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Game Maker Games - Wrecking Ball
 Wrecking Ball by Eric Burgess (EricDB)
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Review by tapeworm
Wrecking Ball is a simple and unique action puzzle game. But as is often the case, simple certainly doesn't mean easy.

You control a ball on an elastic line. By swinging the ball around the screen, you clear away bricks. Each level has a different layout and must be cleared within a time limit.

Graphics are simple and functional. There are lots of fun particle effects (which can be turned off if you have speed issues) and everything is bright and colorful. Music and sounds are unassuming and work well in the game.

I mentoned the difficulty already. This game doesn't really build gradually to higher difficulty. You need to master the physics early on or you'll be repeating levels, even early ones, again and again to shave seconds from your time. While I was playing, I actually seemed to get worse at the game as I repeatedly tried certain levels. But I suppose that challenge is what this type of game is about, after all.

If you like puzzle games and want to try one that breaks away from the usual Tetris or block-pushing models, Wrecking Ball is a good choice.

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Opinions about Wrecking Ball

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.06.26 FoldingChair
Rating: 8

Graphics: 16/20 - Simple, but well done.
Gameplay: 18/20 - EXCELLENT IDEA!!!
Control: 17/20 - A little difficult sometimes
Difficulty: 13/20 - Some time limits are hard.
Replay: 18/20 - Addictive!
OVERALL: 82/100 - 8.2/10 or 8.

This is probably one of the most creative games invented. Make sure you have your screen size checked correctly or you may have to swing the pendulum outside of the screen area. I like the fact that you can adjust the graphics level. Good game though!
2006.10.02 Erik Leppen
Rating: 5

The game is very original and quite fun to play.

However, there is a startup error. I suggest you TEST your game before releasing it, you obviously didn't do that (it might be a compatibility error, in that case ignore this)

Another thing I seem to miss is a retry button. When I start off a level too slow and already know I am not going to make it in time, I want to retry right away without having to finish a level. I suggest adding a retry option, available from the pause menu.

Black text on a dark-blue background is a BAD choice. It is very hard to read the fastest time, even worse, I juist see that the fastest time is mentioned while writing this, I didn't see it while playing.

The game concept is cool and original, but the execution is far from flawless. I am sorry to say this, but I find it too buggy for a high grade. No matter how original a game is, when it is not well executed, it is annoying to play.

I too have yet to beat level three.
2006.08.19 virus616
Rating: 6

Sorry, but I can't agree with tapeworm on this one.
First off the game refused to play because you didn't include the two fonts that your objects demanded to be in so I had to delete the gml calling for those. Next when I did play I got to level three and releazed there was a rather hard time limit to beat.
I would like if the challenge wasn't racing the clock, maybe avoiding certain blocks instead (yes I know there are mines in the game). I'm just not a fan of the frantic and fast kind of gameplay.
However, since I realize that the second reason why I don't like this game I'll rate it a 6, becuase I belive it to be a personal flaw.
It's still fun though!
2004.12.20 #19
Rating: 10

This game is awsome!!!!!!!!!!! it's like a virtual water yo yo. Only thing I could see that could be improved is if levels would save so you didn't have to go back through them all if you exit the game.
2004.11.25 JackRussel
Rating: 8

The game is Wicked. I can see why it easily makes it to the top 25.
I did get trapped once, but I'm not complaining because it was still great piles of brick smashing fun. Great work.
2004.09.22 spyros1973
Rating: 9

This is a very original and challenging game. It can become repetitive after a while but it does provide lots of playablity. It is also one of the most polished GM games I've ever played.
2004.09.09 flubeca
Rating: 8

This game is super i made a executable of it
2004.09.07 Rabidbolweevil
Rating: 3

I didn't really like this game. It has a very steep learning curve and some of the time limits are overly demanding. It also is very repetitive. All there is to do is swing a nondescript ball around 'popping' bricks. I quit after about the fifth level.
2004.09.05 Mocha Man
Rating: 9

Always has been a favorite of mine. The online hiscores add a lot of replay value and it was very generous of EricDB to make the game open source.
2004.08.14 Dr_Baconman
Rating: --

Nice, but some time limits were a bit harsh...
Perhaps you could.... ah, skip the criticizing,
This game's fun, and I rate it a 9. Also, there really isn't much to adjust, as the game seems perfect as is.
2004.03.14 dude
Rating: --

That was a great game, greatly made. Everything deserves a 9/10.


2004.7.19 Kenogu

Well, this is a pretty neat game. It's addictive enough so I played it longer than I wanted it. LOL!

The objective is to clear all the dark red bricks with the wrecking ball. You move the center dot with the mouse, and use it's momentum to swing the wrecking ball around and around, and destroy the blocks. The hard part is that there are obstacles and time limits, and it keeps you on your toes. Overall, I give it an 8.5/10.
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