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Game Maker Games - SO
Review by tapeworm
Unfortunately, the source code for SO was lost before the game was totally finished. Despite this, it is a complete game, and one worth a look.

In SO, you are a space traveller in an unfriendly station. The slimy creatures who roam the corridors don't seem capable of having built or assaulted the place, but regardless of how they came to infest it, they're interested in eating space travellers and you need to get past a lot of them to escape.

The game's graphics are fairly simple but have good art direction and detail. Bright colors and a solid platform engine help compensate for a slight lack of variety in graphics and a complete lack of sound.

I can't help imagining what this game could have been if finished, but it's perfectly playable as is. It has a proper ending, and if you're like me you'll easily overlook its shortcomings and really enjoy the short, fun, and inspiring experience.

Download SO (EXE, ~1.0 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.06.16 Maderick
Rating: 6

This is alright, but it should have had music on it and maybe more than one enemy, but the pickups were cool enough, good job anyway!
2006.06.13 SofMarcus3
Rating: 10

Cool game, because creating with game maker is really hard i think. I don't understand how to use it! :P
2006.06.13 SofMarcus3
Rating: 10

But i am making game its name is Mouse Morris! :p
2006.03.28 nickn
Rating: 8

Great Game!! Though y did you make cheats if no one can enter them?
2006.03.08 Jam.Inc Games
Rating: 9

This is a brilliant game! Although, you do kinda need a restart button on ship 18 or something. I can't wait for you to finish the whole game! The flames were good, but rather pointless, but what I did like was the electricity graphics. At one point, where there were three buttons, and no enemies, that was rather dull. But all in all, oyu did an excellent job! I give this game a 9.9/10
2005.09.28 Radnom Games
Rating: 4

Well I have to disagree with the last comments... I thought the game was very dull. The flames were alright, but that's ALL that was alright. I was horribly buggy and I had to press the 'suicide' button so much I just kept the mouse over it... every time I jumped onto a box I got stuck and had to restart. The enemies... or should I say, enemy, was very simple... just horizontally scrolling.
The three weapons idea was good, but I only ever saw two.
The game was far too short. I want a game to occupy me in time measured in hours rather than minutes or seconds.

I'm going to give it a four, after much thinking. It just didn't cut it for me.
2005.04.03 zazoostudios
Rating: 7

Cool game great sprites! But on ship 18, a rocket taked me up somewhere and nothing happened. ??
2005.02.10 picard131
Rating: 9

Mega thumbs up! D/L'ing now...
2005.02.07 nanoware
Rating: 7

Cool game, great grafics and gameplay, the only problem is the difficulty and the length of the game. I'd recommend it for not-too expirienced people on videogames
2005.02.04 myfriendcublias
Rating: 9

THIS GAME IS GREAT, PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT! it has great graphics, all hand drawn?, and the controls are really resonive the particle effects are good and the help screen is so good i nicked the idea for me own game! Its just the right lenght too! This is how games are meant to be! WELL DONE!
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