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Game Maker Games - Mario Kart X 2
Mario Kart X 2 by MATTSOFTWARE
This is a game were you are mario and you have to race through multiple cups and come in first. There are 7 opponents. And everyone has their own level that you must come first in. Also this game has a secret level that you must unlock and also it has multi-player mode and items.

Download Mario Kart X 2 (EXE, ~0.9 MB )


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Comments (Add your own):
2007.09.08 pyrotoz
Rating: 5

Please no more ripped sprites! Music was OK I guess, but gameplay (i.e. driving physics and AI) could have been improved. Also perhaps more interesting courses, for example more obstacles.
2006.11.07 boncohgames
Rating: 9

Great Job! It reminds me of the old Mario Kart for SNES. It is a great remake of it! I really really enjoy it!
2006.10.24 vony
Rating: 5

Hmmm... I like the movment and all but... whats with the sprites? I sead it before and i'll say it agin, NO MORE SPRITES FROM THOSE SITES!!! Its clear to me you used GSF, shy guy kindom or another site for those sprites...
2005.10.10 BudMarioYoshi
Rating: 6

I once made a racing game (I busted it trying to make it better). The way I did computer racers was the same. Item blocks were absent, I noticed. The game is pretty easy. Too bad you can't choose your character...
You might consider (for future versions) implementing a speed&direction system, where pressing the key changes your direction slightly, like driving a real car.

Overall a pretty fun game to play for a while.
2005.06.12 gamefanatic
Rating: 7

Well you improved it nice job its a bit diffrent than the other one.but i have noticed it could of been a lot better.but its good. i think the idea to be a diffrent character would be nice too.
2005.01.08 coolvin91
Rating: 6

Nice textures. Good level design. What you need are speed_ups, because once your behind you can't win. Good job.
2005.01.07 stwstl5926
Rating: 6

OK, first of all, FreeWebs is too slow of a server. Use, like, Geocities or something, because it took forever to download even this small game.

Next: It wasn't too bad a game, a bit too easy maybe. The music was fitting, and the graphics were workable. The only thing was that the gameplay style of how you drive your cart makes the game much too easy to play, and multiplayer much like tic-tac-toe: the first one who moves, wins. I wouldn't say this is a bad game. It could just use more improvement mainly on the movement of the carts. I rate it as follows:

Graphics: 7 / 10
Sound: 8 / 10
Gameplay: 5 / 10
Replay Value: 4 / 10

Overall: 6 / 10
2005.01.07 Dr_baconman
Rating: 7

So... mmm hmm hmm... Another presentation of Mario Kart... well, thank goodness your spelling has improved. Very interesting 'Artificial Intelligence'
you used there. Too bad it's obvious how you did it, making it easy to copy. First off, I enjoy that whole mushroom-zippy thing. Now there are items. Big whoop. Now then, the computer characters were to my disliking. They ran over everything that'd slow YOU down, but nothing happens to them. So much for fair play, eh? Well, I suppose your ability to use Mushrooms and go diagonal was your advantage, so I guess the Computer needs an another advantage. Blah, blah, blah... anyway, this is the most decent Mario Kart clone so far. Worth your try, but do try to make the downloading faster. Oh! And next time, can I be someone other than Mario? He's getting boring.
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