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Game Maker Games - Johnny 5
Review by tapeworm
If you've played any of the previous Johnny games, you more or less know what to expect from Johnny 5. If you haven't, then there's not really a lot to say.

This somewhat unexpected follow-up to Johnny 4: The Final Chapter includes more variety than any of the past games. The graphical style and basic engine are pretty much the same (minus the endearing nose-climbing), but Johnny has a new look and the environments (such as they are) change as you go along. There are also more enemies and they are a little stranger this time around--for example, there is a vague Christmas theme. Also, the large bosses that were a highlight of Johnny 2 are back.

One new aspect of this game is the all-original music. The unmelodic style won't appeal to everyone (as is the case with the game in general), but there is variety in the songs and if nothing else, they suit the game very well.

Challenge is pretty high, as usual. In some rooms, you basically have to wait until you get a lucky turn of random events to have any chance. This is hard to tolerate in some games, but Johnny 5 remained compelling to me until I had finished it, as have all of the past games.

Author's Description:
30 Levels of insanity, better graphics, more levels and creative enemies.

Download Johnny 5 (EXE, ~0.9 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.01.06 johnnyEditor1001
Rating: 9

The johnny game series is weird, but my brothers find the whole series funny, challenging and enjoyable. Rock on!
2006.08.08 Rokuji
Rating: 3

The general engine of the game was good, but the enemies were dumb, there was no change in graphics when you walked or jumped, and it was far too easy. Just like the rest of these games.
2006.06.10 Jabberwock
Rating: 7

It's definately not impossible. It just requires (as tapeworm said) plenty of patience while waiting around for a random turn of events to go your way. While not exactly a 'good' game, it's certainly very entertaining, and it's one of the 30 or so GM games I keep around.
2005.09.03 Tinker Magoo
Rating: 2

It's too frickin hard! GOD! it is also werid.
2005.07.13 VGFox
Rating: --

I have'nt downloaded it yet, but I knew from the start what could make it better:
If i could actually DOWNLOAD it. So my plea is that someone shows me a diffrent link to download it.
2005.04.30 MINE
Rating: --

My favorite enemie is the guy who looks like santa
2005.04.29 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

What is your favorite enemy in this one?My favorite enemy in this game is the hippy girl.
2005.04.20 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

Are you thinking about the boss that has those annoying ghosts?If so,You just have to wait until the ghosts but out of your sight,and then you shoot your ghost.
2005.04.20 MINE
Rating: --

No But thanks for telling me that I thinking about the car I tried shooting it but nothing works.
2005.04.19 MINE
Rating: --

I got one question. Can you get me out of here? I can't pass the boss. I tried Everything. Please help. I really want to see what happens next.
2005.04.16 awesome_kid
Rating: 2

I couldn't get past the 4th level or so. Next time, don't try to make a game in 10 minutes.
2005.04.16 MINE
Rating: --

Did you try shooting the monsters with the gun by pressing CTRL?
2005.04.14 MINE
Rating: --

Yet another impossible game to beat. Don't you test the game before submitting it to gamemakergames?
2005.03.11 juliansiller3000
Rating: 10

It actually works,the bonus bottomless thingy workt it was hiliarous.
2005.03.10 ImSneaky
Rating: --

BONUS:There is a way you can walk on the bottomless pit,you either have to pres right-right-right or left-left-left on a block that is long enough for you to walk on the bottomless pit.And sometimes you can still restart the room when you're about to walk on it (That is if you're in a hurry.)And sometimes next thing you know you'll be walking on the bottomless pit!
2005.02.24 THECOOLKID3000
Rating: 4

the graphics suck and so does the music
2005.01.15 ImSneaky
Rating: 9

This game is OKAY!
Are rating is the same way.
Also good lack of sound effects.
I also like the variety of music in the levels.
2004.11.30 Darkodin
Rating: --

The POINT of this game is NOT to have super 3-D graphics. It is SUPPOSED to be extremely challenging and crazy. So don't complain about graphics as you saw them before downloading.
2004.11.13 Feet First
Rating: 2

I hate the graphics, I hate the fact that the enemies bullets are random not aimed. I hate the lack of sound effects. The music could be better, infact everything could be better!
But i'm kind enough to give you a 2.
I must be insane!
2004.11.04 thesodamachine
Rating: 7

I liked Johnny 4 better...But this one isn't bad, I think it deserves higher than a 3.3 though.
2004.10.18 Aelor
Rating: 5

What's the point of having a big nose if you cant climb cliffs with it? This game isnt very good. Just because of the graphics, i would think this is from a 9yr old, are you 9yrs old? What is that the enemy shoots out? One of the enemy projectile is a small black rectangle and it says 90% on it??!! It's a little too hard because they spray these '90%' objects 360, and you get hit and die.
2004.10.17 flubeca
Rating: 1

I have this game the graphix are lame and the senario too
2004.10.14 necopodalex
Rating: --

nice game, pg games. i find it too be a little diffucult, but fun, nonetheless. although i miss 'fighting the bugs', it's still very fun. people, i recommend i download...it's a very good game.
2004.10.13 PowerPro
Rating: 8

lol! this game's retarded! and, umm... I thought that jonny 4: final was the final game in the series.
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