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Game Maker Games - Hell's Gate
 Hell's Gate by SpanishGM's
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Review by Serrellious
Hell’s Gate explodes into action with some very delicious cutscenes, a great array of music and graphics, and an all too reminiscent storyline that brings back fond memories of action-classics like Rambo with a hint of Diablo's "hellish" storyline.

The game starts off with a brief cutscene of men in a helicopter flying over the remote jungle of some unspecified location. After a small chat regarding the intelligence on the operation and the suspected terrorists whom the men are after, the three heroes of the game make a terrific leap off the craft and parachute down to Earth. This is when you take control.

Using the ‘tab’ key, you can switch between your three heroes and control each one separately. Employing the trendy WASD movement and mouse-aiming controls, you must guide each man safely through each room, taking into account the special abilities each man harbors. For example, one man is more or less the weapons expert of the team, taking on a Duke Nukem look and possessing the most brutal weaponry on the team, inclusive of a souped-up Hornet SAM-launcher (a bazooka), grenades, a handgun and a knife. On the other hand, you have an agent who looks very familiar to Solid Snake and possesses a sniper rifle and has the innate ability to wall jump to higher ground. Last, but not least, you have a soldier that looks very much like the doctor seen in the Half Life series, who possesses med-pacs to heal the wounded.

By playing every character with their special abilities in mind, you must clear your path through the obstacle-ridden jungle, and across every room. Obstacles range from spikes and natural terrain to the ever-present threat of wild animals that will more than gladly rip out your larynx and devour it in front of you. Most of the time, you’ll be faced with a combination of these, and be forced to choose out a certain character better suited to the job. For example, if you’re confronted by a lion about a pit of spikes, no doubt you want the guy with heavy weaponry to charge in and lash out some damage. On the other hand, if you’re faced with a lion and a high wall which you must traverse, you’ll probably have to employ both your sniper and weapons-man to clear the way, and then gain access to the otherwise inaccessible cliff. And if you take any serious damage while you’re at it, worry not, as your medic can easily heal you.

Unfortunately, while the whole aspect of teamwork and utilizing each character’s abilities is very well implemented, there’s a major drawback to all this, which is namely getting all three of your guys across the entire room. While getting one man across is all good and well, when you have to repeat every single obstacle three times, it becomes a bit more frustrating. Scrub that, a lot more frustrating. This could easily have been prevented by simply making it so that only one man had to get across in order to complete the room.

In addition to that, there’s the unfortunate fact that not all the gameplay mechanics in Hell’s Gate seemed very well implemented. For example, an extremely detrimental fact about the WASD and mouse aiming system was that you could not change which direction your character faced using your mouse—you had to turn him using the keyboard first. This got especially annoying when you were running away from an enemy, and could not run backwards and simultaneously fire at the enemy; you had to first somehow get the time to stop, turn around and then fire.

Lastly was the notable unpolished level of the rope-swinging system within the game. For whatever reason, while swinging on the rope, it was impossible to shimmy down the rope for a bit, and then jump, so as to get more momentum. Wherever you clung when you jumped onto the rope was where you stayed. Just as unfortunate was the fact that jumping off a rope was often of considerable trouble, only reinforcing what was originally said about this system within the game. The worst part is that ropes were often your only means of getting across many obstacles, such as a large chasm filled with spikes, so an unpolished system was extremely frustrating at times.

Regardless of all this, however, the SpanishGM’s put an obvious amount of effort into everything, which shows through their colorful graphics, the thoughtful particle and snow effects, and the nicely looped tracks. Nothing ever looked out of place, although some animations appeared a bit choppy; and the music was always set the mood and atmosphere extremely well. In addition, offsetting errs within the game were cheats, which (while they had to be unlocked) truly made life much easier, and the game far more fun. The mini-games were also of definite note, and are quite fun, although as always, they could have been complimented by online hi-score tables.

Last but not least were the notable cutscenes and storyline the game presented. All the dialogue within the game was very brief and concise, and played out the story extremely well—not to mention, they were somewhat humorous and very interesting—and the cutscenes were just plain great. Those are definitely one of the hotspots of this game.

Overall, for an excellent above-average game, even including the nuances that were so apparent, Hell’s Gate receives 8 Medals of Honor.

The Authors Originall Wrote...
3 playable characters, 6 different weapons, 30 playable levels on 'game mode', 6 cutscenes on 'game mode', 5 minigames, 6 tutorial levels, cheats... and many more.

A really fun and addictive game that provides you hours of entertainment!

Download Hell's Gate (EXE, ~7.0 MB , Content warning )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.12.22 scalex9
Rating: 10

great game just love i agree has great cutscenes or what ever, am making a game but dont know how to have several of your game's, and others what are the cheats??? please tell me someone!!!

A.K.A scalex9
2008.07.28 The HammerHead
Rating: --

Very impressive. I agree with some of the others that things move too slow, and you fight animals too much, but I must say that this is definitely one of the most well done GM games on this site. Keep it up...
2008.04.06 flip82
Rating: 6

I liked it. Not as much as I hoped though. It was kinda slow.... the guys walked slow. blah. But still.......... good game.
2008.02.27 jordan_ssm
Rating: 10

Haha like this one, try out my game called journey to hell...
2007.08.01 morrowray10
Rating: --

how do you make your own cheats in your own game by just putting cheats into it if some one does it it does what it says
2007.07.29 morrowray10
Rating: 10

i'm taking a few lucky games here from this site and i'm going to put them on the video game board with content ratings RP-M and your game might be lucky enough to bo on there
2006.09.04 game_devil
Rating: 7

I love this games AI.
It's easy maked AI but cool.
2006.03.27 Keysle_Sorm
Rating: 8

It's good for a platform game use my 3d jumping Example if you want to make it 3d some day. You have my permission. All the way from ALPHA TOWN
2006.03.08 noddy
Rating: --

bothe pumas and tigers live in icy places.
2006.03.07 HCS0001
Rating: --

Wow! This game is incredible! The graphx are great, the coding is right-on-the-mark, and the particle effects are nice. Does the song remain the same the entire time, 'cause it gets kinda annoying. Other than that, great job!
2006.03.06 Mr. Wiggles
Rating: 6

Nice graphics, but fighting the animals was boring, especially with the 3 guys, after I got 1 through I had to run the other 2 through with nothing to fight. BORING
2005.11.06 Mavacat
Rating: 7

It's very nice and the weather and days effects were well done. However, you have caused me to hate lions because of the bad experiences with them :)
2005.10.15 sampitt94
Rating: 9

This is a great game. Though I am a noob to Game Maker, this just amazes me. The game is very inspiring for new people to the Maker (like myself) to learn the coding and get the registered version of the game. Excellence!
2005.10.11 Razor
Rating: --

I guess its a puma. They live in icy places, don't em?
2005.10.06 Re_jex
Rating: --

Great game and all, really nice graphics. I really wish there was an option to tun off the particle system though, my computer just slooows down so much every time it starts raining (or snowing).

I haven't finished it yet, but I really wish already that there were more enemies. Fighting those squealy birds and tigers through so many levels (with the occasional guy) is horrible. Tigers don't live in icey places either. whats up with that?
2005.10.04 Nobody
Rating: 8

Nice game. :) I enjoyed playing it. Goodlooking etc. A real pearl and I fully agree with the rating!

A 8.3 for this one!
2005.08.28 Papereater productions
Rating: 9

COOL GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But where i can find cheats...
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