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Game Maker Games - Little Red Ball
 Little Red Ball by BrainWave Software
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Review by tapeworm
If you've ever played the Super Nintendo game "On the Ball," then you know basically what to expect from Little Red Ball. This is an action/puzzle game that is somewhat in the spirit of those wooden labyrinth games. Your goal is to move a marble around through a maze filled with obstacles, but instead of moving the ball (as in, say, Marble Madness) or tilting the field (as with those wooden labyrinth games), you rotate the maze and use gravity to move around.

The game's graphics are simple but generally nice. Music is not original but is well-suited to the areas, each of which has a different theme. Some of these themes introduce new elements into the gameplay, and others just have interesting gimmicks (such as the "House of Horrors" area).

Little Red Ball's gameplay is polished and clean. It doesn't take long to get used to the controls. A level editor is also included with the game, so you can make your own levels if you're so inclined.

This game is certainly worth a try, especially if you've never played something like it before. It's also just a good example of a well-presented Game Maker game.

Download Little Red Ball (EXE, ~2.7 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.07.13 Grumpy King
Rating: 8

That game rocks! Its simple yet really good, I really hate that clow thing in the haunted ones!
2007.10.30 aweirdgamer
Rating: --

Aboriginal, why did you rate it 10 if you hate it?
2006.11.08 never_smiling_wolf
Rating: 10

Perfect! I love this game! I play it with my friends all the time! Good work!
2006.10.18 RoyalSmacketh
Rating: 10

Awesome game. except i found a glitch on the first level of the factory i got stuck in the green lights. its still an awesome game though!
2006.05.20 ShrooboidJr.
Rating: 9

WOW. Double wow. This game rocks, it's uniquness, music, game play, minigames, EVERYTHING. It may seem a little hard at first, but you will get used to it. It is worth your time, trust me. =D
2006.05.02 Aboriginal
Rating: 10

I hated this game. Games with simple concepts like this are supposed to make me feel good about myself, but this did not. You surpassed any game programming I have ever seen in a Game Maker Game.
Seriously now, it was crazy. The level editor was so flexible, only problem was it saved the levels as lvt and the game looked for lev files. But the game was so great. Nice job.
2006.04.30 stinkoman_sd
Rating: 10

This is a great game! The gameplay was perfect, the music blended so well. the minigames were excellent, and the stages were awesome (especially the House of Horrors and the Space Stage)
2005.05.16 Dr_baconman
Rating: 6

My initial score: 3.
My final score: 9.
How did that happen? Well let me start off by saying this: I despise games that have that 'advanced colors' thingy and games with time limits. Sadly, this game has both. So, I was very, very upset. But after a bit of playing and figuring out how to disable the music, I managed to work out a grin for this game. Simple it may be, but the levels can get very difficult. Especially those Haunted House ones (stupid distracting freak-clown!).
Graphics were great, gameplay was short and sweet, minigames were AWESOME, and overall level design was good as well. Oh, and if there was a help menu with this game, I didn't see it. So I failed world 1 way too quickly. So there, although I'm afriad I'll have to average your scores to be fair. A 6 for you. Work it out a bit more and rerelease it. I'm sure it'll do great.
2004.04.18 Freezair
Rating: --

Little Red Ball is an excellent mix of action and puzzle. Although the graphics are basic and the music ripped, the wonderful gameplay more than makes up for it. It's got a unique concept, fully realized in 8 different courses, and the bonus mini-games are a cute, if slightly superfluous, touch. This game's got a real longevity to it, though, and tha's what makes it rule. It just doesn't get old, no matter how many times you play!
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