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Game Maker Games - Yoshi's Click
Yoshi's Click by Pie_4
A fun Game with Yoshi as the main character. Includes 3 Minigames.

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.06.16 DrackGames
Rating: --

............... This is another broken download, just to let you know. Please fix it Pie_4.
2006.11.13 Lorenzo_The_Comic
Rating: --

And our story ends. Yoshi saved Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. Oh, Bowser? He just gathered all of his minions, found another castle, and started making plans for his next capture... And they all lived hapily ever after (until Bowser took Peach again)!
2006.11.04 Lorenzo_The_Comic
Rating: --

Boss 5: Gray Starman. Boss 6: Baby Bowser. To defeat him, let the fireball hit him. Boss 7: Bowser
2006.10.31 Lorenzo_The_Comic
Rating: 4

I see you did pretty good making this game but I can see Yoshi being able to do his tongue lash backwards and he doesn't do the tongue lash sequence. Also, when Yoshi stops he's facing the right. I see you use Rex from Super Mario World as one of the bosses in this game. Again, I haven't heard a singe sound effect in this game. Boss 2: Wiggler. The blue Paratroopa turns into a yellow Koopa shell when you get rid of him. Boss 3: Big Goomba. Boss 4: Fat Shy Guy. Boss 4 appears to be easy to me because he's slow and when he bounces, he moves towards you. I beat him easily when he got stuck!
2006.09.18 Grate_Oracle_Lewot
Rating: 7

I love the concept. It's a bit glitchy, but mostly it needs a story explaining why Yoshi can, er, fly. Just put more work into it and it will be terrific!
2006.03.30 RICANJO
Rating: 8

I really like this game. It's fun to play, with mini-games too. There are a few things to improve on:

> If you're doing a Nintendo game, at leat use Nintendo backgrounds and sprites for everything. I seem to see the default sky background popping up a lot in your games...
> Change the music every so often, even though it's a timeless classic, it still gets on your nerves after a while.
> More variety in enemies. All I saw was shyguys with very simple A.I. Maybe have enemies that fire things at you?
> Last thing, it needs a lives/score system. That'd really make it great.

All in all, a fun game, but still needs improving. If you can do all those things, you'll have a nice little gem of a game.
2006.02.16 Mostis
Rating: 2

This looks like it could have been one of the old projects I made last year with minimal coding and objects... there are many glitches, and Yoshi acts weird when you attack. Anyone could have made this game in a day. I had to stop on level two just because it was so bad.
2005.12.19 pyrotoz
Rating: 7

Cool, I like the mini games and a great gaming idea. Keep going with this idea dude!
2005.08.17 zxcv
Rating: --

I can't download this file! It doesn't work when going to 'download link';;
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