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Game Maker Games - Insect Invade II
Insect Invade II by cactus
Alien insects has started to invade earth, your mission is to kill as many of them as possible.

Or maybe Shyan's interpretation of the story was a little better:
"Insect Invade is a two-dimensional shooter where you are a drunken man trying to defend himself from the invading insects. Of course, these bugs will not give up easily, they will hunt you down!"

Insect Invade II is the long awaited sequel to Insect Invade. Actually, it's more like a remake of Insect Invade with lots of fun stuff added.

The graphics are vastly improved, but retain the same feel as in the old game. I've implemented many new things, such as explosions, light effects, enhanced backgrounds and a lot more selfmade particles!

New elements to the gameplay has also been added. You can now shoot in 360, dodge your enemies by jumping over them, climb the piles of carcasses left by all the insects you've slain, toss grenades and pick up a few new power ups!

The sound has also been thoroughly reworked, with midi music and great sound effects!

However, this is still just a tiny arcade game. It was created in less than two days and was never meant to be very serious. Expect some good, clean fun! Nothing less, nothing more.

Walk Left/Right Arrow
Jump Up Arrow
Fire Left Mouse Button
Grenade Right Mouse Button


Download Insect Invade II (EXE, ~1 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.08.09 Jabberwock
Rating: 7

Quite fun, though a little frustrating at times (maybe because I didn't discover you had grenades until my tenth run or so). The weapons and powerups are all quite interesting, and the graphics are beautiful. Nice job, cactus.
2006.02.05 Farn
Rating: 10

Awsome game! It's simple but addictive.
2005.12.16 REZ
Rating: 10


cool beans :O

hiscore: 60
2005.07.25 jmanjman47
Rating: 7

I thought the game was pretty good. I liked the items especially. I thought in the begginning the bugs could of been slower but then what would be the challenge? Overall I loved the graphics. The Sound, I thought, could have been better. Not the background, the one where you kill a bug. That gets annoying. Overall I enjoyed the game.
2005.04.03 Nobody
Rating: 8


12345678901234567890 (30 letter limit :S)
2005.04.03 cactus
Rating: --

Fixed version of the game can be downloaded here:


Some small bugs have been fixed in this version...

BTW: Highest score so far is 117 by Dark Odin...
2005.04.01 dude
Rating: 7

I rather liked that. It was hard. I only got 10 as a highscore. But it was fun. I tried about 25 times.
2005.04.01 jrgames+
Rating: 7

loved the first one, this one to but its too hard!
If you could make the insects move slower it would be even better.
2005.04.01 cactus
Rating: --

I've updated the game with more power ups and stuff. Should be a little bit easier now. Might add an 'Easy Mode' later.
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