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Game Maker Games - Johnny 7
Johnny 7 by Sparlatacus (PG Games)
Johnny is back and this time he must kill the evil lord SuperHappyAndInnocentBunny!!!!

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.08.20 steelerzsuckcj
Rating: 2

These danmed johnny games need to be polished up horrificly. Instead of making 16 bad games, make ONE GOOD ONE FOR GOD's SAKE!!!
2007.01.06 johnnyEditor1001
Rating: 3

Uhh..... Couldn't ever get past the first level because of the huge mob of enemies. Could use improvement. I also had problems with the gun. sometimes it didn't even work (main reason it was so tough.) One word describes this game: Bizzare.
2006.08.17 Ali Bastian
Rating: 2

In addition to being unredeemably bad, this game is also so weird that it's scary. Don't even bother wasting your time with this trash.
2005.09.03 Tinker Magoo
Rating: 2

Is the guy with the word @#$%! on his shirt flicking you off? that's retarded.
2005.05.12 Astin
Rating: 1

Can be summed up in one word... AWFUL!!!!!!

Although the engine was well made, the game wasn't...
2005.04.28 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

Well I'm not sure why but, my favorite enemy in this game is......The Plant Monsters........... What is your favorite enemy?
2005.04.28 MINE
Rating: --

Well it is hard to choose your favorite enemie but I would say the guy with the question mark on his head.
2005.04.24 MINE
Rating: 5

Never Mind. Do those guys with the bad word on the shirt flicking the finger? Well that is stupid.
2005.04.20 MINE
Rating: 3

Yeah I agree with ImSneaky2 it's inexcuseable to put a bad word on one of the enemies. I almost beat the whole game but there is this level where it says 'This level is short. We promise' Besides there was no evil SuperHappyAndInnocentBunny. The last level was just a moving platform. I was also thinking of making you a good Johnny game. If you didn't complete the game I will give you a 2. 10-3(for not completing the game)-5(for the bad word). If you did complete the game I will give you a 5.10-5(for bad word). Oh yeah and also this is a platform game of chance. Sometimes you had to wait until the enemies of platforms went the other way to get past.
2005.04.20 MINE
Rating: --

Oh I forgot to say did I finish the game is that it if not could you please helllllllllp?
2005.04.17 ImSneaky2
Rating: 10

Okay I'll take back what I said since I beat the whole game!But what I think is inexcuseable is one of the enemies have a bad word on their shirt.
2005.04.15 ImSneaky2
Rating: 1

Ok,I'm sure you didn't even try make the character beat the first level!!!!
In the first level there are like 30 enemies a black monster,small guys,people shaped as question marks saying Who Am I?
Can I make you a Johnny 8
2005.04.12 stevenup7002
Rating: 1

It's worse than Johnny 6, you can'T Get past the enemys
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