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Game Maker Games - Mini Golf Pro
 Mini Golf Pro by Shawn64
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Review by Quimp
Mini Golf Pro differs from most of Shawn64's games due to the absence of violence. You will not be strained or have an heart attack after playing the game, but chances are you will come back for more nonetheless. This gem is charming, professional, a beauty in itself; no exaggeration intended, I love it. A quick glance at the main menus will tell you that the features are highly varied: Mini Golf Pro features a lot more than what you could expect from a mini golf game. You can live the experience on your own, play with up to 4 other people, confront others online, submit your highscores online, and even create your own levels.

If the 27 built-in holes are not enough for your satisfaction, be sure to try the mini games. As the creator said himself, the gravity tower is so unique it could be a separate game. I can only support his point, as it's totally valid. Farther than that, if you are looking for more challenge, the level editor is right for you. It's a fully functional level creator that is only limited to your imagination. Although it seems difficult and complex at first, the basic functions can be used easily once you get comfortable with the editor. For more in-depth information, a help file is available to download on Shawn64's website (www.s64games.com) in the section dedicated to Mini Gold Pro. Seeing how some people found the editor's usage complicated, having the information integrated within the game would have made things simpler.

It should be no surprise to anyone who gave the game a try if it scored high: the outstanding game play alone justifies its rating. The visual aspects of the game will please your eyes, the simple but very well made graphics are smooth and top notch. As for the music, the game lacks slightly on this aspect as the only background music available is somewhat repetitive in the long run; the tune is still on top of the average music found in Game Maker games. Merged together, the graphics and music create a great ambiance that will pin you down on your computer screen. The details in each level is amazing, certainly a lot of depth was put into level design. Additionally, subtle touches such as shadows and particles add up to the atmosphere.

My only down points are the complexity behind the custom level editor and the lack of variety in the
audio component of the game. Fortunately, the up points are so strong that the two aspects I thought could be sharpened up become insignifiant. Let the temptation lead you to hours of guaranteed enterntainment.

Author's Notes:
Mini Golf Pro is a golf game like no other! You will be challenged by holes with Fans, Transporters, Rotating Platforms, and even mines! Play with your friends Online or on the same computer for endless fun!

Download Mini Golf Pro (EXE, ~7.0 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Mini Golf Pro

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Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.11.12 sargunster
Rating: 10

nice gameplay
level editor
i would do 10000/10 if i could
rest in peace.
2008.07.16 Chris32
Rating: 10

THE BEST GAME EVER!!! Everything is PERFECT! Wow!
2008.02.27 jordan_ssm
Rating: 10

Haha like this one, try out my game called journey to hell...
2008.01.07 ViciousTurtleGames
Rating: 9

As soon as you see the title screen, you'll know you have a great game on your hands. An amazing amount of polish went into the creation of this piece of art. With minigames, lots of courses, online multiplayer, and a level editor, it would be a crime not to download this. Shawn, you sure knew how to make a great game. Rest in peace.
2007.05.24 aweirdgamer
Rating: 8

It's a great game. The editor however is confusing. I understand setting the background and placing objects but how do you set what object is what? (what being the hole, tee, teleporters, etc.) I give an 8 overall.

Also, where do you download other courses?
2007.01.30 zewie-x
Rating: 10

this sound crazy!But do some one know a programer
that can make games with 3d tools like 3ds max,CharacterShop,and so on. i can toose so go in on my game lorty2
2007.01.29 jchalase
Rating: 10

i wonder why hed go suicide... what about his AWSOME games?
2006.12.24 1ef4 1332 TF
Rating: 10

NOOOOO!!! Suicide? I never knew him but this game is the best I ever played. Why he committed suicide I may never know but I will always remember him.
2006.11.03 antipie
Rating: 10

Shawn's games are awesome. But do not go on his site. Some idiot hacked it, and now it causes a browser exploit. It will not get fixed unless someone un-hacks it!
2006.10.13 zon3r
Rating: 10

Once again, I find myself addicted to another of Shawn's games. And find myself very unhappy when I remember that there won't be any more :(
But Mini golf pro exceeds the level of polish I have seen in every game so far. The graphics are gorgeous, with plenty of shadows, effects, and near particle effects (such as rain). There are many other things I could say. Among them, MGP rocks.
2006.10.04 piggybankvillan
Rating: --

Can somebody E-mail me on how to make more than 2 players in a fighting game.

2006.10.01 warrior
Rating: 10

outstanding game, the graphics were sweet, the physic were perfect, it had online score, it had overall score and the music was so soothing, it reminded me to the one of the Sims. If this doesn't deserve a perfect 10 gm wise, then I don't know where people's expectancy is. The only thing that I think that could of made this totally even more cooler would of been a online multiplayer mode. Oh man that would be sweet *drools*
2006.08.30 dagamer
Rating: 10

i would of put the game on my site but freewebs isnt letting me do much with my files anymore and it wont let me so it will not be put up.
2006.08.26 super_devon4
Rating: --

Im not gonna lower your rating with a low score, but im not exactly the golfing type, but, there is some nice gameplay.
2006.07.23 dagamer
Rating: 10

This is by far my favorite gamemaker game ever, i feel really sorry for what happened and i was looking forward to his work. sometime i am going to put this game up on my site in his memory.
2006.05.19 LostOverThere
Rating: 10

Best. GameMaker Game. Ever.

Rest In Peace, old friend.
2006.05.06 nota1ot
Rating: 10

He did WHAA?! I only just got the masterpiece going!

PS. I wish YOU were dead instead of him, S!GN.
2006.04.01 S!GN
Rating: --

This comment may seem offensive to some, I don't mean to any disrespect to shawn. If he did commit suicide, don't hope he's in a better place.
2006.03.31 jchalase
Rating: 10

I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT HE IS DEAD!!! I don't even know him and tho i miss him!!! AND HIS GAMES ARE GREAT!!! WAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'll miss you dude! ;^(
2006.02.15 uglyman
Rating: 10

I can't believe he's dead! I'm just signed up 2 days ago and dwnload just about all his games. Great guy.

I'll miss you dude. :^(
2006.01.30 SuperDylan01
Rating: --

2006.01.30 Chris Kolar
Rating: --

ya i know...it was hard on everyone, even those of us that didnt know him personally.

the site was shut down for 2 days in his memory...
2006.01.29 pyrotoz
Rating: 1

Well, im sure it's great, but it says 'unexpected error occured when trying to run this game'. You should have checked for these kind of errors mate.
2006.01.28 emwearz
Rating: 10

One of the best freeware mini-golf games around, it is for everyone not just golf fans. Shawn64 showing he could create games that are not just about killing and blood. Top Game.
2006.01.26 Chris Kolar
Rating: --

Yes he is, Dylan, his name was Shawn Noel, and he committed suicide a week ago. It is true, we would not kid around with that kind of thing.

Unless you knew that already. Either way.....ya.....
2006.01.24 SuperDylan01
Rating: 10

He is not dead!
He just hasent been here for AGES!!!
2006.01.22 Chris Kolar
Rating: 10

Probably his greatest game right here...its a shame that we won't get to see anymore works of true art from him...

Just play his games in his memory. I bet its what he would have wanted.

Rest In Peace, Shawn
2006.01.21 J_B
Rating: 10

Shawn, I never knew you but I hope you find a better place. Rest in peace...
2006.01.20 Pie_4
Rating: 10

:( shawn 64 is dead! His games are so cool and this is one of his coolest :(
2006.01.08 Electro Boy
Rating: 10

Very Good! But the Level Editor is to hard..
2006.01.06 stevenup7002
Rating: 9

I was one of the first to play this game but I forgot to add a review, it was a great game and all but I don't really like the way you have to pay for it to get the full version. Great game over all 9.3/10
2006.01.04 gamemaker_rocks
Rating: 8

I just finished playing that game for like 15 mins. I FELL LIKE SWEARING AT IT. I was playing that gravity level. I made it half way up and them came all the way back down. I wasted my time ;( BUT otherwise this game is awesome and a complete work of a professional
2006.01.02 S!GN
Rating: 3

The game is very good. The reason I gave you a 3 is because that 9 year old kid Dylan voted 10 three times, even before playing the game, Doesn't seem fair.
2005.12.19 F.S.
Rating: 10

Wow! Great graphics, a lot of fun, interesting levels, cool animations... Itīs really one of the best games ever made with game maker. I really like it. My friend loves it too and wants to play it with me every day. Respect! Great game! 10 points!
2005.11.26 Cesque
Rating: 8

Pretty nice.

The mechanics and various traps (and alike) are nicely done. Though I have myself expected a more varied landscape (different graphical schemes for different campaigns). It doesn't affect the great gameplay, though.
2005.11.15 E-Magination
Rating: 8

Mwah,Far from addictive,messy graphics,long loading times and the level editor is verry buggy.

8.5/10, sad.
2005.11.13 sampitt94
Rating: 9

I haven't even played through all of Dream Land yet, and this game is sheer AWESOMENESS.
2005.11.08 LegoCrazy1
Rating: 10

Its on my top 10 list definelty.But how do you use the thing over the internet.
2005.07.06 SWEFX
Rating: --

hello my friends im back again sorry for the time lord joseph was devine i ate up some food but now im in no mood singing yeahyeahyeah
2005.07.06 SWEFX
Rating: 10

My crazy friend did that. Sorry folks.
2005.06.30 zeldon
Rating: 10

cool! the best minigolf game made in game maker.
2005.06.22 SuperDylan01
Rating: --

Ok, it gets boring after a while! Sorry!
2005.06.10 SuperDylan01
Rating: --

Can't download it! :-( Bummer!
2005.06.10 SuperDylan01
Rating: 10

Could someone give me the correct link? Please?
1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 please? Oh, even when I can't play it, I'll give 10, co's I heard all about it!
2005.06.10 SuperDylan01
Rating: 10

It dosent matter no more. A 10 shall do the trick!
Oh, one thing, I can't use the editor, co's its to hard to use. :'-(
2005.06.10 SuperDylan01
Rating: 10

Oh, is there any cheats for the game? (anyone?)
Co's I like it sooooo much, every time I enter a comment, I'll give a 10 every time. Preserved!
2005.05.21 SWEFX
Rating: 10

This is definetly the most complicated (programming wise) game ever! It's also very fun! There's no doubt that this is the most proffessional gamemaker game ever!
2005.05.11 Feet First
Rating: 8

This game is so cool!!!
you can make your own levels and download levels
so you dont get bored
an its multiplayer!!
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