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Game Maker Games - Monster Pop
Monster Pop by PearlWare Games
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Review by Zedo
The game is in the name. In Monster Pop, you select groups of monsters and pop them.

Gameplay: This nice refreshing arcade game is fun for the entire family. You can easily see the amount of effort the author of this game put in. You click on monsters of the same type and pop them. Bubbles sometimes float down, catch a monster, and float back up, which is always funny. This is not a fast paced game, it is in a sense, itís a turn-based game, and will not make your adrenaline start pumping. Personally I donít like arcade games that are fast paced, which made this game all the more fun for me. However, like most arcade games, after awhile itís ďclick, click, clickĒ, very boring. Thatís one thing that should have been eliminated (bad replay value) from this game, possibly by adding more items. However, you can play this game a few times a week without it getting boring. Also, almost every time you play you unlock something. Sometimes you unlock a sound (that you can just play back), sometimes music (which doesnít get played in the game), sometimes art (which I didnít find amazing), and sometimes adjustments for the game (e.g. more gravity). Although all the unlockables are good, a few of them are, and will make you keep playing until you get them.

Graphics: The graphics reminded me a bit of the old DOS games but notched up a bit. All the graphics are pleasing to the eyes, and none of them are hard to look at. They all fit together well, none of them look out of place, and they all look good. The graphics are good, and fit the game, although some of them are not up todayís standards, they are all still good. What I really liked about the graphics is that almost nothing was stagnate, almost everything moved. Some games make everything move, and itís hard to look at the screen, and some games nothing moves, and when you arenít doing anything, it looks like the computer froze up. This game has it just right, the screen looks alive, not dead, and not overactive.

Sounds: The sounds fitted this game very, very, well. It is possible that this game has the most fitting sound effects ever heard in a Gamemaker Game. None of the sounds are annoying, mostly they are pleasing to the ear. I canít really point out any really good ones, because they were all the best that they could be.

Music: This is almost always a problem in arcade games, not very fitting music. However, this game pulled it off fairly well, and Iím thankful that it wasnít annoying. It would be nice if you could use the music that you unlocked while you played.

Bottom Line: This above average arcade game has some fine features, silly sounds (which fit the game), marvelous music, and is monstrous fun.

Authors Description: Monster Pop is an arcade game, with combined puzzle/arcade concepts from various games, and some originality from yours-truly. Your objective is to select groups of identical monsters and popping them to gain points. As your points rise, your score rises faster. But each press of the button costs points, and starts to cost more as you get a higher score, so you must continue gaining points for your score to rise! When your points drop below the button cost, the game is over. The game features: Colorful, explosive, yet simple graphics, an 8 song soundtrack, 7 which must be unlocked, poppy, bubbly sound effects, a nice interface and settings menus, highscores and record tables, and other unlockable goodies.

Download Monster Pop (EXE, ~1.24 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2005.11.18 LazerLizard
Rating: 9

This is a reaaly cool game, but i would like some
other game modes than the orginal. Or some
minigames. But this is a really nice game.

9/10. :)
2005.11.15 E-Magination
Rating: 9

I like this game.The graphics are simple,silly and nice.The sounds are pretty bad,But the music rocks.(the best hard rock MIDI I ever heard.)
Gameplay is refreshingly addictive, altough I dont manage to get my unlocked sounds to work.

8.8/10. w00t!
2005.11.10 Zaron
Rating: --

Contrary to what the review says, music you unlock CAN be used in game. .-. You pick your track, hit play, and then leave options and start your game and it will work, well... just fine.
2005.09.11 Zaron
Rating: 9

The mark of an awesome puzzle game is the ability for it to keep the gamer coming back even when they're thoroughly peeved at their inability to beat their own high score.

A nice balance of skill and luck involved, and that's a good way to have it. Probably what made Tetris such a hit way back when, though this is totally different.

I would have liked the instructions to be a bit clearer on how to drop more monsters, but I figured it out. Otherwise, this game is pretty dang good, having kept me amused for several runs now. Unlockables help out a lot with that, though only a few music tracks that I've unlocked (up through 5, I think, so I've yet to hear them all) seem fitting to the game, and one doesn't loop quite right.

Graphics are spiffy, sound is fitting, and finding a fitting BGM is easy from the get go... the default and second ones are probably my favorites.

Pros? I unlock something almost every game, and this has kept my attention much longer than that... 'SQUAREZ' thing they featured way back when already. Kudos for that. Though my tastes in background musi make a lot of the song choices less than stellar, I think anyone could find one they like eventually. That is commendable. And it's not toally based on random draw, so bravo! Choosing how quickly you want to drop blocks and managing your points? Pure genius.

Cons? A bit vague on the ol' instructions, but overcomeable. Otherwise... yeah, I'm addicted to this like crack.

I find this game amazing, and thus give you the big 9. Get me a sequel with some new play modes and stuff, and you might drag the ol' ten out of me, but as it stands, one play mode is hardly a problem. Very good!
2005.09.10 gameguider
Rating: 8

Very confusing game but a good one as well! I love the graphics and the echoey popping sound.
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