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Game Maker Games - Unshadowed
 Unshadowed by P. J. Richmond
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Review by tapeworm
You don't see story-driven Game Maker games too often, but Unshadowed is just that. The story involves Wade, who unwittingly finds himself in pursuit of a mysterious villain named Redlaw through the game's eight chapters. As he goes, he learns more about his family's involvement in the struggle between the power of light he wields and the darkness his enemy uses against him.

The author describes the gameplay in Unshadowed as a "mix of shooting and puzzle solving." This is a fair summary, as you find yourself about half the time fighting enemies large and small in action sequences, and the other half solving the game's many puzzles. You move using the arrow keys and use the mouse to aim your attacks and use the other magical abilities that you gain from time to time.

The game's graphics are all original and quite varied. It becomes obvious early on for this and other reasons that a lot of work went into Unshadowed. The graphical style sort of reminds me of things someone might draw in a notebook in school--rough at times, but colorful, detailed, and effective at making the game's world believable. This is also supported by well-placed music and sounds.

Back to the puzzles, this is a high point in the game. None are all that difficult, but there are many and each is unique and integrated very well with the areas. The abilities you gain as you progress not only aid you in battle but become an essential part of the puzzles.

I think this game just comes together well. It has rough edges in places and room for improvement, but it consistently presents you with fun and varied situations to the end.

Note: You can find a guide to the game by its creator here.

Download Unshadowed (EXE, ~3.1 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Unshadowed

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.03.02 El Jozoren Games
Rating: 2

Koa Black, you are not a good gamer. You're stupid. Anyway! This game is frikin hard! Koa Black does have something. It is hard. How do you beat the spider shadows?! In Ch 2?
2005.12.02 LazerLizard
Rating: 10

This is one of the funniest games i played, and i have played A LOT. All you guys out there, looking for a good game to play, you have come to the right place!!!
2005.07.07 Koa Blak
Rating: 1

How the heck do you get
past the first puzzle..
yes I know go to all 3 different
branching rooms and then go to
the book and how do you solve it
it took me hours and I still cant get it!!!!!
2005.05.07 Kamencreations
Rating: 7

ok this is how I felt:
It's a good game and a good Idea with original grafics and original music (:D) BUT you got slopy... I meen like some of the bosses had like no more than 2 frames in them and the puzles are way hard or way easy I meen like in chapter two that boss at the begining it just bounces arund in random directions and the one color puzle at the begining was way to hard for the first level wich meens youl get a lot more players quiting but don't take me wrong it is a good game just kind of slopy...
2005.04.30 Darkzman16
Rating: 9

I have 1,000,000,000 words for this game. But I'll just say..... GENIOUS!!! This game is awesome! You made the puzzles challenging the levels challenging!
2005.04.24 bjbfeline
Rating: 10

Holy GOD dude this game is perfect! You should totaly get into the video game industry and make some cash off this work! Copyright and sell!!!
2005.04.24 VGFox
Rating: 7

The darn first puzzle with the rubix cube kills the fun. It was cool for a while, but no more puzzles like that in future games would make me like them alot more.
2005.04.22 Rabidbolweevil
Rating: 7

I thought it was a creative and decent game. But things like enemy movement (bouncing off walls, moving 360 directions, never changing speed, never turning, 1-2 frame sprites) made the game amateurish as well as difficult. And I have permanently ripped a tendon in my wrist from that ball-squid enemy (I am dictating this review through my secretary).
You definitely do have talent; I am looking forward to seeing more games from you.
2005.04.08 BorisE
Rating: 7

That's impressive. It's got its own graphic style. Shows imagination.
2005.04.07 amos
Rating: 7

i gave up on the rubik's cu-- square, but from what i saw, it was v v good
2005.04.06 EagloBane
Rating: 9

WOW! I'm sorta speechless. That game was one of the best I've played. It wasn't overwhelmingly hard, but wasn't so easy I finished it in two minutes. Well Done. (however, I was sorta dissapointed with the end cuz I didn't have to fight Redlaw or something)
2005.04.04 BBaller
Rating: 7

I liked the game a lot. I'm currently on Ch. 2. I enjoyed the puzzles so far, especially the one with the four colors (though its surprising how it just magically appears there at a certain time) even though it was hard to figure out a method to solve it.
2005.04.03 necopodalex
Rating: 9


Anywho, I liked this game. Very good. 9.
2005.04.02 Dr_baconman
Rating: --

I feel like exploding. WHY did you have to make a puzzle so similar to the Rubix Cube so early in the game??? It killed me! In fact, it infuriated me so much that I had ro remove my vote! I can't stand to score something as good as this low just because I can't beat your puzzle... So there!
2005.01.29 Shadow
Rating: 7

How the hell do you past chapter 8 when you collect the orbs? SOMEBODY write down the walkthrough here!
2005.01.28 Shadow
Rating: --


just shoot him in the front till his ( or her ) brain comes out, then to the right -where the plants are- go through the plants and shoot out its brains.

Wheres the walkthrough?
2005.01.04 Zyfon
Rating: 9

Great game! The orginality and storyline is what had me sucked into this game. I admit I had to use the FAQ walkthrough to get through this game.

The only two glitches I could find (that don't really matter) are:
- In the first room if two ghosts pass into the light at the same time only one lamp is lit
- In the Riddle Tower where the big skull is, if you teleport to the orbs position and change rooms at the same time you don't get the orb but it dissapears.

Overall 9/10
2004.10.24 paddy
Rating: --

Regarding review by JackRussel - Thanks for your glowing review of Unshadowed. Your praise is a great boost for me and is just what I needed to spur me on with my work on UNSHADOWED RPG - Land of Waymade, a sort of rework/sequel to the original. On a minor note, you commented on a 'bug' regarding the music not looping. I deliberately didn't loop the music... but your comments make me feel more confident about my music, and in future games I may loop the music. Thanks again. PJ@PJDIGITAL.com
2004.10.19 JackRussel
Rating: 9

Anyway, I finally finished the game, and I must say it is great. The things I loved about the game are:
Puzzles which are really well done, Well made Graphics, Really cool sound effects (I love the 'I can't go on' cry from the kid-I heard that alot...), Music which suited the game really well and finally an awesome storyline.
Bad Points? I don't think there was anything which I didn't like about the game. There was one minor minor bug where the music didn't loop but that didn't really impact on the over all enjoyment.
9/10 great stuff.
2004.10.17 JackRussel
Rating: --

Dude, this game absolutely rocks, the graphics are great and the puzzles are ingenious.
And the story is pretty darn cool too. And very shocking seeing those two skeletons and all...
I would try giving you a rating but I haven't beaten it yet so yeah... But I will do so when I beat it.
I recommend that you enter this into the RPG competition on the GMC (forums.gamemaker.nl).
(BTW, how do I beat the squid boss blocking my path in chapter two?)
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