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Game Maker Games - Bounty Hunter SX
 Bounty Hunter SX by Shawn64
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Review by darthlupi
Game Description
In Bounty Hunter SX, you play the role of a space bounty hunter who is trying to become the biggest baddest bounty hunter out there. You have to collect minerals from asteroids and bounties enemy ships that plague a huge random map.

When you start out you are weak compared to a majority of the enemy vessels, but you can upgrade virtually every aspect of your ship as well as purchase new ships in order to become more powerful.

Game Play
Your goal is to become as rich and powerful as possible. You do this by destroying as many of the asteroids and enemies as you can, and you then trade in the money and minerals you find for new ships and parts. The controls are simple and intuitive, and the difficulty has a good range as you upgrade. If you encounter an enemy that you are not able to beat, you can usually outmaneuver them. There is a also a mini-map that allows to see where you are in relation to all of the enemies and upgrade bases.

The upgrades come quickly enough to keep you interested as you blast your way through the Galaxy, and the upgrades make it fun enough to continue through the game.

My thoughts
This has all the elements of a good game. Crisp colorful graphics, nice sounds, and plenty of action. My only complaint is that there is no real end. You just stop playing when there are no more upgrades to obtain. But the lack of plot and ending doesn't really bother me. There is enough content to keep you busy and happy, in my opinion.

Download Bounty Hunter SX (EXE, ~3.8 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Bounty Hunter SX

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.08.21 Imagination Nation games
Rating: --

Not bad, but lacks a story and an ending. Once you win it can admitidly get a bit boring. So can the asteroid minning.
2006.07.14 squeky99
Rating: --

By the revew and all the comments it sounds ausum.

The ellements: space explouration, upgrades, sppace battles. Is what i like in some of the games i play. This sounds like it fitys into this cattagory. As soon as I get home imgona downlaod it and edit this for a full revew. from me.
2005.05.12 kirbycool
Rating: 9

This is a very good game, I could play it for an hour(that's really long for me).
2005.05.01 Jade-Studios
Rating: 5

The game is to hard...
you should make it with difficulty settings.
I only lasted 4 minutes.
I got attacked after I came off the save pad.
And I got one gold mineral from destroying 2 big meteors to nothing.
But the graphics and sound was great! And the movement configuration! Good job with that lot.
2005.04.06 BorisE
Rating: --

Oh man this is dragging too slow to be playable on my AMD Athlon 1900+.

I think the video's set to 32 bit colour. Dang!!

I hate the S3 Prosavage DDR video chipset. It almost guarantees that any game set to 32 bit colour will be slowed to unplayable.
2005.02.07 Lord QZip
Rating: 8

Tooolbox- but after that you get a bunch of upgrades and then there's nothing left to do.
Graphics- The graphics are nothing special but they work just fine. There's a lot of asteroids that look the same and there isn't much variety in how enemy ships look either.
Sound: The sounds are like the graphics in sound fx but I really like the music for some reason.
Controls: At first, I really didn't like that you had no reverse but that is an upgrade. The controls feel like you're in space only faster and with more action. Once you get all the upgrades at the end there's a lot of buttons to keep track of but I hardly use them. By then you're nearly invincible.
Gameplay: I like that there's no story in the gameplay. I like that it's open ended. Though I wish there were some missions that you could take. I was actually wishing that there were more upgrades (specifically more weapon upgrades). At first you die a few times because of other ships waltzing around and taking you out but in the end you don't have to worry about those random fights.
Overall: Everything works together to create a solid game that I enjoyed. 8/10
2005.01.28 tooolbox
Rating: 7

COME ON people. It said in the review that it has no ending, but when I played you go into this sort of portal when you have a gem and this big boss comes out--that's where I quit, because I was so vain I forgot to save so I would have had to redo like 10 upgrades. >_< But really, it's there.
2005.01.10 bob799
Rating: --

weird i was making a game just like this called star miner oh well. anyway its a nice game i play it every once in a while.
2005.01.03 blackbirdie
Rating: --

sounds really cool...downloading at the moment...ill edit when ready
2004.08.10 Mocha Man
Rating: --

I have always liked this game. I'm pretty sure there is a newer version that has a boss and an ending, but personally I like cruising around with all of the upgrades and way too much money for as long as I want, especially after all that hard work blowing up rocks.
2004.07.15 Serrellious
Rating: --

I think the lack of plot is made up by the action-packed gameplay and the fact that there's always never a moment when there isn't an enemy to destroy or an upgrade to buy. And, since it is pretty hard, it takes quite some time to beat it.
2004.04.14 AndyG
Rating: --

I really do love games like overhead adventure upgrades its excellent and probbaly apart from Infection one of Shawn 64 bests.
2004.04.07 MattCreations
Rating: --

It's not slow for me cuz i just got a new comp. Now the graphics and sound are very good in the game. But, i think that its too hard. Its addictive but very hard. cuz there are asteroids and tons of ships that go very fast and follow you. i die in like 2 minutes. still fun though
2004.04.02 firedfns13
Rating: --

kinda of slow, it takes very long to load on my 1793mhz computer and is laggy when i play it Thats somtin you can work on tho but it IS a very good game.
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