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Game Maker Games - Park Racer 3D
Park Racer 3D by SilentWorks
Park Racer is a 3D car racing game.

You can race on 12 tracks with 5 different cars against opponent drivers.

Race types

  • practice

  • time attack

  • single race

  • bomb run

Allows you to practice on any track with any car. No time, no stress...

Can you beat the records? Choose a track and a car and try to be as fast as you can. Watch for your ghost car!

The other seven drivers want to get the gold medal, but you can win, if you are fast enough. You can choose easy, normal or hard opponents.

Well, insane... you can race against the opponents, but in the meantime you can drop bombs to explode them from the road. But be careful, they have bombs as well...

I also add some more realistic tree and surrounding textures for a better race feeling.

Other features

  • camera modes

  • weather

  • save lap records

Have fun!

Download Park Racer 3D (GMK, ~4 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.12.08 Aidan12
Rating: --


It's not just my lunch that I fear of spoiling, but the game took too long to load! Now that's a problem! It's time for a quick-loading version of Park Racer 3D, that loads quickly. Don't ignore me, please!
2007.10.01 Grabnar
Rating: --

no this made in GM he just put that there to advertise the fps creator he made with GM! which BTW is great!
2007.09.08 gamefreek2
Rating: --

Listen up!! According to his website this was probably made with 'SilentWalk FPS Creator'
2007.06.16 Jayant
Rating: 10

This is a great game, This is my best game from this great site.
2006.10.12 curly
Rating: 10

question what's the reference to silent walk?

BTW this game rocks! to bad my pc sucks or id download it at home (not just at friends). also if you add 1. more cars
2. other than just formual modles
3.a gand prix mode
4. 2 player race
5. more diverce land scapes(not just the same park with diferent road(yah i know that goes against the name))try a town or something
6. posibly online (with 2 player)

if you add all that id rate it probably 100000000000000 out of 10 and pay money for it. i hope you make PR2(or maybe even PR3)
2006.06.15 ToKico
Rating: 10

Wow, did you made this on game maker???

Is the best car game made with game maker i've ever seen!!!!!
2006.04.26 Ryan PF
Rating: 8

The main factor here is the graphics! They are awesome! But all the cars are the same..only different textures.

The cars steer in a swervy manner...no gentle turning. I didn't like that. But the 'ghost' feature is really cool!

I say just fix the steering a little and you've got an excellent game!
2006.04.08 CCX02
Rating: 10

(Stares at PC with mouth wide open) WOW. That is the coolest graphics in a GMG. And, uh... same as wat Red Blupi said. KOOL.
2006.04.08 CCX02
Rating: --

P.S.- Check out my game demo codenamed SBYN coming to GMG April 19th, and the full version coming out in june. Also, May 2nd is codenamed CC's demo release date. Full Version is coming out June, also.
2006.04.03 si3792
Rating: 10

2006.03.09 Masterxilo
Rating: 9

A wounderful game!
Super graphics!

But the gameplay isn't the best(i dislike racing car games)And why the floor is just flat? Can't you make a bottom with hills!

try my 3D game:
rate it if you want!
2006.02.27 demond
Rating: 10

I have something to say..... ITS AMAZING.. also if this had online play it would probably be good enought to sell online.
2006.02.24 minimidge
Rating: 10

Wow. This is amazing for game maker. I guess this really shows how great game maker is. ^_^
2006.02.05 drdemention
Rating: --

So... looks good.
You MUST have made the models outside of game maker!
If so, what modeler did you use? I didn't know any were compatible with Game Maker.
2006.02.05 percsich.hu
Rating: --

I don't know either. That's why I made Marzipan:


This is a 3d model converter which can read and create GM script from any 3d model.
2006.01.09 Strange Studios
Rating: 10

This is amazing!!! Is it really made by Game Maker?
2005.12.13 percsich.hu
Rating: --

Thanks again!

I've already uploaded the main (editable) parts of the game, you can find the gm6 files here:


Near the first post you'll find the opponent car AI, the player movement and some models.
2005.12.10 Games2live
Rating: 10

Nice game, dude! There's only one word for this: Awsome. The graphics are great, but, after I selected practice mode, it only showed me a picture of a car rotating. How do you accually play?

Could you please send me an editable? I won't use it in any of my games, and you can get a free GMail account! (They're really good, by the way). My email is martins94@gmail.com.
2005.12.08 Avis
Rating: 9

This is really the best game maker race game i've ever played, it's simple but fun =D
Continue like this !
2005.12.07 MDS-Games
Rating: 9

Ahh! Finally, a good 3d racing game. Well done.
The graphics are very nice, and the models aren't chunky and dumb looking.
The collisions with other cars seemed to work great and the ghost car is a cool bonus.
The control of the car is a little hard at first, but it is good because it gives a great challenge and a slightly realistic feel.
Skid marks are a plus, and the items to collect are a nice touch, and there's even a pit stop! Way to go! This is a great formula racing game.
(My rating is really a 9.5)
2005.11.27 percsich.hu
Rating: --

Thank you for you posts!

This is really made with Game Maker. There is only one dll, because GM6.1 doesn't support wave frequency support, so I had to control it with a simple dll. All other is programmed in Game Maker.

You can also download some of the main scripts and examples (gm6 editables) from the gamemaker forums. (forums.gamemaker.nl)
2005.11.26 gamemastersrnd
Rating: --

oh my ....ing god- This is amazing!!!!!!! but answer the question (please?) is it gamemaker?

im actually gonna rate iit 13/10, but it wont go that high
2005.11.21 wrathwell productions
Rating: 10

I really liked this game! I can't believe you made it in game maker, its AMAZING!! The trees looked cool as they cast shadows on the track and the cars were nicely detailed! excellent gameplay! Great job! I'll give you a 10 because I could never of imagined someone making a game this nice looking and from game maker!
2005.11.21 Timothy986
Rating: --

The graphics were GREAT, but when you turn it turns way too quickly and the next thing you know your in the grass. and haw doese grass damage a car??? Please...
2005.11.17 Swinz
Rating: --

yeah i know how you ade it and with what formula for the turning cars. your geniuos
you beet me to it.
2005.11.04 wobe_studios
Rating: 9

This is amazing that this is made by Game Maker !
2005.11.03 red_blupi
Rating: 10

2005.11.02 Animal2005
Rating: 8

Nice game
Do you want try my game?
give me votes ok
2005.11.02 MadClown
Rating: 10

this was made in game maker?
its to good, more cars would be nice
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