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Game Maker Games - Pozzo - Jello Crusade
 Pozzo - Jello Crusade by Lazrael
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Review by Matthewbot
Pozzo is an interesting little top down puzzler. It's puzzle lies in the path you take to clear the level of Jello. Once you have eaten Jello, you cannot re-trace your steps. While this not a completely new idea, Lazreal takes the concept much farther then any game I've seen before it, with different colored jello, colored blocks that disappear when a certain color is eliminated, switches, and more. To top it off, the graphics are quite good as well.

=== Graphics - (9/10) - Excellent ===
All the graphics are well sprited and original. To top it off, there are plenty of special effects. The jello gives a satisfying little dissolve effect when you eat it, then animates smoothly into a hole when you walk away. Pozzo has a nifty little alpha trail when he moves. There is plenty of variety as well. Three different shades of walls alleviate the "I've seen this before" feeling, and while the different colored jellos are a significant part of the gameplay department, they also spice the games look up a bit. There are a few minor (and I mean minor) graphical flaws. While the money and jello stats are in a separate bar, its just a black rectangle, with no border or anything to transition it smoothly to the gameplay area. Another small nitpick is the lack of animation. The end tile kinda pulses, which is good, letting you know where it is. But everything else just kinda sits there. That being said, when Pozzo interacts with something, it animates beautifully. Overall the graphics are excellent, and match the gameplay and sounds perfectly.

=== Sound - (7/10) - Great ===
The sounds earn another great score. The sound effects include a satisfying slurp when Pozzo eats jello, and a little movement sound. While these sounds are replayed hundreds of times while playing the game, they do not get annoying in the slightest. The background track changes every few levels, a nice touch. My main complaint is that the author forgot to loop the background track. So you get to hear it once, and then its complete solitude. Though this probably does help one concentrate on the puzzles!

=== Gameplay - (8/10) - Great ===
The concept is quite simple. Eat all jello, and don't retrace your steps. While its a very nice concept, it normally gets boring after a few levels. But this time, its different. Pozzo features some great level design, as well as new gameplay objects to combat the problem games of this type tend to suffer from. Different colored jello, switches, blocks that disappear with jello, and I'm sure plenty more, when I get a chance to play it again! The one nitpick I have is that the game is linear. So if you are stuck on one level, there's not much to do besides try to beat it. But if you keep trying, eventually you beat it, and get to see what new and original things the next level holds. All in all, the gameplay is quite good, and makes for a very enjoyable puzzler.

=== Originality - (7/10) - Great ===
The don't retrace your steps concept has been done before, but never with this amount of switches, blocks, and other fun. pozzo has an interesting little mini-storyline as well, something (sadly) a majority of games seem to lack. pozzo is a restaurant janitor (at a restaurant that apparently serves a lot of jello) trying to earn enough money to get some vacation tickets. While it isn't an RPG, even a little storyline like that helps immerse you into the game a bit more. Still, there seems to be no other characters besides pozzo in the restaurant (I guess its closed). Overall, this game has a fairly decent mini-storyline, but exceptional level design and gameplay objects set it apart.

=== Presentation - (8/10) - Great ===
The game uses nice little fade effects when transitioning. And they're not overdone either, a definite plus. The title screen is good looking, and functional too. The game features three save slots, and you can see how many levels, points, and resets used for each file, another feature not seen in most games. The game loads quite fast as well. Overall, the game is presented in a slick and quick manor.

=== Closing - (7.8/10) - Great ===
pozzo is quite a fun puzzler, backed up with spectacular graphics and presentation, as well as innovative gameplay. A must play, in my opinion. Please note, this is just an average of the above ratings. It's separate from the staff rating, for more info on that, please go here

=== Author's Description ===
Guide the yellow cube, Pozzo, through 40 puzzling levels filled with various obstacles. The main element of Pozzo - Jello Crusade is offcourse, jello. Or rather eating it.

The main idea of PJC is to eat your way to the level exit, but every time you eat a jello, you cannot return to that square. You must also solve other puzzles than the route, such as opening locks, using warp plates, shooting fireballs etc.

The game has 2 slightly different endings depending on the amount of points you can collect. Also a small storyline is presented at the start and end of the game to give the game a bit more depth. The focus of this game is offcourse on the 40 levels full of puzzles.

This game has gotten pretty good comments to my amazement, so try it out and have fun.

Download Pozzo - Jello Crusade (EXE, ~1.4 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.11.09 Jtcampbell
Rating: 8

I liked the look and feel of the game, and the puzzels were very well designed. One thing that bothered me to no end was the shooting skulls at the end. They were frustrating and unneccessary. Bullets have no place in a puzzel game.
2006.07.25 Lazrael
Rating: --

Eh sorry guys, the download link has been off for a long time but it's back up now. My apologies.

Thank you for the feedback, be it bad or good, both are very valuable.
2006.07.11 mccow28
Rating: 10

One of the best GM games. Amazingly polished. Sort of reminds me of... Polarium meets Pacman. Nice work.
2006.05.28 Dilbertguy
Rating: --

The download link won't work for me.
2005.12.30 john360
Rating: 8

This is a really fun game.Though 40 levels is alot, I completed it pretty quickly (once I got past a fairly hard puzzle at the beginning of the game).Some levels, even in the later stages, were extremely easy to the point of just walking up to the goal.

Nevertheless, I had fun playing this game...and I am looking forward to your sequel!!! :).

Gameplay: 9
Sound: 8
Graphics: 8
Replay Value: 6

I give it an 8 overall.
2005.11.27 GamerHippo7
Rating: 10

They gave you an 8.0 cuz they're haters.

You deserve a 10.

Thank you for creating Pozzo.

I don't think the world is emotionally ready for a Pozzo 2 yet. Im still enjoying the first.
2005.11.20 Lazrael
Rating: --

Well thank you everyone, thanks for playing and enjoying this.

And yes, there is a sequel in the makes, but it offers a semi-dramatic change to the gameplay. Not too dramatic to make it nonpozzo, but a dramatic change still. It will have same type of puzzles, but a better learning curve and more bonus features and what not.

The sequel is well in development and you can expect it within this year. Thank you.
2005.11.13 RabbidMickeyMouse
Rating: 8

This a very well made game.

I have just finished the game, and I enjoyed every level of it. The challenges of managing to capture all the different colored jello blocks, while also maintaining the ablility to maneuver throughout the level so that the player ends up where they should to complete the level.

The music contributes to the gameplay very well. It gives a sense of adventure to a game that is otherwise a puzzle game. If the going gets tough, puzzle games will typically be abandoned, yet the music helps to hook the player in, contributing to the replay value of this game.

Overall, this game is an 8.5 - 9.0. The replay value and numerous levels of brainteasing puzzles in Pozzo made this game worth while to play it. The staff had a good idea to put this game in the highlight.

I hope a sequel is in the works!
2005.11.12 Mediaman
Rating: 9

I love the music to this game! it is so awsome. But level 37 is impossible.
2005.11.12 REZ
Rating: --

no, its not, i beat the game! :P
2005.11.10 REZ
Rating: 10


great game but i don't think everyone will like this game cuz people don't like gm puzzle ganes. :P
2005.09.27 Wolverine
Rating: 6

Ain't bad. Very well presented and great use of color. Felt like a NES style puzzler. Didn't like the music much and felt it didn't fit at all with the game. Gameplay was good but did soon get tedious for me. Overall though I like it.
2005.09.27 Optical Illusions
Rating: 7

Very good game,interesting graphics. Although I would really love to know how you made sepaate files,unless anyone else knows?

-Good job! you get a 7!
2005.09.12 Alfador
Rating: 5

Didn't appeal to me that much. I got bored soon after I started playing. I liked the Chrono Trigger music though.
2005.09.10 Lazrael
Rating: --

First of all, thank you for your feedback everyone.

The music not playing after loading a game state is a bug I forgot to fix, easy to fix though.
If you cannot play the game because of an error, the progress files might be missing. I'd say that you should redownload the game, and try again then, since others can play the game.
The difficulty doesn't really rise puzzlewise, yes, but the end needs more skill and timing. The simple explanation is that I was running low on level design ideas.

Thank you once again for these comments.
2005.09.10 Eramo Software 2005
Rating: --

To fix the problem with the loading error you have to unzip a game into it's own folder
2005.09.09 Joewoof
Rating: 9

What differs this from other puzzle/maze games is that you're collecting something with just about every step you take. The graphics are cute and polished, with fluid animation and effects.

It feels somewhat like PacMan, but that's just a small resemblance. This game stands in a league of its own with such an original & unique, yet simple & attractive gameplay.

It also has a cheesy storyline to top it off. Great game. :)
2005.09.09 guzu
Rating: 8

Very nice game. It has a very nice puzzle idea.

[By the way, the music doesn't play when you load. It would be nice if that got fixed.]
2005.09.09 gamemaker6.1_guy
Rating: --

i get an error when starting the game, file not open for reading in o_title. Please fix and repost
2005.09.09 kirbycool
Rating: 9

This is a really fun game, I like how there are some action parts at the end, but I don't think the level difficulty progresses properly.
2005.09.08 mysour
Rating: 9

I think this game got a lower score than it should've got.
I give a nine. :) Good job on this game, GG on that awsome jello script that reforms to make a whole graphic.
2005.09.08 darthlupi
Rating: --

This game does rock quite a bit. It is insane that it only got a 7.5, but such is the rating system we have in place.

Said rating system will be gone soon replaced by metals.
2005.08.16 Mavacat
Rating: 7

Excellent game! Very well done embellishments and transitions!
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