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Game Maker Games - Dark Caves 2
 Dark Caves 2 by Hellbound
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Review by tapeworm
Dark Caves 2: Lost in Egypt is the sequel to Dark Caves, which is based on an old Commodore 64 game.

This game plays identically to its predecessor. This time you are above ground, using your jetpack and bombs to make your way through Egyptian-themed catacombs and collect more treasures.

Any points this game might have lost for being so similar to the original Dark Caves are easily recovered by slightly but noticeably improved graphics and added polish overall.

If you're looking for a fun, simple but polished platform action game, you can't really go wrong with Dark Caves 2 and the first Dark Caves.

Download Dark Caves 2 (EXE, ~0.7 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.12.02 Curtisisthebest
Rating: 10

Really interesting and addictive game, Nice job, i loved it
2008.03.19 bedarben
Rating: 4

This game would be OK if you didnt use the fuel up
at the start of level 1. You need more credits if you are to get to more levels.No one likes to be stuck at the begining of a game. I consider myself good at platform and arcade games but I am afraid
that this game needs improving ON.
2006.04.24 Jabberwock
Rating: 6

This game was decent, but could've been great if the author had actually made improvements over #1. It's just the same game with different sprites and levels- there's nothing new, and none of the errors were fixed.
2006.01.15 Concrete
Rating: 6

I've clocked Darkcaves , Darkcaves II and Littlebob! Don't waste your jetpack though if you do you'll be stuck!!!
2005.06.15 EagloBane
Rating: 8

Well done, again, Hallbound. But was it just me or the faulty programming, but I never got killed by the chainsaw-type things. Did you mean to make them that way? I actually tried killing my self by walking into one but I couldn't do it!
2005.02.24 ImSneaky
Rating: --

this is stupid i cant pass the last level.
2005.02.22 thycos_games
Rating: 10

Again,one of the best games of gamemaker!
Congratulations,your game is very fun!
2004.09.15 ubersmackgames
Rating: 10

that game was even better than the first game
2004.08.19 Charlo
Rating: --

It's pretty fun, and the graphics are nice. I don't have enough patience to play through the entire game, but what I did play was enjoyable.
2004.08.17 Dr_Baconman
Rating: --

To el grandeza:
Hola. Me llamo es Baconman. Buenas Tardes.
That will prove whether you're truly to be called EL grandeza. Sorry. I've been taking spanish classes.
Anyway, this is a good game with interesting graphics, many hidden rooms needed to resupply. I can't make a very good comparison to #1, as I've never played it. Now, I'm going to save this file as Dark Pyramids....
2004.07.15 el grandeza
Rating: --

yeah its good and all and i give it a 7/10 but when u run outta gas or bombs and your in a place where u need to jump 2 get out u get stuck thats my only complaint other than that its a good game
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