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Game Maker Games - Liquisity
Liquisity by Mr.Chubigans
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Review by Serrellious
The uniqueness of the name “Liquisity” will no doubt attract a great deal of attention in itself, regardless of the fact that this is yet another one of Mr. Chubigans’ works of art. Liquisity presents itself as a relaxing and imaginative way of spending your time in a world of leisurely blue, in which you must navigate a ball into a box. Though, at first, it sounds uncannily simple, have no doubt in that there are many obstacles thrown into the fray to make playing this game time well spent.

To begin, people will enjoy the very simple but aesthetically pleasing menus that pop up. Then, upon starting the game, simple tutorials introduce all the very basics of gameplay, including the several basic obstacles that will make up every single level. In addition, the tutorials also give you the basic controls, such as using “Space” to launch your ball from the cannon, holding “Space” down longer to launch your ball with more power and using the arrow keys to control the ball through each level. The tutorials also give people a great chance to become accustomed to the well-programmed physics that are one of the more subtle highlights of gameplay.

The aforementioned basic obstacles are all used in proportion to make up each level. They are at times ideal for reaching your goal; at other times, they are nothing more than nuisances that seem to give you hell just to get a ball in a box. There are jets, which you must often use carefully to avoid having your ball blown off the screen; blades, which simply cut up your ball upon touch; propellers that deflect your ball; switches to deactivate objects (often, what a switch does is a surprise); bouncers to deflect your ball away; and even objects that change the type of ball that you have. All of these objects play crucial roles throughout the game, and they are all used in such proportion to each other, the importance of one object is never overshadowed by another.

By now, Jumper fans would begin seeing how much of a resemblance there is between Liquisity and the Jumper series, but be rest assured that Liquisity still has an ace up its sleeve. While each level provides a brand new challenge in its combination of obstacles, none of the levels are ever too frustrating or challenging that you would completely give up. Unlike Jumper, in which the difficulty is extremely great, the puzzles in Liquisity are of moderate difficulty. But, even better than that is how every single puzzle in the game tends to have multiple ways of completion. There is never any one specific way to beat a level as there is in Jumper; every person can use a completely unique approach. That alone is perhaps the most unique aspect of Liquisity’s gameplay.

In supplement to all this are Liquisity’s graphics. Excepting your ball and a few other objects, most of the graphics in the game are simple in both design and color, taking on a monochromatic shade of dark blue which, though it seems peculiar and almost unattractive at first, provides a wonderfully calm and relaxing mode for gameplay. Together with the sporadic burst of light music, the mood and atmosphere for the game is well spent, and Liquisity truly draws players into its magnificent yet simple world. Sound effects too are unobtrusive additions that increase the depth of the game; especially the bubbling sounds which are almost always present in the background of the game, and give Liquisity its watery theme, improving on the sensation of serenity and tranquility simultaneously.

Within Liquisity, players will find a delicate balance of simple yet refined and high-quality graphics that will satiate even those hungry for commercial-grade eye-candy; just as simple and enjoyable gameplay that is at an ideal difficulty level; music that tickles the senses and colors that place people in an unimaginably serene state of mind. Such a game as Liquisity comes with nearly no room for improvement. If a sequel were ever made, the only thing that would have to be added is more levels, and everything would be set.
No doubt that with such positive highlights, Liquisity is soon to become another renowned work of art from one of the best striving freeware artists of today.

Final Rating: 10/10

Review Overview
+ Excellent use of monochromatic graphics
+ Great use of sporadic music to set the atmosphere
+ Extremely pleasurable sound effects
+ Ideal level of difficulty with great variation of level design
+ Wonderful physics to boot
+ A plus for one of the catchiest names ever

There are no negatives for this game. In other words...this game pretty much rubs up against the line of perfection.

The Author Originally Wrote...
Influenced by the many great GM games such as Jumper and Thrust, Liquisity is an underwater platformer...only its not. Kind of. Well, you have to play it to get what I mean.

Liquisity contains:

-50 levels
-Level Editor
-GM6 powered engine allows for higher level graphics and options!
-Unlockable content, including a new minigame, info on the inspirations of Liquisity and more!

Download Liquisity (EXE, ~5.71 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.11.15 excalibur333
Rating: 8

This game is very cool. you can tell alot of work went into this game.
2006.05.19 LostOverThere
Rating: 10

Another Mr.Chubigans work of Art!
The best game yet!
(Though VC & ONR3 both look pretty sweet!)
2005.05.19 Wolverine
Rating: 7

Again very well polished game by Chubs but I didn't enjoy it much at all. Found it annoying rather than compelling. Probably would enjoy it more if it wasn't so slow to play.
2005.04.16 Dr_baconman
Rating: 10

Great Hadoken! I've never seen anything near this! Those graphice were so good they made me cry! And that's VERY hard to do! The entire 4-different-balls system was ingenious, and I loved it. Let's see, what else... The Level Editor! I know it's been commonplace lately, but they're still fun to mess with. My only problem was this: Whenever music tried to play, it was soon after canceled. I played through most of the game without its music(which is fine by me: I listened to my own music anyhow). Also, some sound effects looped, so that got a bit annoying. Just a pinch of yang in all of its yin, I suppose. Hey, nothing's THAT perfect! :)
2005.04.16 Dr_baconman
Rating: --

Oh, and did I mention? It's based on WATER! Who can beat that, you tell me. Wuha!
2005.04.08 EagloBane
Rating: 9

WOW.........................It was amazing, so simple yet not completely easy. Where in the world did you come up with so an orignal Idea?
2005.04.07 alzable
Rating: 10

Wow!~ This game is fantastic! Never seen a game soooo bugless and unusual made with gm! Well done!
2005.02.27 krossfire
Rating: 8

Difficult, yet fun to play and compelling !
2005.02.23 nanoware
Rating: 9

Another success, great music. The problem is that it's too short, I beat the game in only 2 hours, still, a lot for a GM game
2005.02.22 JackRussel
Rating: --

I love this game, like your previous works it is a great joy to play.
between the greatly engeneered level design, thw wonderful graphics, perfectly matching sound, this is a definate must have game.
The thing I love most about this game, and most of your other works, are the musical scores that just start up all of a sudden, it really sets a nice mood.
I also loved how you had those cool fading in and out graphics in the background too.

Excellent work, 9.5/10
2005.02.22 JackRussel
Rating: 10

oops, sorry, forgot to rate, and the board wont let me edit.
2005.02.21 interceptor
Rating: 8

Very good concept, very good level design, good coding. Only bad aspects: All sounds (and music if there is any...) in the game are not played right on my computer. You could use the XSMS DLL from Shaltif to play sound right on all computers.
Sometimes the picture gets to dark too see your ball and cannon. But overall: Very good!
2005.02.21 stevenup7002
Rating: --

This game is going to get the highest staff rating!!!
2005.02.20 stevenup7002
Rating: 10

This game, is a must download, there's nothing more to say, though I wouldn't call it a platformer, I'd call it a strategy and the music really touched me, it's stress reilieving and all, unlockables and a level editor wow, heres my final score;

Graphics: 10/10
Music: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Frustration: 1/10
2005.02.20 knight666
Rating: 10

This is a Jumper killer.
No, seriously.
I'm at level 48 now, and it still kicks ass.
But what is it with the underwater craze?!!
I mean, first it was Element (my game) then Dex came with his and now yours!

Oh well, 10/10 (classic)
Nuf said.
2005.02.20 Derby
Rating: 10

This game's only problem is that it ends. Seriously, I want there to be some sort of perpetual level design going on. Maybe you could make a level editor. Oh wait, you did! This is the best game ever made with GM.
2005.02.20 stevenup7002
Rating: 10

I think serrilious is going to do a staff review for ya!
2005.02.20 DrLuigi777
Rating: 10

Mr.Chubigans finally released the full version!!! Yeah!!! I'd better download it though, all I got is the private demo..., but the demo is so cool. The graphics are ok, gameplay awesome, and levels extremely hard. Not to mention customizable levels baby! Another Mr.Chubigans work of art.
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