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Game Maker Games - Guardian's Castle
Guardian's Castle by LiNkiN_RaGe
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Review by Serrellious
Guardian’s Castle, though a short game, is a fun one nevertheless. The main objective of the game is to defend your castle by preventing its walls from crumbling, and to do so, you must fend off several waves from enemy troops. As each consecutive wave is larger and that much more ferocious, you must build up the castle’s defenses just as quickly to compensate. Being the player, you control a single Ranger tower which, though it has an extremely long range, can only score a measly 15 damage in the beginning; but, as you kill enemies, you gain gold and XP, both of which can be used to change this standing. With gold, you can purchase more towers, such as the Spear Tower, which have greater power at the tradeoff of a lower range. With XP, on the other hand, you can begin increasing stats such as the amount of damage your spears inflict or your chances of getting a critical hit with any given shot. In addition, you can purchase spells for a mix of XP and gold, purchasing them being a good idea because they help greatly in turning the tides in times of trouble.

All of the upgrades are extremely necessary if you are to stop the onslaught of the enemy, as they too begin to send not only more troops, but better ones as well. Eventually, you’ll come to face with stronger militia and even spearmen that assault your walls from afar, both of which bring about a change in strategy, as you must snipe off the spearmen as quickly as you can, and pay attention to the militia that approach attacking distance to your walls. Of the two, however, the spearmen are the most difficult to take down, considering that in the last few enemy waves, they are completely surrounded by militia and thus essentially immune to all forms of bombardment.

The aforementioned spells especially help at times like this, when there are many enemies attacking at once; the Acid Rain spell, for example, is fantastic for slowly wearing down enemy units so that killing them all is that much easier. In addition, using the Frost Orb to freeze your enemies is often not a bad idea either, as it gives you a chance to take down pesky spearmen. In comparison, the fireball is not half as useful as the other two, but it does serve its purposes in the beginning, as it is the cheapest spell to purchase.

While the gameplay in itself is enough to make Guardian’s Castle a game worth renown, it also boasts extremely well-designed graphics that will appeal to, if not appall, all that play this game. Everything that you see in this game gives you the impression that you are enjoying what is the product of many hours of labor, especially when you see some of the very cool tower and enemy designs. Not to forget of course, Guardian’s Castle offers very well designed HUDs, and an especially unique “day-to-night” system, in which the daytime eventually turns into nighttime and vice versa, at which point the battlefield is bathed in darkness and so forth. With such fine polish and excellent design, it would be beyond understanding if there was anyone who posed complaints or dissatisfaction for the graphics presented in Guardian’s Castle.

But, as if killer gameplay and superb graphics were not enough, Guardian’s Castle has beautiful background music to boot. Though there is only one track, that one track seems so well composed and somehow seems to compliment the atmosphere for the game so well, the repetitions never at all seem to become tiring and the music has a seemingly natural feel to it that make it perfectly suited for the game.

In addition to the music, the sound effects are just as wonderful. Guardian’s Castle provides well-selected and unobtrusive sound effects for everything, and like everything else in the game, there is little or no fault in them.

Because Guardian’s Castle is so good, and so near perfection, there should be a definite increase in the length of the game; no doubt that cheers would be heard if the game provided several extra waves of enemies, perhaps even bosses to help players burn more time on this terrific game. Naturally, more upgrades and spells to kill the new enemies wouldn’t be a bad addition either. Considering the game does only offer a total of nine upgrades, you might begin to feel somewhat restricted and bored after a point.

In its current standing, however, Guardian’s Castle is still an excellent game nonetheless, and deserves to be played by all. Should there ever be a label for games that are “must downloads” then Guardian’s Castle would be among the first to receive such a label.

Final Rating: 8/10

Review Overview
+ Flawless and rather unique Gameplay
+ Excellent Graphics and very nice HUDs
+ Super music and sound effects
+ Fine polish, such as “day-to-night” system
+ Can upgrade quite a few different things

- Too damned short
- Only nine upgrades eventually makes the game boring

-- Make the game longer
-- Add bosses and more different enemies
-- Supply player with more towers and spells to purchase

The Author Originally Wrote...
An overhead tower defence game - build towers, improve your skills, learn spells - do everything to defend the castle!

Mouse - Aim;
Mouse Left Button - Throw spear;
Mouse Right Button Button - Cast spell;
Left Arrow/Right Arrow - Change selected spell;
Escape - Bring up pause menu;

Download Guardian's Castle (EXE, ~3.7 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.01.13 DRM
Rating: --

January 13 2007
I've tried to report that this has a broken link ,
but that function is not working . Nor could I
contact any administrators . Also , the designer's
site doesn't exist anymore
2006.09.15 curly
Rating: --

the link wont work please fix it
2005.02.06 Vidi
Rating: 8

I can`t wait =] !
About review... read here:
2005.01.15 LiNkiN_RaGe
Rating: 8

Thank you all for the reply-s and soon GC v1.5 or smthin' will be realeased :)

Right now I really want the staff to make a review for the game so (I'm a new one round here) can you tell me how to get the staff's attention?
2005.01.14 Dein_Roland
Rating: 9

This game rocks!I cant beat level 3(hard diffuculty),so I have to stay on difficulty 2.Having level 20 fireball is SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO fun!
2005.01.07 Vidi
Rating: 8

This game really rocks! Original idea, cool gfx, excellent sfx and everything is well done! There are many effects (rain, day/night, fire etc.) that 'snatch' your eye =) . I give it 7.5/10!
2005.01.07 jrgames+
Rating: 8

Nice graphix man I love the game but a bit to
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