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Game Maker Games - Essence Child
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Review by Serrellious
Essence Child is a gem within the puzzle genre, providing a great mixture of simplicity, good level-design and colorful graphics. The main concept of the game is to complete each and every level by taking the three balls given to you in each level—red, green, and blue—and getting them into their corresponding holes. You can alternate and cycle through which ball you control with a flick of the “shift” key, and guide them through each isometric level with the arrow keys. While this concept is simple, the game introduces a large variety of obstacles—from special colored blocks and portals that only certain balls in your arsenal can use, to sliding paths and locked blocks. In addition, the game offers a simple storyline to those of you who can’t play a game with a reason besides beating each level.

Each level, though often quite simple in the end, provides a great ten to fifteen minutes of fun that will neither frustrate you nor leave you unsatisfied—all the levels have been extremely well thought out and designed to give you the optimum use of your time. No doubt you might find yourself dual tasking by alternating back and forth between levels within the game and another given activity.

But where Essence Child seems to really shine is in an area where many puzzle games have generally failed—graphics. With the previously mentioned subtle yet colorful and visually pleasing isometric graphics, Essence Child in no way fails this category. But of course, Essence Child was not completely flawless either, as there were graphics that did not fit in with the rest of the game; in the ice world, for example, the main tile for the ice was not as good looking as the other tiles used in that world. In addition, the balls that you guided through each level often seemed too simple for likes.

If you are a person that rightfully worries about whether there is good background music for a game, you certainly would not be turned down by the well chosen tunes that accompany Essence Child throughout. Each piece of music went along extremely well with the game, setting down the ideal mood; and the use of music was so diverse, in fact, that whenever you beat a level, a completely new (and fitting) "celebration" tune began to play.

Sound effects were no different than the music chosen; every sound used within the game fit in perfectly, and there was never any incidence of obtrusive sound effects that dragged down on enjoyment.

In the end, compared directly against many other puzzle games out there, Essence Child manages to bring itself to the forefront as one of the better ones. Downloading this game and at giving a few of the levels a good run will not be a waste of time in any way—quite the contrary, in fact.

The Authors originally wrote:
Essence Child is the Living Energy Productions first game, a spectacular puzzle game with a level editor and online level archive. One of few puzzle games with a storyline, Essence Child immerses the player in a world of fantasy as they engage in solving puzzles to save the world.

This game was produced by the Living Energy team, namely radagastBrown, Dark Krim, jackrussel, and kyl3. They have worked hard to bring you this great presentation and we encourage you to try it.

Download Essence Child (EXE, ~2.29 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.07.06 abproductions
Rating: 10

THIS is a game! I've played this and Yum Yum, and they're both just enamoring games. what I love most about your games is that they aren't just files on your computer, they envelope you in their own little world, making for a VERY memorable experience. every aspect of this game really did just that, especially the audio. The game has a very engaging curb appeal- the screens that I saw on Derby's site certainly made the game look promising. I liked the Soul-Calibur level progress style and the simplicity of the controls, even though (from what I played) the puzzles weren't the most cerebral. Haven't finished it yet, but I have no doubts that its only gonna get better! You guys rock!
2007.01.21 serprex
Rating: 9

Nice gameplay, as it has three factors to move around. My only problem was that the it was hard to see everything easilly and the isometric view is really for games that use 2.5D graphics, like Tactics Ogre.
2007.01.08 JackRussel
Rating: --

Ok, I've pmed someone about fixing the link, if it isnt fixed yet, you can copy and paste this into your address bar:
and it will start downloading.

Our team split over half a year ago, so our site is non-existant also.
2006.12.25 ninja-x games
Rating: --

I agree with rabid squirrel on SAVEFILE.com it says the file is lost soooo....I can't play it. Just kinda bites
2006.12.25 ninja-x games
Rating: --

sorry not savefile gmclans won't work
2006.12.08 rabid squirrel
Rating: --

The download link is broken!!!! Not fair! Why does this always happen to such good games?
2006.03.30 Dilbertguy
Rating: 9

This is a great puzzle game, And I know a good puzzle game when I play it. Oh, and don't give a game a bad rating just because you don't like the type. I don't like action games yet I play HALO 2.
2005.12.27 drdemention
Rating: --

Wonderful. I solved every puzzle but the one after the credits. I would recommend this to anyone who likes puzzle games.

One thing- too short!
2005.12.02 Frost Sabre
Rating: 8

very easy
graphics - 9.9 - very good
gameplay - 9.9 - very good
levels - 2 - too easy
only 3 restarts
the only hard level was the credits
easiest level was the last level, in the temple
so i'll give it a 8
2005.11.22 true boon
Rating: 9

I agree with happysister. This is the ONE OF THE BEST PUZZLES GAME MADE WITH GM IV'E SEEN! I give it a nine, just like i give 'Legs' witch is also a GM puzzle game. Go Living Energy Productions! Keep it up! However, i also agree with Pug Fugly. The puzzles aren't that easy. I still recomend this! the fact is has a map is AWSOME! my games just take you to the next level when you beat one! I have a lot to learn with GM
2005.11.22 true boon
Rating: 9

I havent beaten the level in the credits, though. it's too big for me to even try!
2005.08.12 gameslayer001
Rating: 10

Well im not in to puzzle games like L33tNerd, but i just love this game! I beat the whole game, then made some levels of my own on the editor, this game is the bomb man!
2005.07.10 nota1ot
Rating: 10

You shouldn't have put this game in the website. You make everyone elses' look terrible.
2005.06.12 Dark Krim
Rating: --

Sorry about the unoriginal music. We might have, but we rushed to finish it time for a contest.
2005.06.11 Orionzero
Rating: 7

This game is very nicely done... but it lacks gameplay. The idea of maneuvering three balls inside a isometric maze is okay, but repetitive action got boring fast.

The graphics were welll polished. No serious dissapointments graphics-wise, but the main menu seemed to have nothing to do with the actual game, and the three main characters were nothing but unanimated balls.

Ok, the biggest letdown on the game was the music. I thought for sure it would be origional. But when the game opened to my favorite track from Donkey Kong Country, I was majorly dissapointed. The sounds were decent though.

Conclusion: Very polished graphics, hollow gameplay. I suppose its a milestone for GM puzzle games, but it failed to captivate me. I wish th music was origional.

Rating: 7/10
2005.05.26 tedfuzz
Rating: 10

That is amazing. I hope Motron can make a good game. And again that rox!
2005.05.19 Wolverine
Rating: 6

Very well made and thought out. Nice enough graphics and presentation. Just didn't find it that fun. Probably not my type of game. Good work though.
2005.05.19 Hells Minion
Rating: 9

Great game, not to hard, not to easy. ^^ It's the perfect puzzle game!

Keep up the good work,
2005.05.16 Dr_baconman
Rating: --

Whoah! WAY too many people doing multiple votes! I'd watch it if I were you, you never know who's watching... you. Yeah. For better or for worse, please don't do that.
2005.04.24 o_0
Rating: 7

Cool game, it stays on my desktop
2005.04.06 coolvin91
Rating: 9

Speechless, yes I am. This was one of the greatest and most addictive puzzle game I have ever played! It's one of those GM games that should have made it to the GBA. Great graphics, addictive gameplay, and awesome level design! This type of game doesn't come around very often. It is definately worth a try! :)

9.5/10 (nothing but God is perfect)
2005.04.05 EagloBane
Rating: 9

I feel this was a sort of refreshing after playing something impossibly hard, It was very easy. I beat it in one day but it was fun. I agree that the main menu didn't really fit the style of the game. The graphics were great, but the balls didn't look all that '3D-ish.' But who cares right?
2005.04.04 hemmy
Rating: 8

Some aspects of this game are worse than others, so I'll grade it like this: Gameplay: 5. Too easy. My 6 year old sister beat it. Graphics: 8. Good for this style. Music: 10. Awesome! Replay: 7. For the average lazy bum, the level editor is too much work. Proffesinal Feel: 9. Not any bugs or glitches. So- this game gets an 8! P.S. L33T Nerd's awesome game, Duck Pond, that glitches the second time you try it is much better than this! Everyone go play it!
P.P.S. NOT!!!
2005.03.26 jassaunders
Rating: 10

ill give it a 10 nice very nice
stevenup2007 howmeny times did u press the button

in the next game please add a level editore so we can send our hardest levels to u to put in the game
2005.03.26 Dark Krim
Rating: --

jassaunders there is a level editor in zip. Also you can email to us at http://livingenergy.v33.org/ and then we'll put it in our level archieve on the site.
And people please stop double,triple, ect. rating.
2005.03.08 MDS-Games
Rating: 8

Great game, but yes, like almost everyone says, the game is a bit easy, except for the level used in the credits, and one other level was actually a bit of a challenge.
Still, this was a very good game, and the level creator is nicely put together.
The Graphics were nice, and the world map was nicely put together. Good work guys. I give it a strong 8
2005.03.07 SWEFX
Rating: 7

This had a good blend of music, gameplay and graphics. Unfortunately like all puzzle games it get's repetetive but the good thing is that some games have heaps of levels and each level takes ages to beat and so you get bored really quickly whereas this game has lots of levels but none of them are too hard to beat.
2005.03.06 radagastBrown
Rating: --

Wait, wait, wait.
You gave this a one AGAIN?
Well, aside from that I thought you could only vote once (:P), that's not nice... a one makes me angry the first time. I live through it. You give it another one just because no one agrees with you. I understand you not liking it, I understand you being angry, but giving it another one just because no one else will is just not right. That's like giving a kid a 10% on his test, and when he complains that he should have done better, averaging ANOTHER 10% into his grade.
Sorry, but I have no more respect for you. Discussion closed.
2005.03.05 L33TNerd
Rating: 1

And? Quit b*tching about me. I hate puzzle games and especially this one. And? 'Ohhhh! Ohhh! L33TNerd's being mean mommy I want to yell poopy at him and he'll be in trouble!' How about you shut the hell up until you have something rpoductive to say. I hated this game and that's that. And?
2005.03.01 GameRG
Rating: 10

This great game could go down in GM history. I havn't finished it yet, but will one day! I must say, yes, the Title Screen doesn't suit the game, but a part from that, it's great!

Oh, and if theres no file in the folder unzip it but when it says, this file already exists, overwrite? Click 'No'.
2005.02.28 Genesis Sythy
Rating: --

Uh... After I download it, theres no file in the zip..... What's going wrong?
2005.02.21 Mikaw
Rating: 10

That was VERY good game. I like puzzle games and that was amazing.
2005.02.18 stevenup7002
Rating: 9

Okay, first of all I'm going to rate the graphics, they were nice enough graphics, but they could've used a little more work 8, Gameplay: The Gameplay was nice, the levels were a bit easy but as you progrss they get harder, if anyone remembers playing the incredible machine or taipei, this is good 9, Music, the music was brilliant one of the themes sounded like futurama but very good
Graphics: 8
Gameplay: 9
Music: 10
Frustration: 2

2005.02.16 Dr_baconman
Rating: 10

Whoa... An ismoteric puzzle game! You took me by surprise! Yeah, gotta love them puzzles. Beautiful graphics, great gameplay, and nice music as well, what more could you ask for?
2005.02.12 angrykoopa
Rating: 9

OMFG! This game sucks! The grpahics are SO terrible I'm gonna give this a 1! If I could, I'd rate it a -463742 just because it has 'bad' graphics! Radagast, you are a N00B! And so are you Serrellious!!! How dare you rate this an 8!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD BE DEMODDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Radagast, everyone knows this is the best of the best when it comes to GM puzzle games, so just ignore comments like that, especially when they're coming from idiots like L33TNerd who make topics like http://s7.invisionfree.com/AngryKoopas_Domain/index.php?showtopic=812.

L33TNerd, even people like ImSneaky can be more mature than you, and you know that that's really sad. Racist, sexist, against gays...now I can add ignoramus to your list of 'achievements'.
2005.02.11 Divke.A
Rating: 6

I've played the whole game. And I must say it was way to easy.
Besides of that, it is a really good game. It has potential to be much better if you just make the puzzles challenging.

So, the difficulty level is where this great game fails :(
2005.02.11 Sandcrab
Rating: 8

Hey, L33tNerd, if you think you're good at commenting on games, think again!
2005.02.10 xavier
Rating: 9

Awesome game! The one thing I find very hard doing in a game is making it gradually harder, and you displayed this nicely! The second-to-last (or maybe third-to-last) level was awesomely hard. It took me a good 10mins to figure it out (and, I don't mean to brag, but I am a pretty good puzzle solver). As for other reviews that I have comments on:

L33tNerd: Dude... lemme see one of YOUR games...

Pug Fugly: You only played 10 levels! You've got to play it all the way through... If you thought it was 'too easy', try beating the WHOLE GAME... that may prove you wrong.
2005.02.09 radagastBrown
Rating: --

Okay. I can understand a 5. Or even a 3 or 4. But not a one. There isn't one game in this whole archive that deserves a one. We spent two months working on this thing and you give it a one. Sorry, but that just makes me angry. I could find the worst game in this archive and it would not be a one.


Sorry, but I get frustrated when our game gets a ONE.
2005.02.09 JackRussel
Rating: --

I agree, L33tNerd, you make yourself powerful enemies, when you thoughtlessly flame something which deserves better.
2005.02.09 cactus
Rating: 8

I generally don't like puzzle games, but this one is very well made. I might even try to finish it if I can just get some time to spare.

The menu screen is really ugly, otherwise everything's perfect for being a puzzle game.

radagastBrown, you are sooo wrong, there's plenty of games in the archive that deserves a one. Especially compared to this game.
2005.02.08 L33TNerd
Rating: 1

Wow. The graphics could have been alot better....too dull.....didn't like it at all, sorry...
2005.02.03 ImSneaky
Rating: 8

Yep,I beat the whole game.
The puzzles were good but easy.
My friend THECOOLKID3000 was figuring out all the puzzles and yep he helped me.
2005.01.27 Pug Fugly
Rating: 5

Disappointed with this game. It looked interesting, but sadly it lacks the one thing it really needs. Gameplay. I played about 10 levels and didn't need to think for more than about 3 seconds to solve them, they were so easy. The complete lack of challenge made me feel like I was just going through the motions.

Of course, you'll get the usual band of GMers who think anything that is better than their own games is amazing (see the previous 3 reviews), but this game really isn't that good.

The overwhelming problem is that the game needs no skill whatsoever, so for me is ultimately pointless. Some monsters and other types of obstacle are desperately needed.
2005.01.24 Zyfon
Rating: 9

AWESOME! To say the very least. All the graphics, music and levels blended perfectly so as a team you did a great job.
2005.01.22 Ergo
Rating: 9

I never really liked puzzle games, but you've succeeded in converting me! This really is a great game, congratulations to all of you!
2005.01.22 happysister
Rating: 9

that was...amazing. the best GM puzzle game i've ever played so far.
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