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Game Maker Games - Johnny 8: The Final Battle
Johnny 8: The Final Battle by Sparlatacus (PG Games)
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Review by tapeworm
It appears that Johnny 4: The Final Chapter was merely the midpoint in the series. Exactly one year after the release of Johnny 4, we now have Johnny 8: The Final Battle. Whether or not the Johnny games really have come to an end this time, the title of longest-running GM game series seems pretty secure.

With every Johnny game, Sparlatacus draws a new Johnny and new enemies and creates a new game engine--usually from scratch. Johnny 8's graphics are in the same general style as the rest of the series, though there isn't as much variery in backgrounds and enemies as in some of the other titles. Background music is Popcorn, the same song used in the original Johnny but a different version. Maybe that's an indication that the series really has ended.

The "nose-climbing" that has been absent from some of the Johnny games is back in this one. You never know in a Johnny game which of the apparent bugs are intentional. One interesting aspect of this title is how such "bugs" are used as an integral part of the gameplay. On a similar note, this game has less emphasis on fighting and more on puzzle-like elements than usual.

I had more fun with Johnny 8 than with the previous two games in the series, but that may just be because those games both had frustrating parts that I could not pass and I managed to finish this one. If you're already a fan of the series, you'll probably like Johnny 8. If you've never seen a Johnny game, this is as good a title as any to start with.

Author's Description:
The final Johnny game with BLOOD :D!

Download Johnny 8: The Final Battle (EXE, ~3.7 MB , Content caution )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.06.20 gamshobny
Rating: 1

does this mean there's not going to be another johnny? Do yourself a favor and everyone in the gamemaker world a favor and think 'yes'....
2006.06.23 virus616
Rating: --

Indeed. I do believe you use that age crap an awful lot to defend yourself. I would wish that you didn't. It gets fairly annoying (though it does suit you, annoying little kid that you are). Now then, on the subject of games. I've played four Johnny games and a Johnny fan game. I've been to your site, and looked at your games, but I have played none of them. If you are a better gamemaker then Sparlatacus, why haven't I touched your games? I am also inquisitive about your games lacking screenshots. Why is that?
2006.06.23 virus616
Rating: --

I'm sorry Sneaks! I didn't mean to call you a bad GM user! Give me a hug!
2006.06.19 VGFox
Rating: --

ImSneaky, there are many good artists younger than 9.5.
2006.05.18 Optical Illusions
Rating: 5

Make the levels more beatable, thats all I can say.
2005.12.29 ImSneaky
Rating: --

BTW, why don't you make Johnny......
Never mind.
It would help if you put your website back up, and if you would make a Johnny memorial game in honor of the last adventure of Johnny.
2005.12.29 ImSneaky
Rating: --

To Mine: I read your review to me earlier today, and dare I ask, what in the world do you know about gaming, you have no games. When you said you would make a Johnny fangame, did you lie? I have no interest in liars. P.S. You're right about one thing though, I am not the best drawer in the world because I am only nine in a half!
2005.09.03 Tinker Magoo
Rating: 3

Well, uh...hmm. This is a disturbing game.
2005.08.06 krossfire
Rating: --

I have to argue with this : My MTF series got to number 17 two weeks ago...however, I'd never dare to post them here. The Johnny series would look like Magecraft compared to those...
2005.08.03 MINE
Rating: --

Imsneaky? what do you know about gaming. your games are not better than this. it's less. you make short levels and nothing ever seems to fit. and you probably can't draw. you have to rip and rip. geez.
2005.08.01 Doinky
Rating: 1

Ok, so it gets the reward for the logest series...partially right. It gets the reward for the logest worst series. Why do you bother making games? i prefer games that take a long time to make, than this, fast and crap. Why doesn't the ratings have a -10/10 ?! I wanna give this game it's real rating. No fair. Please one day, the creator of this, please prove me wrong.
2005.07.20 Pie_4
Rating: 1

!@$#!@#$!$@!@$@%@!%@#!$%#!$ (atleast its better than the final battle)
2005.06.10 ImSneaky5
Rating: 1

Anoter Johnny game I can beat in 5 seconds. Can't you make your games longer?!
Next time you should think about the audience instead of what you think fits in!
2005.05.17 MINE
Rating: 6

Well it was a good game and some levels were challenging. But I think this game was short.
2005.05.16 PJizzle
Rating: 4

Stupid and pointless, just how i like my games. BTW, was that a picture of you at the end, it was freeeeeeeaaaakyy!
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