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Game Maker Games - Crush
Review by tapeworm
Crush puts you in control of a giant monster, and your goal is to destroy things. Is the monster an alien? A mutated human? Something created in a lab? We don't know, and it doesn't really matter.

This game is a little reminiscent of the old arcade game Rampage, but this monster is a lot larger and more destructive. Why settle for climbing a building when you can pick it up and swing it at some helicopters before you throw it on a group of tanks, cars, and soldiers? The name and theme also remind me of Messhof's Krush. But I don't mention either of those games to suggest that Crush is derivative of them. In fact, it's very original.

As you walk down the street, you have several moves at your disposal. You can swing your arms and grab anything you can see, stomp or kick, shoot eye beams--just about any ability you'd need as a practicing city-destroying monster. Controls can be a little awkward for some of the moves, but it's definitely worthwhile to try them all.

Graphics are fairly simple, all original, and nice and colorful. I thought the monster looked a little stiff at first, but when he starts moving it's fun to see. One amusing graphical detail is a series of billboards on the buildings, if you manage to read a few of them before destroying them. I was surprised to see that one even features my favorite kitten at kittenwar.com. (Well, other than my own, of course.) Crush also has original background music that's mellow and well-suited to the game, and sound effects are appropriate as well.

Yes, Crush is just as fun as it sounds. You might not play it more than a few times. But then, with an online high score table, you just might.

Download Crush (EXE, ~4.1 MB , Content caution )

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Comments (Add your own):
2010.02.24 blah97
Rating: 8

ausome game! i just dont like the controls. but controls dont make a game bad thow. unless if they are relly bad. but any way this game is very ausome!
2008.08.19 F1ak3r
Rating: 7

That game was a lot of fun. But, as others have said, the controls are wonky and a pain to use.
2008.08.18 Corruption
Rating: 8

This is a pretty good game. Nice work.
2008.08.18 My Buddy
Rating: --

A warning: if you go to the credits, it shows a picture of a guy flipping the camera off.
2008.08.14 Ouchy1
Rating: 10

I loves this game. You can play hackysack with the cars & tanks, which is VERY fun :P
2008.08.13 The HammerHead
Rating: 4

Well, I was impressed with the programming. Too bad the graphics weren't very impressive. I realize that is your style for all your games, but I don't particularly care for it. Good game though. I like it...
2007.06.24 Toasterofdoom
Rating: 10

By far, one of the best games on Game Maker!
2007.05.24 aweirdgamer
Rating: 8

I would give it an eight. Why? Because it's good. Why? I like destroying stuff in games... and it also has interesting features. I like slingshotting buildings too.
2006.07.21 Nerd-Man
Rating: --

Aw man! Download's down. This game sounds awesome, too.
2006.06.11 ky, the utimate game designer
Rating: 10

Minimum 30 characters
Great game! me and my friend played different parts. And we played it for two hours strait!
the design is fun and the fact people dont bleed and are stick people make it more fun.
2006.04.24 Jabberwock
Rating: 9

Coolmoose's best game. The controls are sometimes a little awkward, but honestly, who really cares? What a great game.
2006.04.10 Pie_4
Rating: 10

Amazing Fun! I love how many different kind of people try to kill you! If this game didn't have a star, i would KILL whoever reveiwed it... WITH MY MONSTER MUHAHAHAH :)
2006.03.25 Platypus Games
Rating: 10

Wow! This is a great game! The graphics are nice, the gameplay is addictive, the music is nice to listen to. The game rocks!
2005.12.19 Optical Illusions
Rating: 9

Yes, this was very well done indeed. The gamplay is
good fun. :)
2005.09.18 gakon5
Rating: 8

It took me several minutes to get used to the controls, but it's a fun, entertaining game :D
2005.08.31 Dr_baconman
Rating: 10

Very fun game, also unique. Very very well done mechanics, I applaud you for that, and though the graphics weren't high quiality, they were very fluid.

I love this game, and I think I'll play it a bit right now. Kickarse job.
2005.08.06 soten355
Rating: 9

Be a maniac city destroying monster? Sounds fun.
2005.08.05 OwlMan
Rating: 8

I must say, the concept's quite a good one... I also like the progression from police to army as your score goes up. Really, the only thing this game is missing is some sort of 'monster dying' noise when the monster... dies. It seems like something of an anti-climax when he just falls over silently.
2005.08.04 Petethegoat
Rating: 10

Best game ever!!! :D Hehehehehehehehhehe!
2005.08.03 Pookasnooks
Rating: 9

Damage and destroy everything! That's the goal of this game, quite fun!
2005.07.29 Flashback
Rating: 10

SPECTACULAR game, great fun. I got #24 highscore :D!

A trick is to keep one arm up and one down, and keep pressing the grab/drop button. Drops scyscrapers with one hand, and grabs and drops them pesky aircraft.
2005.07.23 nanoware
Rating: 7

Awesome graphics and gameplay, but gets repetitive after a while.
2005.07.22 Pink Moron
Rating: 8

Man, this idea is great. No plot or silly stuff, just lots of straightforward action. The controls are a lot to use though. Well presented.
2005.07.22 the_coronel_rez
Rating: 9

great game! but The controls feel funny.
2005.07.20 Hugzmeister Games
Rating: 9

OMG THERE HAVNT BEEN ANY POSTS ON THIS GAME YET!!!!!!!! This is, to say, one of the weirdest games i have ever played BUT it is also REALLY fun!! Did i mention swinging skyscrapers at army helicopters?
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