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Game Maker Games - Maziac
 Maziac by DarkFalzX
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Review by tapeworm
Maziac is a polished and expansive platform game. Basically, it's a single enormous maze filled with detailed graphics, a variety of enemies, and lots of things to collect.

One of the first things you notice about Maziac is its dynamic lighting. As you guide Samantha through the caverns, her torch and other light sources create shifting shadows. Many of the Halloween-themed monsters you encounter play on the theme of light and darkness, and the lighting gives the game a lot of its character. The surroundings can become fairly menacing and claustrophobic, but this is offset by the cartoonish style and upbeat music that repeats endlessly but never really becomes tiresome. As I understand it, the graphics are entirely original but the music is from other old games.

The torch is your primary light source and also your weapon. You must use it with caution, as things become more dangerous when it's depleted. You can hold Z longer for a more powerful shot that uses more of your reserve. When you're hit by an enemy, you lose a life unit. You can increase your life units by collecting coins, but it's certainly more difficult to gain life than to lose it.

Maziac's basic gameplay doesn't have a lot of variety, but you're always finding new rooms, unlocking new areas, collecting coins, and searching for mysterious crystals. (These affect the game's ending.) One aspect of the game that I like is that you can simply get lost in it. The maze is quite large, and the feeling of exploration is conveyed effectively. Being lost isn't always fun, of course, but even when you pass the same point several times wondering where to go next, the game remains compelling.

Download Maziac (EXE, ~3.0 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.02.27 jordan_ssm
Rating: --

Haha like this one, try out my game called journey to hell...
2006.04.01 Xamoc
Rating: 8

Pretty good game. i liked it. I especially loved the sprites. I also liked the lighting effect with the torch and stuff. :)
2005.12.05 MDS-Games
Rating: 8

Well done. The graphics were beautiful, and they served their purpose very well. The lighting was awesome, and though it seemed slightly chunky, it actually made the game have a certain feel that fit very well with the other graphics.
It gets repetitive though, as everyone has been saying. It would be much better if you had a map that shows where you've been. Then it wouldn't get boring nearly as quick. In this type of game, a map is always a great thing to have.

There were two errors that I found. One is that when you tap the jump button while standing on a block and in front of a ladder, you will shoot up as if jumping, but it will show a climbing frame.
The other is after you beat that dark boss guy, and a platform goes up like an elevator, and then it transports you to some place, and you walk to the right, and suddenly you get a blank screen with some music that plays. I waited, but nothing happened.
Besides all that, it was very good. You have talent.
2005.11.04 Game Fortress
Rating: 6

Excellent programming, but kept my attention for only a few minutes. ( I like the lighting )
2005.10.16 Cyclone_games
Rating: 9

brilliant game! very difficult though...
and some of the sound effects really creep me out!
2005.10.09 FINSoldier
Rating: 9

Amazingly done platform game, sprites and effects are really nice. Shame, that I always die very fast.
2005.10.04 Grix
Rating: --

Too big, it crashed my computer
2005.09.16 FreeD Intertainment
Rating: 5

I think the game was exellent programmed, but I
think it was actually pretty boring....
2005.09.16 Dr_baconman
Rating: --

The things I like about this game include:
-Spiffy fire weapons
-The coolest 'final attack' ever. You know, fully-charged fireshots.
-Superb lighting effects that I envy
-Interesting effects regarding weapons and health.
-Some cute chick being pursued by the undead.
Things that I dislike, however, include:
-The help thing vanishes too quickly. I'd prefer one that can be manually closed.
-Vague understanding of some enemies (such as jackolanterns and their Fire remains)
-Steep enemy difficulty rise. I was fighting those chupacabra-like blokes before I even knew how to play well.
-Vague knowing of where to go.
-Repetitive actions.
2005.09.12 deadheat
Rating: --

i thought it need a map, that would of made it a hell of alot better. or even just a map that shows which rooms you HAVE gone to, so you only feel semi-lost:P
2005.09.10 Ryan-Phoenixan
Rating: 9

I liked the old-school feel of the game. The pixelated graphics kind of brought be back to my DOS-games. Very nice.. I have yet to get through the whole thing. O_o There were a few slightly odd bugs I found that caused Samantha to fly up into an enemy and get hurt though...
2005.09.07 guzu
Rating: 8

Very nice game. I liked the graphics.
The game starts to feel boring after a while though. There is hardly anything new you.
2005.09.06 Pie_4
Rating: 8

the game and graphics r good, and i really like the picture of the girl of light in the story :P !
2005.09.06 REZ
Rating: 6

its ok. i really wanted it to be less arcadey.
2005.09.05 Link4000x
Rating: 7

The game is pretty good, but I didn't enjoy it much. The graphics looked nice and the color was deep, but they were a bit to pixely. The story was good. It's an alright game, but it could be better.
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