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Game Maker Games - Mr. Pratt's Haunted Mansion 2
 Mr. Pratt's Haunted Mansion 2 by Gareth Tilt
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Review by CosMind
The Game:
What’s scarier than skeletons? Zombies. What’s scarier than Zombies? Bats. What’s scarier than bats? Spiders. What’s scarier than spiders? Human-dissolving blobs. And the cycle of rhetoric continues as I sit back and recollect my nightmarish trip through Mr. Pratt’s Haunted Mansion 2. More on my nightmare, later…

Haunted Mansion 2 drives its own brand of fear deep into your psyche through one of the most pure and challenging action/puzzle/platform/horror/strategy/(insert more genres here) games that I’ve played in recent years. The premise is simple, but the progression is simply grueling. Armed with nothing but the ability to pick up arms and ammo, you’re dropped into the crumbling and haunted abode of Jeeves – your absent (and most likely absent-minded) guide. With little introduction, you quickly take on the task of ridding the entire mansion of every monstrosity within. And so goes your woes.

The Guts:
The mansion unveils itself in a predictable, yet welcome fashion. Enter a new area of the mansion and progress is locked by the ramshackle “security” system. Each area contains 4 rooms that must be completed (in any order) before you can make your passage to another, even more challenging area of the mansion. That’s all there is to it, but that doesn’t stop it from being compelling. New surprises and challenges present themselves at a fine pace.

Movement (arrows) and a couple of other keys for actions are all you get to battle the forces of darkness (in my case, it’s a DPad and a couple action buttons – this one demands the superior control of a gamepad). Graciously simple to control, Mr. Pratt can run (or waddle?), jump, ledge grab/hang/climb, crouch, scuttle (a word that I decided to apply to crouching movement because it sounded right), monkey bar on conveniently horizontal ladders, climb vertical ladders (and slide down ‘em real fast, too), push baskets, and, of course… Shoot, bomb, blowtorch, and skewer all sorts of cranky monsters.

What sparks me the most about this game is the careful attention to application of ALL of Mr. P’s maneuvers and attacks across every square inch of the mansion. Truly, Bouncing Fox understands the relationship between their character and environment. Kudos. From start to finish, you’ll be tasked with linking the character’s actions in white-knuckle sequences and also with combining them for advanced actions. You’ll be engaged in reflex-busting hand-eye exercises the entire time. You’ll curse it. And you’ll love it. You’ll curse it, and you’ll love it. Then, you’ll curse it, again. Then love it some more. Recognize a pattern. Yup.

Addiction. This game will most likely be the source of this dreaded state of mind for anyone who digs an accomplishable challenge. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been hooked on a game, but Haunted Mansion 2 grabbed me by the goolies and wouldn’t let go. The magic CTRL+L combination will likely have to be replaced on my keyboard now, as it was pressed at an average rate of once every 6 seconds.

And now, back to the nightmare that I mentioned in the overview. This game is a lot of fun, a great challenge of both mind and body, and very, very well presented on all fronts. However, it is not without bugs and some glaring design flaws:

- The steepest difficulty curve, ever; no kidding, you’ll never be gradually introduced to a new mechanic, enemy, etc. – just thrown into the pit until you learn to prevail on your own.
- No introduction to game logic; many times you’ll be simply expected to “get” what the designers intended for particular objects and enemies. This often led me to long, blank stares at my screen as I tried and tried to figure out what the hey I was supposed to do to kill monster x, y, or z.
- Inconsistent collision and weapon behavior; some weapons, such as the Science Bombs, behave quite erratically (which is certain death in a game that requires such precision to survive).
- Bug of death; at least 3 times a play session, the game would simply crash and crash hard.
- Wicked slowdown; using particle-intensive weapons like the flamethrower or piling a handful of enemies on screen would bring the frame rate to a chug (and I’m running a MONSTER box up in here!).

Anyhow, I was still addicted from start to finish. So, you can clearly see that the demonic list above should not deter your duty to download.

The Glimmer:
And, here, ladies and gentles, is another place in which this game truly shines. I am not going to blather on and on (as you already know I do) about the visuals and audio in this game. Instead, I am just going to say, “HOT DAMN!” and let you experience the glory for yourself. They are not perfect, mind you. There are a couple of artistic inconsistencies tucked away here and there, but, “HOT DAMN!” Details, details, details.

Your ears and eyes will thank you for experiencing this game.

The Grade:
I like it and I like it a lot. Mr. Pratt’s Haunted Mansion 2 is one extremely well put together action/puzzle/platform/horror/strategy/etc. game if I’ve ever seen one. Look past its grueling challenge level and other flaws. That’s an order. Click the link, download the game, and turn the lights on – cause you can’t play this one in the dark without risking your friend/roommate/significant other/relative walking in on you with the most ridiculous look of horror on your face ever. The last thing you need is self-generated blackmail material.


Author's Comments:
The forces of evil are at large once again, and as always, innocent homeowners are being made to suffer. But this time, the forces of evil have foolishly chosen the wrong house to terrorise.

Mr. Pratt, retired chemistry teacher and guardian of good, has always had a disliking for the un-dead; so when a multitude of zombies, skeletons, vampire bats and creepy giant spiders invade his ornate English mansion, he is none too pleased.

Wishing he hadn't carelessly left his shotgun, school demonstration science bombs, and anti-burglar flamethrower lying around the house, Mr. Pratt sets fearlessly off into the dark and sinister corridors of his mansion, intent on removing the un-dead menace...

Download Mr. Pratt's Haunted Mansion 2 (EXE, ~9.4 MB , Content caution )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.07.26 The HammerHead
Rating: --

Very well done... I liked Raptor as well... You seem to know what you are doing.
2008.02.27 jordan_ssm
Rating: --

Haha like this one, try out my game called journey to hell...
2006.09.04 game_devil
Rating: 7

I love this platform game.
But i hate the spiders when
they falling down and kill me!
2006.08.24 Matrix 3-D game over
Rating: --

Thank you snail fox for sending in the info for the song.:)
2006.07.21 Matrix 3-D game over
Rating: 9

Can someone please tell me the name of the song of the first Mr. Pratt game cause i think its a good peice of music. Aside from that this game is way better than the original with better graphics, puzzles, and more monsters. Awesome game which you should download if you are bored or want to play something new.
2006.06.05 Aboriginal
Rating: 9

This game is perfect in just about all aspects. I give it a 9/10 and recommend it to anyone!
Read the full review at www.freewebs.com/aborg/reviews/mr_pratts_haunted_mansion2.htm
2006.04.08 Matrix 3-D game over
Rating: 8

Although i havent finished the game yet, its still pretty cool cause it is better than the first game. The zombies, and blobs have better graphics than the first game.You can also have the choice choose to which level(or door). Some of the levels are hard like the level that GamesPenguin is stuck on and im stuck on that one too and requires some strategy or brains. The SFX did go together with the game and the music too. I think Mr.Pratt should walk a little faster cause it gets kind of annoying or maybe its my computer but overall i give this game an 8.5.
2005.11.08 MadClown
Rating: 10

2005.08.19 Hootie hoo!
Rating: 10

Awesome! Great game. Really nice graphics, but the editor gets a bit confusing. Very nice game.
2005.07.29 Dr_baconman
Rating: 10

This game kept me playing for waaaayyyy too long. I'm serious folks, this game is awful. It will consume your mind! Do NOT play this game unless you have a lot of spare time! 'Cuz you'll skip something really important to play this game.

It's awful...ly good.
2005.07.29 Dr_baconman
Rating: --

Postscript: I found a glitch in which if you try to climb a ladder but get stuck in a block(movable) whilst doing so, Mr. Pratt will be unable to climb AND jump! That's even more horrifying than the monsters, so..... Ctrl+X. Booya.
2005.07.20 GamesPenguin
Rating: 10

Wow! This game is great! Commercial quality almost. The blocks seemed a little randomly placed, but that's OK.

One thing though: In level 5, I need help getting past the spiders to get the shotgun. Please help!
2005.07.19 Thunderbolt24
Rating: 10

Wonderful game!It's graphics are great.Gameplay is great!Everything is great!Coooool game.
2005.07.14 Zaron
Rating: --

I get the feeling that if the person writing the view read the game's instructions, he wouldn't have complained about how he's just expected to know how to kill things. Seeing how it's written in excruciating detail.

None-the-less, excellent little game. Well, not little...
2005.07.14 ruhtrA
Rating: 10

To those who are reading these comments, stop wasting time and download this game immediately!
2005.07.12 duckman35
Rating: 9

Great game. Even though it doesn't run properly on my computer it is still a great game. How did you make those awesome graphics? You did great in everything in this game.
2005.07.12 knight666
Rating: 10

This game is in my link folder with the best the GMC has to offer: Seiklus, Dim, Jumper, Bacteria and allllllll the others I couldn't remember.

Anyway, what I was wondering: what do you do when you beat the dungeon?
There's nowhere to go after that, and going back to the beginning doesn't work. :(
2005.07.12 Z-Games
Rating: 10

Wow this game is great but it needs intructions for the custom level.
2005.07.11 musicmansg90
Rating: 10

Awesome level of detail, graphics, and sound quality!!!!! =)
2005.06.11 Out-Of-This-World-Games
Rating: 8

Very fun game!It kept me amused for a few hours!
2005.06.09 jrgames+
Rating: 9

This is ssssssoooooooooooooooooo cool.
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