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Game Maker Games - Hard Hat III
 Hard Hat III by Damaged
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Review by Niteshine
Hard Hat, a piping little Metool of Wilyís Empire, debuts yet again in the third release of the famed Hard Hat series. The game starts up with Wily, who is now happily commanding his new-fangled Wily Empire and doing all that devious geniuses of his sort do. Unfortunately for Hard Hat, this includes building a whole new slew of Robot Masters for release into the eight corners of his Empire, just to feel that much fuller of himself! Nothing short of peeved, Hard Hat sets out again to prove that he, and no other hunking piece of silicon, is Wilyís greatest minion.

Gameplay-wise, Hard Hat fares pretty much the same as the original Megaman series did. Youíre confronted by the ever-familiar level-selection screen that is present throughout all the Megaman games of old. True to the original classics, there are eight brand new bosses to confront, and beating each one nets a brand new weapon to add to your arsenal. Though youíre given the choice of choosing the order in which you beat the levels and encounter the bosses, this freedom is not without a catch. Every boss has a weakness to one of the weapons of the other bosses, and some bosses are just generally easier to beat than the other ones. You have to make the choice of how to go about confronting them, and try and figure out what is the best order.

In addition to collecting weapons and such from bosses, you have the chance of picking up Energy Tanks and other little upgrades strewn about the eight main levels. Taking this all into consideration, Hard Hat provides a great deal of replay-value, as you can play through it again and again, beating the bosses in different orders according to whatever suits your fancy.

As always, playing through the levels involves jumping, dodging and shooting in a mixed frenzy of enemies, although the unparalleled fluidity and smoothness of play is what makes Hard Hat 3 really shine. If youíre one of those people that still play the SNES, youíll have trouble noticing any differences between the computer and console. Nevertheless, itís quite sad that Hard Hat lacks the physical finesse to pull off a wall jump. That was easily one of the most innovative features in the Megaman franchise.

In the face of the juiced up graphics that are so abundant in Hard Hat 3, however, the wall jump really doesnít matter. Youíll be awestruck by just how authentic everything appears, with the knowledge that it was actually hand-crafted by a fellow Game Maker user. They are definitely the major highlight of the game, and Hard Hat 3 deserves a great deal of recognition there.

The music is, as always, a plus. Still staying true to the Megaman series, Hard Hat 3 features some pretty solid metal and rock tracks. Folks that have played previous Megaman games will feel slight nostalgia, and those that havenít will definitely enjoy their introduction to the rhythmic chords and grooves.

In contrast to the greatness of most of the other aspects of the game, Hard Hat 3 doesnít quite suit up when it boils down to sound effects, as the majority of them are low bit-rate somehow seem out of place. Perhaps Damaged was trying to remain just a bit too authentic with them. You may think differently, however, so youíll forgive me for misleading you if thatís the case.

In general, Hard Hat 3ís graphics easily make it worth a look. Combined with its fluid gameplay and authentic music, itís a platformer that everybody, Megaman fan or not, needs to experience at least once. For this, the game gets a clean 9/10.

The Author Originally wrote...
You play as a disgruntled Metool in the 3rd installment of the Hard Hat series. This time Hard Hat is after Wily because he is trying to replace him with 8 new robot masters.

Download Hard Hat III (EXE, ~5.4 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.02.07 Aidan12
Rating: 10

Excellent game, dude! I agree with Jam Games, you should make a fourth Hard Hat, possibly even with a level editor or something! Anyway, this game rocks. :D
2008.02.27 jordan_ssm
Rating: --

Haha like this game, try out my game called journey to hell...you'll like it ppl.
2008.01.26 Etsamaru
Rating: 9

I love this game.This is my favorite gamemaker game I have played so far. Its challenging. Although Ive found some jumps to be bothersome. Like you have to be almost of the ledge when you jump. Other than that I really Like this game.
2007.09.02 Jam Games
Rating: 10

Best megaman fangame ever, you should make A 4th hard hat!
2007.01.29 SketchMan3
Rating: --

Just wanted to point out that wall jump didn't appear in the original Megaman Series until the 'Power Battles' games. The wall jump was introduced in the 'Megaman X' series.

This game is awesome. And anyone who's a fan of this game should join the 'Damaged Games Community' at the damagedgames.com website.
2007.01.25 Lorenzo_The_Comic
Rating: 8

I liked this game. But could you at least make your own Music Records instead of some Megaman X Music?

I had played Hard Hat since 2004 when you've put this at www.caiman.be

I also have played the other Hard Hat 3 Demo where you first face Guts Man, then you go to face Ice Man, Heat Man, Air Man, and Stone Man.
2006.11.22 jer903
Rating: 10

i LOVE megaman games!!!!!!!! hey everyone go to www.damagedgames.com for the whole hard hat series! (i am a fan of hard hat)i downloaded them all! oh and i reccomed to download air bubbles of www.damagedgames.com,its verrrry fun! HEY EVERYONE!!i hope ya have a great thanksgiving =)
2006.08.17 Ali Bastian
Rating: 8

Very good game. Almost a perfect replica of the Megaman series gameplay. The only problems I noticed were a few glitches, such as the music sometime going too slow or not playing at all, and one of the bosses moving through the wall off of the screen.
2006.06.02 MARKGAMEZ
Rating: 9

yo nice game man! i like the graphics and the gameplay is tight work(AWESOME!!)Dont really like the Hard Hat 2.It was kinda GAY.Hard Hat 3 is a 9 absolutely!
2006.04.30 MarkGamez
Rating: 9


2006.04.23 myriad
Rating: 9

I downloaded HH2 once back when... but now I see why you get good ratings. Good job!

You should really make like an engine from this game so people who want to make their own Megaman like games can, too. Just an idea.
2006.04.02 _Player2_
Rating: --

2006.01.21 Concrete
Rating: 9

Im been following the Hardhat series , Hardhat one i could hardly beat sparkman , harhat 2 i finished 7 times and this...this looks like a good game. so far the hardhat sereis have given me alot of enemys to waste and a exelent range of levels. So keep making these harhat things!!
2 thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2005.09.28 Dr_baconman
Rating: 10

Blimey! I can't believe I forgot to post my vote!

This is, by far, the BEST platformer I've seen in the GM Universe. No joke, man.
What's better is that not everything was totally ripped, I really like your custom bosses...

AND it has the ability to switch music in-game? How cool is that? I'd compare it to 0 Kelvin.

My favorite feature of the game, though, would be the improved graphics. Sure, some were ripped, but even more were hand-made! Once again, I really like those custom bosses.

Now, in closing, HURRY UP AND DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. Muppet.
2005.08.18 Pookasnooks
Rating: 9

That game is great! I played hard hat 2 before, beat 2 bosses, and although I haven't had much time to play this one, from what I have played, it looks just as great!

btw I just thought I should tell you that although your Laserman sprite is original, the name Laserman isn't original because he was also a boss in megaman battle network 4....
2005.08.05 leemcd56
Rating: 9

Um, I really liked the game! It was really clean, definately worth the rating 9! Your are a truly good game maker!
2005.08.03 darthlupi
Rating: 9

Dang you! I was on the last level of this game!

Drat, foiled again by the review masters. I'll get you my pretty! I'll get you!

Awesome game! That last level has some devilish jumps to it though.
2005.08.03 Joewoof
Rating: 7

It's a very well-crafted clone with an original twist. I didn't really enjoy much of it though. Perhaps I've played too many Megaman games already. That's one problem with remakes - it is still more of the same. Still good nonetheless.
2005.07.05 Metamorphisized
Rating: 9

Awesome game except, is it just me or does the metguard dude move to the left all the time?
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