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Game Maker Games - Cool Dog
Cool Dog by Gabor de Mooij

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Comments (Add your own):
2005.05.06 MINE
Rating: --

You know just so I don't forget about this I should make a folder with important stuff.
2005.05.05 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

Mine,can you start using game maker and make a series called The First Quest.
2005.05.05 MINE
Rating: --

Well I'll try to but I usually end up forgeting about it because I'm working on two projects right now:johnny 8 and a proffesinal website builder that edits website like they were in a browser. and then there is this part where I start studying HTML and CGI - perl. and then more projects come along. In summer break I think I could start working triple times as faster than right now. But I got one question? since you came up with the idea you tell me what it should be about and how many levels it should have and wheather I should put toys like in this game. If you have anything more to add just tell me. I'll start working on it right now but I don't know how to draw that good so the drawings will probably not look proffesional. Just saying.
2005.04.27 MINE
Rating: 10

This game is so coooooooool and professional that I would like to make a game like this.

sound effect 10/10

graphics 10/10

music 10/10

game play 10000000!!!!!/10

game time 1 hour and 30 minutes

I Recommend this game to everyone.
you won't be disappointed

can you like make a sequal to this but with more story?
2005.02.03 THECOOLKID3000
Rating: 10

that was nothing.but it was very good keep trying!!!
2005.01.15 ImSneaky
Rating: 10

No wonder it is called Cool Dog.
It is cool.
2004.04.12 cobra_banshee
Rating: --

This game is good with nice graphics and good levels, but gets boring after like 20 levels... (If you want to play that log)
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