Haha thanks for the comments/review. Yeah the dialogue was a bit rushed and the graphics are utterly pathetic ^_^ No arguments there. The music is about 3mb's by itself, so that's why it's 5mb or so.
2006.10.22 Jabberwock
Rating: 7

A very fun game with lots of craziness, but I never beat it due to an absurdly difficult challenge right before the end. Oh, and the graphics are a little inconsistent, especially the trees, as cactus mentioned. They don't look retro, they just look bad.
2005.11.26 true boon
Rating: 10

Fun! Fun! Can be annoying, but still fun! I won't spoil what to do (as far as i've gotten!), but it usually easy to figger out. Not always though.
2005.11.15 cactus
Rating: 8

This game is pretty damn good for a weeks effort. Quite possibly the best GM RPG I've played so far. I actually can't say a lot of negative things about it, except that the trees are ugly and that some of the platform jumping can be pretty frustrating.
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