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Game Maker Games - Ore No Ryomi
Review by Beanjo
Ore No Ryomi!

Based off a Playstation cooking simulation, Ore No Ryomi delivers a cooking frenzy that will have you playing for hours.

In the game customers waltz into your shop, which will be shut down unless you have enough money in a certain amount of time. Each person will order something, and you have to make it. Easy, right? Not when you have tons of customers, dishes to wash, a phone ringing, and a robber running away from you. It can get very, very crazy! After you earn money each day, you can purchase new items for your store. These items are used to draw in more customers, who will then give you money, lots and lots of money! Beat it and unlcock arcade mode!

The game play of Ore No Ryomi is where the game really shines. The intensity of a cooking frenzy is great. When people enter and order icons appear on the screen, and slowly scroll off. When these icons are completely gone, you have an angry customer, and lose money, which you donít want to do. Each order has specifics, such as a half full beer, a pizza with pepperoni and mushroom only, Ext. You get a happy customer for perfect orders, and in result, more money. Very neat game play element to make you want to be as perfect as possible.

The game has matching graphics; not saying the graphics are good or bad, but they fit together seamlessly, and are pleasing to the eye. Along with graphics that donít make you want to gouge your eyes out, the game offers a nice variety of sounds and music. The music doesnít get annoying, and puts you in the mood to cook some food. J The sounds effects are great and also add a lot to the game.

Ore No Ryomi is a well-made game that has tons of replay value, and is well worth the download. Play this game and be dazzled by its brilliant originality and fun game play!

Download Ore No Ryomi (EXE, ~5 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2005.11.21 blah
Rating: 6

This game IS good, the second one is bad, the third will ROCK!
These games say things
ONR: Play me! I'm fun!
ONR2: Play me, master gamer, but if you aren't, DON'T EVEN CLICK ONCE!
ONR3: is silent. It isn't out yet.
2005.06.10 toyyoda2
Rating: 9

This gameplay is so good and addicting, i didn't even care that the graphics are just a little choppy. it kind of adds to the charm. I spent at least half an hour straight as soon as i tried it. thank you for making this game.
2005.06.07 SuperDylan01
Rating: 9

I've got this game and the second one, and heard of the third one. When is the third one coming out? (I'll rate this one later). Good game idea!
I'll rate 9 for the idea!
2005.05.11 Dr_baconman
Rating: 9

Whee... a resteraunt simulation! We haven't had one of those yet. Pretty much everything was splendid and vaguely realistic, however the graphics department needed work. Of course, you fixed that in game #2, didn't you? So, all in all, this game is slightly harder than the second, but it had featured unique only to it. So, it's worth downloading whether you've played the sequel or not.
2005.01.03 lostoverthere
Rating: 10

This game is one of my all time favourites.
Who would have thought the cooking would be fun.
2004.11.26 GameFreak
Rating: 9

I love this game! I am gonna get the second one :D
2004.05.14 josh2005
Rating: --


2004.03.28 TheAnemic
Rating: --

Ore No Ryomi gives players a feel for what it is like to run a restaurant. You are given a cash grant that you must spend wisely as you develop a successful restaurant franchise.

The gameplay is something special. You must take control of most aspects of your business; cooking, food preparation, customer service, cleaning, financ, even waste disposal. That might all sound like overkill but the learning curve so perfect that you'll be cooking up a storm in no time.

In terms of the style of graphics, this game is in a league of it's own. You won't find anything like it and will even find yourself wanting to claim it for your own.

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