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Game Maker Games - Yum Yum
 Yum Yum by Derby
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Review by Matthewbot
Ambiance. Has a nice ring, doesn't it? Ambiance is the one word I get when I play Yum Yum. The music, graphics, gameplay, everything about it intertwines in such a way that shows that game design is really an art. Yum Yum has starts from the beginning with a simple concept: Guide the White Yum Yum to victory in a miniature universe. Several other critters are obviously jealous of Yum Yum's.. erm.. Whiteness, so it is always under attack. Luckily, Yum Yum is capable of shooting its head at its foes, and so the battle begins.

=== Graphics - (8/10) - Great ===
Yum Yum features an incredibly simple, but well put together graphics style. There are few colors, and your enemies are nothing more than abstract-looking shapes. The brilliance lies in how everything is animated, blends in, stands out, and in general "fits" together. While simple and few, the graphics are quite good in Yum Yum.

=== Sound - (9/10) - Great ===
The sound is like the graphics, simple, and few, and yet it "fits" with the rest of the game. Major bonus points goes to a jukebox-like system. Long before one song is getting stale, it fades, and replaced with a different one. Normally, this doesn't work well, because music is themed towards the level. But since the entire game has one theme, one "feel", the music changes smoothly, and you never notice the game is looping its background track. A nice touch indeed. As for the sound effects, they are pretty far between. Two popping noises for launching your head and when your head collides with a foe is all I could discern. Not that the game needs more, there isn't a whole lot more going on.

=== Gameplay - (8/10) - Great ===
Based off a simple concept of launching your head at enemies, one would assume the game would get quite stale. Shoot head, hit enemy. Shoot head, hit enemy. In Yum Yum, it is not so. The game introduces a boss here and there, little non-moving turret looking things, spinning pluses, even a level where you have to dodge falling bars. The variety is certainly there. The game also features a multiplayer mode, scoring major bonus points. There are two nitpicks I have, however. One, is the length of the game. Once I started getting the hang of things, it was over. I think that even with the few gameplay objects, few sprites, few everything, the game couldve been lengthened a bit. Another is the un-balenced control schemes. The first, and default is to move the mouse left and right, to rotate yum yum left and right. This was a bit awkward, for me anyway, and it leaves one important flaw: You can't control your speed. I found the game very difficult with this on. Luckily, I managed to find the second control setting, which gives you a cursor, and Yum Yum always flies towards it. The farther away the cursor is, the faster Yum Yum travels, so you get control over your speed. Unfortunately, with this in effect, the game became fairly easy. Still, the game is quite a fun play, while it lasts.

=== Originality - (8/10) - Great ===
Yum Yum includes a fairly unique storyline. Apparently, a new universe is forming, and you need to guide Yum Yum to become the dominant species in it. The storyline also fits well with everything else, generating the excellent ambiance. Pretty much everything in the game is unique, although besides the intro story, and a small paragraph when you beat the game, there's not a whole lot in here. Still, Yum Yum is a pretty original game, and I applaud the creator for that.

=== Presentation - (8/10) - Great ===
The game is presented in a very professional matter. The menu and the gameplay room share similar backgrounds, so you feel like the entire game is one flowing creation. Game runs at a solid frame rate, and loads quickly to boot, as well.

=== Closing - (8.2/10) - Great ===
Yum Yum is a very well tied together game. The entire thing feels like one cohesive experience, a very impressive feat. I enjoyed playing it, and I recommend you give it a shot as well!

=== Authors Description ===
In a young universe untainted by the use of a third dimension, a new species is born. Known as the white yum, it's survival is key to the balance of the ecology of this universe. You take control of the one and only white yum, and must save the universe by surviving through nine levels. Internet arcade play too.

Download Yum Yum (EXE, ~7.0 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.01.06 David Lindberg
Rating: --

Would ya please fix the link. Im getting tired of those broken links. :(
2006.12.07 rabid squirrel
Rating: --

Oh no!! It says 'File not found' !!!!!!! Why does this happen to so many good games?
2006.01.18 Frost Sabre
Rating: 7

Nice game. but it was too easy, too short, and i want more!
i'll give it a 8, but due to the big size of the zip, a 7.
2005.12.19 F.S.
Rating: 8

Great graphics and an interesting game idea, but Yum Yum is too short, small and easy. I want to give 8 points.
2005.12.04 scronix
Rating: 9

this game kick a$$!!!!!!!!!
2005.12.03 It is I
Rating: 10

:D The game was very easy, but also very fun! I'm going to try it with the hard control scheme now!
2005.12.02 Star360 Game Studio
Rating: 9

*Have to go play Yum Yum..........*
2005.12.02 Quietus
Rating: 10

This game kicks ass, and Rez is a nazi.
2005.11.17 REZ
Rating: 1

i don't want to be mean but...

i hate it. D:
2005.11.03 Superaj127
Rating: 9

Not bad. A very well polished arcade game, I'd say. A fun game as well.

I noticed a few problems in the game, though. One is that the controls require you to press the middle button on your mouse. A lot of people don't have a middle button on their mouse, including me. Another problem was that this game was a bit too short.

But, other than that, this was an excellent game!! Good Job Derby!
2005.11.01 Phreak
Rating: 10

I think the game made me innoculated
2005.10.23 mr.cooljamesbond
Rating: 8

Good game. Love the music. Fun game. Very artistic and graphics were much better than I expected.
2005.10.20 coolvin91
Rating: --

by far the crappiest game i ever played. no scenery or anything. just using your mouse trying to figure out these hard controlls!
2005.10.17 Pug Fugly
Rating: 8

This is a pretty good game.

+ points:
Great style
Smooth gameplay
Excellent Presentation

- points:
Story mode too short and easy
Arcade mode seems a little pointless
A little too much like Lock On ;)

It's just a shame that all the bits that most GM games lack (style, polish) are there, but it's not quite backed up with the content.

Still, great stuff all around. 8/10
2005.10.16 Radnom Games
Rating: --

I thought Yum Yum was alright, but it was too short, and not enough variation in gameplay. Well, there was a bit, like the rising walls, but that needed to be taken advantage of in more ways, like more than just one level.

The graphics were very simple, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Some graphics seemed a little blocky, however.

The game was also easy. I flew through it.

Nice menu, though.

I'll give it a 7, but I won't post it because I think it's a little harsh, and I would lower the average rating.
2005.10.15 Hootie hoo!
Rating: 8

Really cool...
It was kinda bland, but very fun.
It was very, short, though. And a bit too easy.
If you're planning a sequel, it should have at least one of these:
More sound
More enemies
More levels
Difficulty settings
Ability to change color of yum yum
Different backround effects
Powerups (Two heads, speed, invulnerability, etc)
2005.10.14 Derby
Rating: --

Just so everyone will know to make the yum go faster in control scheme 1 just move the cursor closer to the bottom of the screen. Peace.
2005.10.14 Gamercat
Rating: 10

I played this at gm clans, and I must say it's fantasticly done. It's so smooth you'd think it was made in flash or something. Very very well done. I give it a 10/10. And it doesn't deserve anything less.
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