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Game Maker Games - Microscopia
Microscopia by GoodFood Games
Microscopia is a sim like game but not really. You choose from 4 diffrent microscopic creatures to play in puddle pond. Your objective - to survive. I shrunk the size and made the download work. yay!

Download Microscopia (EXE, ~8.2 MB )

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2010.02.12 user_ferai
Rating: 6

Microscopia is a satisfying experience for the Sim genre. The multiple modes offer 4 different types of gameplay, in 4 different positions on the microscopic food chain, and at times can be fairly immersive. That said, it has a few problems that keep it from being really engrossing.:

First, gameplay can get confusing. The player is forced to scour the readme, the menus, and the in-game hints just to figure out the basics. Moreover, what items do and good strategies for success are left completely to the player to figure out. I think a tutorial mode, as well as a menu system with hints and tips would have vastly improved this game.

Second, there is no obvious goal to the game aside from avoiding a gameover. I was never sure what I was working toward, or whether I was doing well or not. At the very least, clearly stated criteria to complete before moving on to the next level would have helped tremendously.

And third, there is no reward system (that I could find) for doing well and continuing to play. Though not as true to life, I would have enjoyed the ability to gain new abilities, battle different micro-organisms, and overcome obstacles using cooperation, based on how well I play.

However, this is still one of the better Sim games out there and worth a download.
2006.04.25 general_user
Rating: 10

This game is awsome, the music maches perfectly, and the gamplay is great, although it is a little bit hard, anyways keep up the good work
2005.12.01 Re_jex
Rating: --

C'mon, leave a comment!! Please!!
2005.09.07 Re_jex
Rating: --

Just try the game! Don't give up too soon, give it a try!
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