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Game Maker Games - Pixiquarium 2
Pixiquarium 2 by Dex (Chris Royer)
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Review by Jabberwock
Pixiquarium 2 is a neat little life sim, and a keeper if life sims are your thing. There really isn't too much to say about it, as it is a pretty simple game, neither as visually dazzling as Seeds nor as gameplay oriented as tapeworm's elu and elu undersea. However, it is a solid game, and I find myself loading it up every once in a while just to watch things happen inside the tiny, tiny game window.

While I'm on the subject, the graphics are VERY small. Dexx/Chris Royer/Crimax Games seems to have a thing for tiny graphics. The visuals, however, despite their size, are nice and clean, though painful to look at for more than perhaps ten minutes. There is no sound, though as this is a life sim, that isn't much of a problem.

There isn't much gameplay to speak of other than putting various creatures into your tank, thus it is not very interactive- the real entertainment comes of watching the 30 varieties of fish and other sea creatures interact in the tank, all of which are very unique in their own way.

The relationships between the different creatures are elaborate, often changing, and sometimes violent, kind of like a soap opera. Each creature relates to each of the others in a unique way, and it's quite interesting to see. It's easy to tell that a lot of work went into this aspect of the game; sadly, due to the size of the screen and the game's apparent simplicity, it is an aspect many gamers may miss.

Overall, this is a very fun to watch life sim, with few features other than that- worth a download, if this is your kind of game, or maybe even if it's not.

Author's Description:
A fun Life Simulator, where you control a aquarium and the fish in it.

Download Pixiquarium 2 (EXE, ~0.6 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.11.04 Jabberwock
Rating: --

factnfiction- go to Dex's website and you can find a manual for the game that explains all of the various creature relations.
2006.10.31 FlyerStormer
Rating: --

Do you think this is kinda weird? I mean, the is small and I do not know what is happening???!!!
2006.10.20 factnfiction101
Rating: 8

I like this sim game a lot, it's on par with eric's game 'Bug world'. My only problems with this game is:
1) Everything is so small.
2) Graphics are kinda lacking because of that.
3) Otters are way to huge (they look good though)
4) Maybe a manual that explains a few things about each creature.
Good job! I want to see a part 3.
2006.10.08 omnimedium
Rating: 7

Well, I was able to download it, and I liked it. The graphics were simple, but interesting(some of the animals were little more than pixles(probablly being where the name 'pixi'quarium came from. Observant of me.lol)). The gameplay was also'simple but interesting' Interesting to see how the animals interact...eat eachother... die...and so on...Nice work.
2006.10.08 excalibur333
Rating: --

It woun't donwload for me. I don't have any idea what is wrong.... with me....
2006.10.07 omnimedium
Rating: --

Hmm... I am incapable of downloading this, for when I try to, it takes me to a page of geocities.com;
And on that page, there is a small list of games, I scrolled through them, found this one, clicked it.
However, it just took me to a page that said'sorry, the page you requested was not found.' please explain? the game looks interesting.
2006.10.07 Jabberwock
Rating: --

Sorry about that. I forgot to check the link when I posted the review; the download link (as well as the link to his site) is very outdated. It's fixed now.
2006.10.07 israel5000
Rating: 9

A very good game. Although Killheart did make a point, it is hard to figure out the first time you play. I agree with kafeithekeaton, the only ilfe sim better than this is Elu.
2006.01.22 Killheart
Rating: 1

I can't do anything. It has no obvious controls. It has little Xs next to the Population. HOW DO I ADD FISH?!
2005.09.07 Tinker Magoo
Rating: 7

This is pretty good. But you need to make the sprties better.
2005.06.21 SuperDylan01
Rating: 7

U didn't vote! Or did you? Aww well, he didn't vote!
2004.03.17 kafeithekeaton
Rating: --

Don't let that screenshot fool you, the graphics of this game are nice and clean, and the reason it looks weird in that picture is because it is distorted. Now I rated this game a 7 because it could of been better, but it still kept me busy for 1.5 hours. The animals move relisticly, and the style is amazing. The Predator Prey relationship is great, and the species are diverse. I have to say, the only life sim to beat this is Elu. The animals eat, certain species are poisinous, and overall it is a neat little world to explore. This is a must have for people who like life sims.
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