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Game Maker Games - Lloyd Owns Fayt
Lloyd Owns Fayt by Kafeithekeaton
For the celebration of one year of fayt PWNING, Lloyd Owns Fayt: The game. You get to be Lloyd Irving(or four other characters unlockable by score) as he kills tons of Fayt Leingods dropping from the sky. Will you kill at least 100 before you don't kill enough? Or will you kill yourself because you don't wear two belts? It's your choice! ---In Recognition of Lloyd Owns Fayt(October 26,2004-Present)---

Download Lloyd Owns Fayt (EXE, ~3.09 MB )

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2006.11.16 factnfiction101
Rating: 3

This game isn't very good, I think Kafei just wanted to make a statement with it. Obviously the statement is Tales of Symphonia > Star Ocean 2.

I'll agree the Tales of Symphonia's graphics are very very nice, but that's it in my opinion. It's hard to compare a Game Cube game that came out in 2004 to a game for the Play Station 1, that was released 1999. 5 whole years ago on an older system.

When I play a rpg, I'm mainly concerned with the Story, Battle system, and Item / Equipment set up. I think Star Ocean 2 beats Tales of Symphonia in all of those regards.

The story wasn't very interesting for Tales of Symphonia, the story for Star Ocean 2 was on slightly better since it's more Sci-fi. I think both games need to improve, but I have Star Ocean 3 and I can say that it has improved (but lacks severly in other areas such as battle system).

Tales of Symphonia's 3D battle area is nice looking, until you realize it's 2D :\ no kidding. Star Ocean 2's is isometric, but the graphics are dated since it came out 5 years before. I also had a heck of a time figuring out how to set Tales of Symphonia up for my wife to play the game with me.

This is where I think Star Ocean 2 is amazing at, Item Creation. Since you can make items by becoming a blacksmith, machinist, plus many more... I don't think Tales of Symponia has anything like that.

Let's stop the hatin on the Action RPG genre, we need more of them :)
2006.11.16 factnfiction101
Rating: --

^ I keep forgetting the main character of Star Ocean 3 is Fayt (Star Ocean 2's is Claude), OOPS! MY BAD KAFEI!
and yes
Tales of Sympohonia > Star Ocean 3

But let's still stop the hatin on Action RPG's though :(
2006.10.08 curly
Rating: --

great grafix, bad game. ps go lloyd!
2006.02.17 Sword Sworn
Rating: --

MMmm. Play it. Yes. Do that. Now.
Because real men wear two belts.
2005.11.02 Araym
Rating: 9

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