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Game Maker Games - Bacteria 2
 Bacteria 2 by Simon Donkers
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Review by YoMamasMama
I reviewed the original Bacteria, so I made a point to call dibs on it's sequel and see if Simon Donkers addressed the complaints I put forward in my critique.

Let's recap the cons of the first game. I summed it all up with this sentence in the conclusion: "The major drawback is that it feels like a tech demo. The lack of difficulty levels, unlockables, storyline, etc just makes it seem like a blueprint for something much bigger."

This is “something much bigger”.

The same strategic gameplay returns in this sequel, but a lot of bells and whistles have been expertly incorporated to expand the idea further. Now we are offered three modes of play, each more fun than the last, literally.

First, there's Single Player. This is the exact same mode from the original game, with one very important addition: difficulty levels. Although at first even the Easy AI level called checkmate on me before I knew what was going on, eventually I rose to a skill level where I could defeat this lowly adversary. Then I was left to be pummeled by the Normal level AI. Basically, this mode is the original Bacteria. If you liked the original and just want a nicer looking version with difficulty levels, here it is.

Second, there's Arcade. I don't know why this is dubbed "Arcade" while the previous mode gets "Single Player", because to me, this is definitely the main solo experience. It's the normal game, but with cool trick pieces, pre-determined board layouts, and a level system. There's a nice amount of stages (30), so if you like the game already, this mode will keep you occupied. If you didn't enjoy Single Player, though, this likely won't convert you.

And lastly, there's Multiplayer. Hot Seat works well, since you don't really have anything to hide from the other player that they could peek at when you aren't looking. But the online mode is where it's at. I played a match against a certain Mr. Lupi, and (despite receiving a thorough beat-down) I had tons of fun. It was lagless until the last of my red pieces was smothered by an ocean of green.

My only suggestion for the gameplay side of this series would be to take the plunge into 4-player wars. I really don't know what else another sequel could add.

This section of the review will be decidedly shorter. All I must relate to you is that Simon has upgraded every element of the game's interface substantially. The ever-looping music can get annoying after long play sessions, but it's easily muted. Perhaps several selectable (unlockable?) tracks could be made available in a sequel?

With such a simple concept at its core, it's surprising that Bacteria 2 feels like such a complete game. The replay value is definitely there, if you like the gameplay. Yes, the matches can drag on, but that’s expected with the turn-based strategy genre. Overall, an essential entry in any GM game collection.

Download Bacteria 2 (EXE, ~2.7 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.07.03 Mantis
Rating: 9

This game is awesome and deserves to be untainted by score snipers like you. This is a great game!
2006.03.23 jchalase
Rating: 10

I saw this game in gamemaker.nl and it was GREAT! Then I clicked on multiplayer and YOU CAN PLAY ONLINE! I didn't know gm can do that until then. Then I started playing it with my bro. Nice tex too. Cool idea of a game.
2006.02.18 Dr. Eechmen
Rating: --

Nice game, but you based it off of the ancient LifeGen...
2005.12.19 F.S.
Rating: 9

Very good game. Good game idea, good animations and good put into practice. Nice job. 9 points.
2005.12.03 Tayway
Rating: 7

This game doesn't even look like it was made with game maker. Great job. The ai was pretty smart too. I had more fun in the multi player part than the single though.
2005.10.30 MegaKostey
Rating: 10

This game is awersome, looks very professional. I havent seen game like that before.
2005.06.10 gamemaker6.1_guy
Rating: 10

cant wait for bacteria 3
excellent game
10 out of 10
2005.05.20 relyt_123
Rating: 9

This game is extremely fun. On my first game it took me a while but it was fun. Good graphics, and the music went really well with the game. This game required alot of thinking. I hope to see a Bacteria 3 with maybe more variety of modes maybe? Anyway, AWESOME job
2005.04.17 bob799
Rating: 10

this is an awsome game and ive unlocked all except 1 or 2 levels. Its challenging and fun and 2 player is really good too. Although mabye more modes would be fun mabye that could be in bacteria 3 or something.
2005.04.16 toyyoda2
Rating: 9

i can't believe that this game has so little reviews. it is really good! and i mean rrrrreeeeaaaallllyyyy gooooooooooood. it's such a great game that i have never seen before. deserves at least a 9.
2005.02.14 #19
Rating: 9

Very nice. Requires thinking. It would be helpful to have something to speed up the changing since when the control of the whole board is switching back and forth it gets rather boring.

The only one I noticed is the music stops/ restarts/changes when switching through rooms. The same thing applies to the options you can change at the top of the screen. Other than that; great game.
2005.01.19 L33TNerd
Rating: 5

It was fun for 3.5 minutes. Then I got bored and quit.
2004.12.20 ironfret
Rating: 8

I enjoyed this game much. It is very professional,but extremely difficult.
2004.12.18 Feet First
Rating: 8

This game is of quite a high quality. Me and my brother enjoyplaying both single and multiplayer.The AI has been made well. The graphics are good. Very original game, well done Simon.
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