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Game Maker Games - Element
 Element by knight666
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Review by Jabberwock
Element is an RPG with an undersea setting. It's got a lot of flaws, but it's also got quite a bit of originality and uniqueness, and in the end, I think the good definitely outweighs the bad.

The storyline is nothing too special. It's all laid out in a fairly well-done intro video- it is your job to reconcile between three warring races by recovering three powerful relics. To achieve this, you, playing as a water-droplet shaped creature whose race seems to act as mediators between the other three, must perform a variety of tasks for the inhabitants of the world and solve a variety of simple puzzles. There isn't a lot of action, and there isn't any way to die, either. The main character's physics are a little annoying at times, but you get used to them in time. There aren't really any major errors to speak of, but the game is by no means perfect. The fact that every room is persistent makes the save files enormous and the room transitions take longer than they ought to, at least toward the end of the game. The inventory/menu systems are also more difficult to navigate than they ought to be, and the lack of an ending cutscene made the game feel very unfinished.

Simply put, I love the graphics in this game. It's painfully obvious that they were drawn in Microsoft Paint or something roughly equivalent, but for the most part they are very stylish, colorful and clean (the cutscenes are the only major exception). There are several different tilesets, and they give the levels in the game a lot of variety. Though the game world isn't all that big, it's quite a bit of fun to explore, which is something I always like to see. I also liked the particle effects- they're simple and inobtrusive, but they lend a very nice quality to the game environments. Some of the graphical effects are very primitive (such as the 'glow-in-the-dark' effect) but they end up looking decent and fitting well.

The music and sound in the game are of excellent quality. The music is all custom-made (and in MP3 format, which unfortunately causes a great increase in file size), and it fits very well, though it's pretty forgettable. Sound effects are used well for the most part, too, but there are one or two things that have sound effects but shouldn't and one or two that don't have them but should. All in all, though, the game is very aesthetically pleasing.

Despite its various shortcomings, Element is one of the better Game Maker RPGs I've played; while not very large (it only took me one hour-long sitting to finish it) and overall a little lacking in depth, it's got a lot of heart and it's a lot of fun to play. I highly recommend you play it, and I think it's definitely worth the 8-megabyte download.

Download Element (EXE, ~8.3 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.09.02 Rubber Ducky
Rating: --

There is only one bug and it stopped me from playing... If you go down too fast and switch panels at an exact time you end up inside a wall, and you can't do anything. I had to start over only to have it do it again. Please fix this and then I will rate.
2007.01.02 stevenup7002
Rating: --

Finally, this got reviewed! Seriously gmg staff, it was what, 2 years ago that I reccommended it to be reviewed? Oh well, at least its reviewed. Happy :D!
2006.12.31 Dilbertguy
Rating: 7

I stopped wehn I got stuck in a wall. >_<
2006.12.30 AkiraTT
Rating: 8

I really liked this game =)
Well I'm not done yet, cause don;t understand the final challenge =S
I give it an 8 =)
2006.12.28 Dilbertguy
Rating: --

Heh, I remember the beta version. It only had the first room. XD
2006.12.28 bungo
Rating: 7

I like the game, but I think it is to short, also I never finished it, I got to the green maze and I got the code, and it said 'you got it' or something like that and then when I pushed ok it got out of the game. when I got back into the game and loaded there was an error in step event for grass_door in line two. I'll never know the ending :(
2006.11.21 jer903
Rating: --

nice! good job knight i love your games knight.................im just asking, but could you plese make a sequel to black warrior kingdom?,i really enjoyed it! =)
2006.11.21 jer903
Rating: 10

(i didnt give a rating on the last one)YOUR GAMES ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)
2005.05.13 tallsmartman
Rating: 8

Wow, you gave the music a 10/10. I did all of the music for this game, so thank you very much. As for the game. I played it a LOT, and I do like it.
2005.03.06 stevenup7002
Rating: 9

Brilliant game, I can see htis in the spotlight!!! lovely music esspecially for underwater!! gameplay great but the bouncing is a bit annoying!!! overall:

Graphics: 9/10
Music: 10/10
Gameplay: 9/10
frustra: 4/10
2005.02.16 Cesque
Rating: 8

Great game. A bit buggy, weird physics, but great nonetheless.
2005.02.10 knight666
Rating: --

Alright, because the link couldn't be downloaded by the poor FireFoxless folks out there, I uploaded it to my own server.
The link is EXACTLY the same, just click it.

Have fun. XD
2005.02.09 S.I.E.J.
Rating: --

Meh, I was just trying to download the game now that all the reported bugs were fixed and I find a broken link. Please fix it, I really want to see your game!
2005.02.08 LuisG280
Rating: 9

Lot better now! but you still have one bug: On the store room, when i go back, i get stuck in the box! i think you should move it so it doesn't happen again.
2005.02.07 LuisG280
Rating: 5

Can't even play with sound... It's a bug, right? And Found lots more bugs... Like the bug that when i badly start the game, it quits.
5 for the many bugs
2005.02.07 Lord QZip
Rating: 6

here's a couple of bugs. Please, don't make the tracks restart every time you move a panel it's annoying. One time I went to that mountain city where the hammer came from and when I left that sound kept playing and so did the track for the place I was at. So, I had two tracks playing at once and it sounded bad. The game isn't very deep. I wasn't ever stumped by the puzzles or had to search very hard to find anything. It was too easy for all the build up. The game works but it needs spit and polish as well as a lot more stuff to do.
2005.02.07 knight666
Rating: --


It fixes ALL the bugs mentioned and if you DO find one, mail me!
That's quite a strang bug, Lord QZip.
It gets weirder if you realise I have about 3 check ups built-in to prevent that from happening!
Also, the game isn't supposed to be hard, frustating or challenging.
It's just a laid back adventure platformer with some puzzles.
Like 'find a key run back half an hour' shooter style puzzles.
2005.02.04 jrgames+
Rating: 8

looks very good, nice game overall:76/100
2005.02.03 shyan
Rating: 6

There are a few bugs here, knight666...
You should check them out (play your game thorough and find and fix these... I found a least 2 so far)

Since the game is bugged, I'll give the game a current rating of:
2005.02.03 knight666
Rating: --

Could you please mail them to me?
I'm very keen on this subject, I want this to be absolutely bugfree, since I'm considering to sell it.
But I think a 6 is kinda low...
2005.02.03 shyan
Rating: --

Sorry. But when you fix these, my rating is a gauranteed higher than a 6.

One of the ways I rate games are based on the lack of these errors.
2005.02.03 KTXInteractive
Rating: --

Two things to note:

1) having to sit through twenty minutes of narrative with no way to skip it is not fun.

2) pressing spacebar to try and skip said narrative only to be confronted with an error and then kicked out of the game is downright annoying!
2005.02.03 knight666
Rating: --

The error is a file write error.
Make sure that you have extracted all the files and that there is a folder called 'data' with the game.
It should work then.
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