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Game Maker Games - Shatter
Review by tapeworm
Like a lot of scrolling shooters, Shatter can be pretty manic. But unlike many others, this one becomes that way within just a few seconds and doesn't let up until you're dead. You can form your own opinions about whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, but either way, if you like games like this, you'll probably find yourself compelled to play again immediately each time you lose.

Graphics in Shatter are extremely simple. The enemy ships come in all shapes--many of them basic geometric shapes--and colors. I suppose they could be more detailed, but I don't think they need to be. Sound is also pretty basic, but again, sufficient to be effective. A few sound effects where needed and a loop of driven background music that fits the game very well. The metallic striking sound when you are hit is unique and works well (I've had a lot of chances to contemplate it while hearing it again and again).

This game doesn't have different areas or themes or an ending. You collect powerups, fend off waves and waves of enemies, and play until your ship is destroyed (most likely by the yellow boomerangs). And that's where a big part of the addiction comes in. You can submit your score to an online table (there is one for easy mode and one for hard mode). I was once fairly high on both lists . . . before most people had tried the game, that is.

In addition to difficulty modes, you can also select your ship (my favorite is the "Liquid Torch"). This adds yet more replay value to the game. In summary, this game is definitely worth trying, especially if you like shooters, punishment, and competition.

Download Shatter (EXE, ~2.3 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.02.12 phoenix0
Rating: 7

Nice game. I agree with noddy though, the bullets are too small and dim. I get kind of frustrated when I get hit by bullets I didn't know were there.
2006.03.11 noddy
Rating: 9

awesome game. loved the area flat games.. love this! the only problem was how hard it was to see the bullets.. just too small
2005.01.19 L33TNerd
Rating: 3

Extraordinarily dull and strangly difficult....meh...
2004.10.11 radagastBrown
Rating: 10

Spectacular game!
Smooth, fluent gameplay...
Well-working graphics and sounds...
Options and fast paced action...
it all adds together for a spectacular game!

It awes me every time I play it.
2004.09.25 Mocha Man
Rating: --

Sorry... if I wanted people to see the source I would have released it by now. If there's any specific feature you want to know how to do, PM me on the forums and I might make an example for my website.
2004.09.22 General Smurf
Rating: 5

dude its awesome but its such a copy of area flat (http://www.shiftup.net/java/AF2/AF2easy.html), even when the ship moves left to right it contracts the same way! I'll give you a 5 for your unoriginality.
2004.09.22 General Smurf
Rating: 8

nvm ill give it a 8, after reading the credits and seeing that you gave some credit to area flat.
2004.09.22 General Smurf
Rating: --

Dude could you possibly email me the .gmd for that, i wanna see how you did it. my email is smurfysmurf81823@yahoo.com
2004.09.11 Feet First
Rating: 7

An addictive game I didn't get bored of. A variety of spaceships, online highscore table is great!
But those annoying red dots that kill you are annoying and it does start to get a bit manic especially when playing hard which is extremely hard. I think the game gets too fast too quickly
2004.09.03 pizzaman
Rating: 10

Wonderful gameplay (specialy the fact you can choose among 3 ships)
Nice work! :-)
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