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Game Maker Games - Dusk Of Zombies
Dusk Of Zombies by Nobody
My 2nd game posted on this site...
It's actually a minigame, but still fun, so I'll post it:


The world is overrun by zombies, blabla bla, might be a princess, and some heroes, you are last surviving, nuclear stuff, blabla, superpowers --> bullet time, survive, rescue... etc...


Left mouse Button to fire
Right mouse Button for bullettime...

There might be some score bugs, but I dont know...

Everything is made by me!!!

Download Dusk Of Zombies (EXE, ~1.027 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2005.03.30 Nobody
Rating: --

What I dont get, is why this game gets a 5 if I have two times 6 and only one time 5 :S

5+6+6 = 17 - 17:3 = 5.7
2005.02.09 Nobody
Rating: --

Thnx!!! I think i'll make a part 2 with headshots, more kind of zombies, a shop for weapons, and a bulet-time meter...
2005.02.09 cactus
Rating: --

Some things you might consider adding:
-Flying body parts/chunks of meat
-Animated sprite for player
-Better looking bullet traces
-More (bigger) types of blood splatter (som squirting and stuff)
-Used shells flying out of the gun
-More sounds
-Clip/Reload feature (don't remember if there was one)

There's probably more things I can think of, but I'm too tired right now.
2005.02.08 cactus
Rating: 5

Kind of nice, but not very dynamic (gets boring pretty soon). I like the headshot feature, although you easily could've added some exploding skulls or whatnot.
2005.02.08 jmgandalf
Rating: 6

Not bad, i like the shotting thing, but is not acurace for the jumping zombies. Cool moving background too, feels like dusk.
So we are on zombie business ;-)
2005.02.08 Nobody
Rating: --

I think I'm gonna make that, and headshots will only make them headless... Any comment on the music?
2005.02.08 Imposter
Rating: 6

I liked the music, it gave a good atmosphere. I agree that you should have implemented head shot explosions and whatnot, but it was well programmed
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