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Game Maker Games - Johnny 6
Johnny 6 by Sparlatacus (PG Games)
A new entry with 30 levels, many enemies and with the shrinking ability resurrected. Blah.

Download Johnny 6 (EXE, ~4.6 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2005.09.03 Tinker Magoo
Rating: --

This one is retarded. What is with the stupid shrinking?
Rating: --

Good idea! Make your Johnny 8 game with 100 levels or more. Start downloading musicmaker to make proffesional music. And yes toys would be the best objects to do.Make your game 188 rooms long,487,000,000 sprites long,548,000,000 objects long.And 480 sounds long.And last but not least 88 backgrounds long.
2005.05.06 MINE
Rating: --

Does modplug tracker count? and I can convert the sound into a midi. that's how seiklus was made if you ever played it.
Rating: --

Sure! I said any kind of file that converts into midi.
2005.05.05 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

Me too. Today was my lucky day and,I beat Johnny 2. So I hope I can beat Johnny 8! Because probably in Johnny 8 it will have 75 levels!Since I told him too.
2005.05.05 MINE
Rating: --

Ummm? Maybe I should make my version of johnny long too don't you think? like about 100 levels.
2005.05.05 MINE
Rating: --

And one more thing. I think that game should be out in five months(I hope less). And I hope he puts like little toys and stuff like you know, like in cooldog because then that would be even fun to play.
2005.05.04 Alpha59
Rating: 1

AND you call me a noob!
Your pathetic!
2005.05.04 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

I finally beat Johnny 6! Now I have beaten Johnny 1,3,4,5,6,7.I saw the spinning head but,it is not my favorite enemy.
2005.05.04 MINE
Rating: --

So now we are at the same level. if you beat johnny 2 can you tell me how?
2005.05.04 MINE
Rating: --

Never mind I already beat 1,2,3,4,5,6,and 7!!! now I beat every johnny game made by pggames.
2005.04.30 MINE
Rating: --

If you got that far you would have seen a spinning head.
2005.04.29 MINE
Rating: --

Mine favorite is the ones who spin
2005.04.29 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

Well what does the enemy look like?
2005.04.28 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

What is your favorite enemy in this one? Mine is the guy who throws those purple balls.
2005.04.22 MINE
Rating: --

OK I know you didn't finish it because there is a white screen with the score when you finish.
2005.04.21 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

I tried it,it doesn't work I hope his Johnny 8 game is better since I told him to make it.
2005.04.20 MINE
Rating: --

Huh I think I know what you did ImSneaky2. I think you pressed an arrowkey once the level started. Try again but don't press any buttons when the level begins. Besides I finished the game.
2005.04.19 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

I need help!One of the levels is with the sky level and there is not character on it?Now how can you be so forgetful?All I see is one enemy jump up from the open and that is it!Did I beat it or something?Please help.
2005.04.12 stevenup7002
Rating: 1

stupidest game ever made, worse than an example edit
2005.02.17 jrgames+
Rating: 8

I like it I think it's good! pop pop pika pop!
2005.02.17 Sandcrab
Rating: 1

OmiGOSH!!!!!!!!!! This game is SO bad! It could have been great. The shrinking is cool, but when u grow big u get stuck in the stupid wall! And u can't even tell it's Johnny! I agree with u, IMSneaky, Johnny 5 was way better. At least the enemies didn't get stuck in the dumb wall!
2005.02.16 ImSneaky
Rating: 1

This has got to be the stupidest gamemakergame ever.
You have then shrinking ability again.And the grpahics suck!!This is meant for a Johnny 7.Besides if I were you make a Johnny 7.But before you go ahead and make a piece of crap,I'll tell you what to do Suggestion Box:cherries as points,newer enemies and make them creative this time,Don't make a shrinking ability game make a game where we can see what the exit looks like instead of putting a stop,And make Johnny look better!What is the point of this!Besides if it doesn't have a review by yourself that means there is no point to it.
So this time make it better take some more stuff from the resource pack.Make better music,make better everything.If I were to send gamemakergames a very seriously crappy game what would you say?
A:What kind of n00bish idiot made this.
Exactly,you see make better Johnny games.
Sound:There is no sound effects and you play these variety pack that you call good.
Graphics:The graphics suck ass besides the fact that you don't make good Johnny games
Gameplay:The game is so bad I liked Johnny 5 a lot better.
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