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Game Maker Games - RunMan: Going Coconuts
RunMan: Going Coconuts by CoolMoose Productions
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Review by Mocha Man
Like the other RunMan games, this one features the same agile RunMan character (now with sunglasses) that must complete a set of looney minigames for as long as possible to achieve a high score. This time, he's stranded on a desert island and he needs to run, jump, surf, and thwack crabs by spinning a giant mallet around.

RunMan may sound fairly basic in gameplay based on my previous description, but actually it features some very original elements that make it unique and fun while smoothly done. In the first stage, runman jogs along the scrolling level automatically, and all you need to do is jump at the right times to avoid obstacles. However, you have two kinds of jumps, a long low jump and a brief tall jump. Weird or simple as this may seem, it's very occupying and difficult to get the hang of it, and you find yourself restarting as soon as you lose so you can beat your last score. Later in the game, you get to avoid sharks on your surfboard and try and hit jumps for points while also clobbering sharks in the air. All of this crazy cartoony gameplay is done quite well, except for a couple things- the midis used in the game cause it to freeze for a few seconds when they loop, which throws you off completely and unfortunately can't be avoided. Also, when bashing crabs with a huge rotating mallet, things can occasionally get stuck on each other and look quite awkward. Otherwise, there's nothing that stands out as wrong in the gameplay of this RunMan adventure.

The author of the RunMan games uses a quite daring graphics style that turns out working quite well. Nothing is straight or symmetrical, instead, things appear to be drawn by someone fairly uncoordinated, so they look scribbly and basic. Bright, lively colors decorate the screen, and the basic style allows for really cool animation. Unexpectedly, the scribbly style works very well and has become something to look for in RunMan games. As another reviewer put it, it causes the game to feel like some 4-year old's deranged coloring book fantasy. My only real peeve is that now and then, low quality rotations will reveal jagged or pixelated edges. Otherwise, I was very pleased with this game's appearance.

While not original, the music used in this game is wonderful. It captures and enhances the atmosphere brilliantly and really adds a lot to the game. The mood of each tune is ideal, and each song is admirably well chosen to fit the situation. The sound effects, few as they are, are the same way. Somehow, they don't get annoying, either. Nice work in this area.

Replay Value
More or less, you'll want to keep playing every RunMan game quite a bit until a new one comes out, because of its simplicity and the lure of being able to surf eventually. Unfortunately, I found that after I had covered all the stages, I had little will to go back to it any more. So the trick is to take awhile beating it, and you'll want to keep playing and playing and then hopefully another RunMan game will be released.

Overall, this game scores almost an 8. But I'm feeling nice enough to round it, and it won't let me give a decimal.

Highs: Agreeable gameplay, good use of graphics and sound to create a very cartoony atmosphere, addictive, very smooth learning curve

Lows: Some gameplay flaws, and a strange lack of motivation to keep playing after it has been beaten

Download RunMan: Going Coconuts (EXE, ~1.8 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.03.27 HCS0001
Rating: 8

I love runman!!! These games are soo much fun to play, I cant stop playing it! I think that the only problem this game has is the "hammer smack the crabs and get stuck together" bug. I always hit the yellow crab when I'm stuck!!! Other than that, please make more of these!!!
2006.02.16 Mooseyfates
Rating: 7

I like all of the runman games including this one although this isn't one of the better ones. I beleive it takes too long to get to the next stage and it ends up being too hard to get there. I also wish the screen was bigger.
2006.01.07 Superaj721
Rating: 7

I'm the first one! Whoohoooo!!!

Anywho, here's what I think:

The gameplay in RunMan: Going Coconuts is great. There are three rounds, each with a different objective. You, a little star dude, try to get past a round without dying, and after a certain amount of time or once you have achieved a certain amount of points, you advance to the next round.

The sound and graphics are just like all the Runman games: not the best, but still pretty good.

I would say the amount of replayability is ok. Anyone would want to play it again, yet there's something lacking in it that can be found in RunMan: Monster Fracas, some sort of sense of action. But, this game still can be addicting.

I've also noticed that this game is very similar to RunMan: Unlimited. So, if you people that are reading this like RunMan: Unlimited a lot, give this game a try.

Overall, I give this game a 7/10.
Good job CoolMouse! I expect to see more RunMan games coming out soon!
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