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Game Maker Games - Revenge of the Robot Cats from Mars
 Revenge of the Robot Cats from Mars by Pug Fugly Games
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Review by Mocha Man
There is no metaphor here. You, in your puny silver ship, need to obliterate horde after horde of angry robot cats from mars with everything you've got. Collect coins to buy crazy powerups between waves.

This game may at first sound like a simple, standard vertical shooter. I suppose it is. It also happens to be the most unique take on the genre that I've ever seen in a GM game. I'm very impressed with the AI of the giant robot cats. They move in swarms, attack at random, and each type behaves differently. Some of them will go kamikaze on you if you wear them down with less effective hits, chasing you down and looping perpetually past the top of the screen. Others have reflective barriers in front of them that bounce your bullets back at you. All of them will recoil realistically when they take a hit, and all of them take more damage if you hit them dead in the center.

This game is a graphical masterpiece. With explosions and particle effects that may rival those of Jph Wacheski (lockOn, Valence), everything comes professionally to life onscreen without wasting framerate on show-me-off GM6 effects. Screenshots, as with many graphically impressive games, can not do the game justice, because the majority of the stunning visual appeal comes from knockout timing and animation. Attractive menus and fluid transitions also add to this admirable arcade feel.

RRCFM also makes good use of subtle, original tunes to sort of fill in the white space audio-wise, between the included array of mechanical clanks, thuds, chirps, and booms to voice the action onscreen.

Let me warn you now that the first stage is deceivingly easy, after which you are plunged into an intense struggle to survive as long as you can while collecting as many coins as possible. As you emerge shell-shocked from each frantic round, you can submit your score to an online list to compete against the rest of the world. Now that Pug Fugly has demonstrated his mastery of perplexingly addictive shooters, I'd like to see him touch on other genres and see what he comes up with. Very highly recommended.

Highs: Everything.
Lows: I'll probably lose sleep playing this.

The creator writes:
A frenetic shooter, reminiscent of Galaga. Features:

18 Waves
3 Bosses
Power ups
Online highscores
Original Soundtrack

Download Revenge of the Robot Cats from Mars (EXE, ~2.7 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Revenge of the Robot Cats from Mars

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.09.15 Recneps
Rating: 8

I love this game.
I play it whenever I have time.
Good job Pug Fugly
2007.11.05 phoenix0
Rating: 10

This is a very good game! The graphics are good and the gameplay is good! The sound doesn't matter, but it's decent. It lags on my computer, but when played on a decent computer, this game rocks!
2007.07.08 popop100
Rating: --

How did you made that Online Highscore?
2006.11.22 h2ocolor
Rating: 10

This game is really awesome and deserves a better rating than what it's getting! Anyone who doesn't appreciate its quality and originality must have not been paying attention, or playing for very long. The power-ups are good and the game is challenging. The AI is great. Nice job!
2006.09.30 zon3r
Rating: 9

excellent shmup. Good work, pug fugly.

Much better than its predecessor; love the upgrade system and the new enemies and the controls and the powerups and the graphics and the sound and the spaceshp and the bullets.

Put simply, in the words of my seven year old brother.
2006.06.10 ImSneaky
Rating: 8

I like this game, it has most originality.
Also, I got very far!
Not super far until I died.
2005.07.21 bob799
Rating: --

come on people just cause a games a clone doesnt make it bad. if we go on like that eventually all games will be clones cause all the good ideas will be taken and everyone will just be putting down low scores for everything. (although i have managed to think of an original game) it's a very very good game but i cant decide what score to give it.....
2005.05.29 skyler
Rating: 10

Very Nice I Love the part were you shoot thecat and there arm :) only its way to hard I can't past wave 5
2005.05.23 -POOP Entertainment-
Rating: 8

this game is fun to waste time on, and so are all ur other ones. try to make some more
2005.05.03 Eclipto
Rating: 9

Even for being a bizzare game, I think that this game is more than just a space invaders clone.The higher the level gets, the enemies become even more complicated.The game's challenge doesn't only come from mass amounts of enemies, most of the gameplay required extra precise aiming, due to the complicity of the game. While shooting at enemies, robot cats with arms shot off chase you, but still keep moving forward with momentum. The gameplay was smooth, I didn't find any bugs from what i've played.
Since I did not play the whole game, I am unable to fully examine and determine what the rest of the game is like. But from what I have played, this game is great. You can make a simple game with good graphics, fluent gameplay, and originality that sets it apart from other games of its genre, and deserve at least a 7.But this one deserves a 9.

Games like this have sold before.
2005.05.02 Joewoof
Rating: 10

This is by far one of the most addictive shooting game I've ever played. The other is Ambush, which was also a great game based on a concept of simple to play, difficult to master. As with Ambush, this game is incredibly simple. And yet, the addition of several seemingly insignificant elements turned it into a gem. The feature of buying new weapons from collected coins adds a whole new strategic dimension to the game, which can even pass for a minimal level of customization. More importantly is the fact that the enemies take much more damage when fired at the center. This prompts the player to try to hit that spot, instead of firing blinding into the group of enemies.

What I find most fascinating is the enemy design. Not only are they extremely varied, each new enemy type totally changes how the player should tactically battle that level. For example, the big-cat-with-reflective-shield forces the player to aim precisely or else face the big risk of being hit by their own richoletted laser. I've also noticed that the twin-laser weapon doesn't work well with that enemy, which is quite astonishing for a Space Invader type game.

On top of all that are well-timed recoil effects. Very stylish.

However, like Ambush, the difficulty level is too high and climbs extremely fast. Although there is much variety, there isn't enough to drive the player right to the end. A story could have helped here. Nonetheless, it is still one of the best games the GM community will ever embrace.

Those who simply say that this is a shameless clone is truly ignorant of the careful details crafted by PugFugly. This is a great and original game in its own right - a proof of how a simple concept with surgical execution can conjure up an awesome creation.

Good job.
2005.05.02 stevenup7002
Rating: 9

I loved Galaxian, If you love Galaxian or Galga this is ther greatest game to play for that! A must download
2005.04.23 L33TNerd
Rating: 4

O.K., this is just pathetic. What in the hell is so good about this? It's a crappy Space Invaders clone with little cats instead of aliens. I think the original looks better than this. Mediocre.
2005.04.16 toyyoda2
Rating: 8

dude, this game rocked. i loved it because everything about it was great, except obviously the author wanted it to be very hard... and succeded!
2005.04.10 Serrellious
Rating: 7

The graphics were smooth, there were no flaws in the gameplay whatsoever, and the upgrades were rather nice. Because of this, I actually ended up liking the game, even though I am not an arcade-kinda guy; and I actually played it for half an hour or so. For those reasons, I think it at least deserves an 7/10.
2005.03.21 Diptiri
Rating: 7

I like the game, especialy the menu and the online high score table. It's a clone, allright, but if it's good, what's wrong with it?
2005.02.20 DrLuigi777
Rating: 7

If your gonna make a Space Invaders or Galaga clone, do it like this. Except for the messed up name, that was weird.
Oh and mine was traveling at 30 fps 100% of the time, and it only took 15 seconds to download.
2005.02.10 radagastBrown
Rating: --

Download seems to be down, but it looks great.
2005.01.13 black floyd
Rating: 7

Pretty good, though I found it lagged on my computer
(10 FPS)
2005.01.02 Mocha Man
Rating: --

You must not have gotten very far. :)
2005.01.01 krossfire
Rating: 5

I'm sick of people reviewing these types of games. Dudes, do you ever go out on the street ? I admit it, the A.I was great. I wouldn't have the patience.
But come on, there is no originality in this, no real enjoyable graphics, beside the particle effects. No everything . I might be mad ,because in 2002 I launched 'D-Dude vs The Psycho Bunnies from Mars'. Although not too similar (mine had a story), the game is as playable as any crappy 'Space Invaders' clone.
This game is a load of crap. My opinion !
I never said I've done better, but this ain't good.
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