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Game Maker Games - Gentleman
 Gentleman by interceptor
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Review by tapeworm
Gentleman is a unique little game in which a gentleman protects old women them from the rain with his umbrella. These women are extremely susceptible to the rain--just one drop can knock them out. It's a good thing the gentleman is around to help them.

The cartoon graphics in this game give it a lot of its charm. Some of the animations are quite amusing, and the overall visual style holds together well. The game has no sound or music, which is quite noticeable and I think detracts a little.*

Gentleman takes place on a single screen, with the old women crossing back and forth between two buildings. In a five-minute period, your goal is to help as many as possible cross safely. For every 25 who make it across, your umbrella is "upgraded." It's important to get these new models as the rain increases. Some of the women carry bags, some are in wheelchairs, and some have dogs. These elements gradually add to the challenge (and to the humor).

Gentleman may not have a lot of replay value, but it's certainly a lot of fun the first few times you play.

* Edit: Gentleman now includes all-original sound effects and music. Needless to say, these things improve the game. There is now also a Web-based high score table.

Download Gentleman (EXE, ~11.1 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Gentleman

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.04.05 interceptor
Rating: --

Sorry, but my 1GB Webspace Traffic is used up (after only 5 days!!!) So the german Game Maker Community www.gm-d.de was so gentle to host the game: http://interceptor.gm-d.de/project/Gentleman_komplett.zip
2006.04.04 interceptor
Rating: --

Concerning the music:
- Yes, there is music.
- You can deactivate it with F2
- You can replace it, putting a music file in the same folder and renaming it gentleman.mp3 (doesnt matter if it is wav, ogg or sth)
- You can download the game without music: http://home.arcor.de/projectbasement/project/Gentleman_nomusic.zip

It is great to see people having fun with this little game of mine :-)
2006.04.03 sc(+)pe
Rating: 7

I played it, so here is my review

GAMEPLAY: Simple and smart. Although it did get repeditive really quick. maybe if there was a diving function or a trowing umprella function to get to drops that are just too far away it would get a better score 6/10.

GRAPHICS: These graphics were surprisingly good.However, when you walk it snot really lifelike, or even close to that. 8/10

AUDIO: Overall good, couldnt find anything that would really bring it down, yet they didnt surprise me, 7/10

2006.04.02 xpisigma
Rating: 7

I would like some music in it, but those added sounds are cool. Im guessing it was in German... i started the game fine though. What Knux91 said was a cool idea, the Survival mode. Maybe even some minigames, or umbrella upgrades. Good job anyway though.
2006.04.02 _Player2_
Rating: 8

Pretty good.
You should add a help room instead of the text file for help.
I hated the music and it was just to large.
I wonder if I can replace it?

What are all the umbrella upgrades?

pretty good.
2005.12.18 roryoc
Rating: 8

a very good game! original and funny, the grannys in wheel chairs! but yes i agree 5 mins... it dragged on a bit. Maybe 3? otherwise a very good game download it now!
2005.02.09 hrishikesh
Rating: 10

Sorry for the previus comments

This game rockssssssssssss

beleive me
2005.02.08 hrishikesh
Rating: 6

Not good Not That Bad though
ButI like it But i played it just one time did not play it again
2005.02.04 interceptor
Rating: --

Should be fixed now, if it still doesn_t work, try: http://free.pages.at/interceptor/Gentleman_komplett.zip
2005.02.01 hrishikesh
Rating: 1


cant download the game FIX IT NOWW
2005.01.07 interceptor
Rating: --

I just uploaded the new version 2.6. It includes what you all wanted: SOUND! (and music) The filesize has grown a little bit (nearly 4 times bigger...) On my homepage you can download a version without music, so it has only 6.5 MB.
2005.01.05 Dr_baconman
Rating: 9

Pah! Pah! Pah hah hah! This game is certainly good for a few chuckles! As much as some would protest to this thought, I almost fell over when I saw a Granny get killed by a raindrop or pidgeon poo! Aaahahaha!!!
Ahhh.... Now, I don't need music, but some kind of scream to accompany the grannies getting killed by rain would have been... KILLER!!! Ahahahaha!!!!
2004.11.20 Victor
Rating: 9

The greatest game ever!
The only bad is that's no sounds!
2004.11.14 ruhtrA
Rating: 8

The whole game is perfect except for the fact that there are no sounds and music. If there were, this would be a 10/10
2004.11.10 Knux91
Rating: 9

Good graphics, but there is no sound in the game. Also, 5 minutes is a bit too long for my tastes. Why not add a survival mode, where if one lady gets wet, it's game over. That way, we would want to survive longer to see the new stuff, which are introduced gradually. But overall, it's a great game anyway. Fun stuff.
2004.11.10 Dark Krim
Rating: 8

Yea Same with Knux Needs Sound and Backround music bad
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