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Game Maker Games - Eerie Lightz
Review by tapeworm
Eerie Lightz is a unique arcade-style game in which you control a turret and must repel incoming shapes. The gameplay is vaguely like Asteroids, but your shots send the incoming objects away rather than breaking them up and destroying them, and when you are hit, you take no damage but are bumped in a transfer of the object's momentum. Your goal in the game is to avoid being bumped off the screen. Because of this, you may actually want to be hit at times to help you return to the center.

The shapes that bombard you have some variety--for example, one is not repelled by your shots, but is turned away when hit by another shape. You collect occasional powerups, which, in addition to being very helpful, are also fun to watch. Which brings us to the game's presentation.

Probably the most unique and interesting aspect of this game is its use of light and color. From the spotlight on your turret to the glow of your shots, the lighting gives the game a lot of character. The quality music also helps set a mood.

You'll probably like this game either if you enjoy simple arcade challenges or if you like to see people do something a little different with Game Maker.

Download Eerie Lightz (EXE, ~1.1 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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2005.08.02 Teknogames
Rating: --

Yay a game Ive always wanted, my little sperm gets to shoot his sperm dar at balls of spooge and then they woonmt kill me! ok, sorry for that. the game was fun but I think it can have a lot of things added to it to make it better
2004.11.17 Oddwarg
Rating: 6

I liked this game, mostly because of the mood.
The sound and graphics fit perfectly together, but the gameplay was a bit... Arcade-ish. Of course. What I mean is, its short and not very hard to make.
2004.07.28 Kenogu
Rating: --

I've heard this song before, it's probably from VGMusic. But it sets the perfect mood for this game. The gameplay itself keeps you hooked for quite awhile, and it is kinda fun to watch a stream of bullets blast everything in sight completely away. XD
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