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Game Maker Games - Dorf's Quest 2: Skelton's Revenge
Dorf's Quest 2: Skelton's Revenge by Dorfsquest

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.07.13 drdemention
Rating: --

This preserves all the pros of the original game(I wrote a review there) and improven upon it in many ways including more playable characters (a welcome alternative to the useless allies of the first game), a better storyline, and better graphics. Also, I'm not eating aluminum cans anymore. Just some unknown poultry substance.
Unfortunately, a few bad things also persist from the original game, including resource-pack sounds and the annoying view system, as well as those annoying areas where you get stuck, though they're fewer in number. Also, In this game there appear to be some errors involving move_contact(): you often get sucked through the floor.
a few complaints:
The dagger and sword throwing are way too short-ranged, and on top of that, they don't make sense. Plants shouldn't regenerate--they shoot you in the back. And while dorfina has gotten thinner after having 2 kids and aging 35 years, dorf hasn't gotten any smarter (ooookeeee then! sorry I cut your arm off!), though I suppose the last detail is out of your control, as it comes from a book. And it's not so bad anyway. I just wanted to poke some fun at it.

Good: storyline improved, all pros of DQ1 preserved

Bad: still uses resource-pack sounds and music

stupid, fat and ugly: dorf, dorfina and Leonard?, respectively.
2006.07.13 drdemention
Rating: 7

PS I give it a seven.

and by leonard I mean the guy who gets hit in the face with the mallet. I think it's leonard.
2006.01.18 mrscience
Rating: 6

I liked this game. It has considerable length, and it's kinda addictive. The graphics, while hand-drawn, are consistent, which makes for a very stylish game. I criticize that the game is pretty buggy in places, and I found myself getting angry at the game for causing a few of my deaths when I was playing. Also, the story was a bit hard to follow (course, I didn't play the first Dorf Quest, so I guess I can't complain). The music was well done and matched the game nicely, although I wouldn't have minded a few more sound effects. The game had some nice touches, like how you get the opportunity to control more than one character or how for example in the autumn level the leaves fall down from the trees. All in all, a nice piece of work.
2005.04.21 MINE
Rating: 10

Awesome Game!!! But I have a Question. When is your next game coming out?
2004.10.24 VGfox
Rating: 6

This game is OK, but needs work.
Graphics: 4/10
The graphics clash horribly. The character looks like a dope.(He also is one.) I like that they were hand-drawn, but some things...
Gameplay: 6/10
Pretty good, but it's hard to tell when you can climb. Also the enemies aren't put in the best of places.
Sound: 0/10
Not much sound at all.
Overall: 6/10
Note: I don't detract score from sound and graphics.
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