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Game Maker Games - Legend of Shadow
 Legend of Shadow by Darthlupi
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Review by Serrellious
In this game, you take on the role of Shadow, a samurai intent on rescuing a princess that was kidnapped by ninjas. Throughout the game, you can make yourself more powerful by attacking the white owls that fly by and collecting the items they leave behind. These items give you more powerful shurikens, of which there are three variants of the original. Also, throughout the game are hidden lamps which refill your health bar completely as well as add an additional bar of health. Collecting these lamps helps out quite a bit, but they are also hidden quite well.

The graphics for Legend of Shadow never ceased to amaze me. From the title screen and its flawless vector graphics to the shurikens flying across the screen, I was always held in a state of disbelief as to how saturated the game was with delicious eye candy. There was, however, one thing I noticed: in certain levels, the backgrounds blended in almost exactly with the shurikens the enemy ninjas threw at you; something that was more of a nuisance than real flaw in the graphics, as I constantly had trouble discerning where the shurikens were coming from and how to dodge them. This aside, however, the graphics were, once again, perfect.

Sound effects were perfect. I never for once found anything wrong with them, and in fact, found them amazingly well suited for the game. None of the sounds were so loud that they diminished the volume of the music, and never too minute that they could not be heard. The clash of swords was fantastically real; the sounds the shurikens made when they struck the ground sounded like it was actually happening; and best of all, the main character actually grunted with pain when he was hit! I cannot for one instant pose any complaint about the sound effects at all—like the graphics, they were perfect.

All games that have perfect sound effects and graphics must certainly have near-perfect music as well—and Legend of Shadow is no exception to this rule. Well chosen music fits the samurai and gung-ho theme of this game very well by always setting the atmosphere perfectly. Like the graphics and sound effects, the music was, like everything else so far, perfect.

With tons of ninjas attacking you every second, there was never a dull or idle moment while I was playing this game. It takes quick reflexes, keen eyesight and agile fingers to get anywhere at all in this game. I was literally absorbed by this game, and often found myself cursing the ninjas as they carried out well executed acrobatic feats that often ended with me losing a bar or two off my health. The bosses were very stunning, as not only did they look splendid and have well programmed AI, but they also had exceptional defense, which made it impossible to damage them by employing any normal means, and I often had to devise a plan of attack, to take them down. Legend of Shadow also employs a point system that I forgot to mention before. It provides simple arcade fun, which only adds even more to the game, as you try and get through the game without getting a game over; something that sets your points back to zero.

There were several minor bugs I noticed while playing the game, first and foremost a bug that allowed me to replicate the selection arrow on the title screen, graphical glitches that displayed ‘squares’ where letters were supposed to be located, and among other things, I noticed some very minor collision glitches. However, such bugs are of very little importance, seeing as to how game-play is the biggest issue in a game, and Legend of Shadow had extremely smooth and near flawless game play.

For all the reasons mentioned above, this game easily ranks as one of the best GM games I have ever played; if not one of the best GM games of all time. It could very easily be compared to commercial games for its high quality and tremendous amount of polish. Whether you’re a fan of samurais, feudal Japan, swords and whatnot, it doesn’t matter; this is a must-download for any aspiring gamer.

Reviewer’s Notes: I have never used the word perfect so much in any of my reviews. And I don’t expect that I will any time in the near future. Legend of Shadow very well exceeds the quality of the large majority of GM games on the net, and I believe will continue to do so for quite some time. But of course, I suppose that all these comments encompass only one thing—after all, what more can I say? This game is as close to perfect as any game’s ever going to get.

+ Game Highs: Perfect in terms of graphics, music, sound effects and game play.
- Game Lows: Minor bugs, graphical glitches and one bad color choice. (I couldn’t just let this game go scot-free, now could I? Considering how good it was, I tried that much harder to find glitches, bugs and things that annoyed me ;)


The Author Wrote:
This is my remake of the Legend of Kage that I am making for the Retro Remakes 2004 competition.

It is a ninja game based in ancient times where you take on the role of Shadow who seaks to free his kidnapped princess.

Download Legend of Shadow (EXE, ~6 MB , Content caution )

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Opinions about Legend of Shadow

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.07.22 The HammerHead
Rating: 8

This is a good game. I love the action. I don't think you have enough control over what happens, however. I found myself getting lucky, and that's why I won. But it seemed you couldn't really acquire the ability to DECIDE whether or not you were going to die, which is a point you should be able to get to in a game if you play it long enough. Otherwise a great game though. Nice music...
2008.02.27 jordan_ssm
Rating: --

Haha like this one, try out my game called journey to hell...
2007.05.29 Xadius
Rating: 9

An awesome game, I really like the music on the first level, and the special attack is pwnage in graphics and sounds. the last flying boss is a little to hard and the hero needs a ranged attack, but other than that, it's perfect.
2007.05.24 David Lindberg
Rating: --

I read the review, and when i finally reached the bottom of it, it made me laugh! You might think: 'What´s so funny?'... Well I can explain it: When i saw the title 'Legend of kage', my eyes immediately registered 'kage'... Kage means 'cookie' in danish, and is also slang for 'poop'... hehe... There you got the reason!
2007.02.06 Black-Hawk
Rating: 9

This is is damn good...me and my friends used to play it at school about 3 years ago and for some reason I never commented it
(my friend beat the game but I couldn't kill the last boss:( )
2007.01.13 BS Games
Rating: 10

Ok this gam is awesome, the only thing i see wrong with it is a little hard. It reminds me of the Ninja Giaden games for the NES.
2007.01.06 Funny Ant
Rating: 1

Sorry... ...Its just that I like games with funny stuff. If you make a game, add some comedy. I will give you a rating of 1. Sorry...
2006.12.21 )HOMIES( Games
Rating: --

cool game man.. i liked it alot.. its hard as hell though.
2006.12.17 Ultima Games
Rating: --

Could you e-mail me the music? My address is Danzeton9@aol.com
2006.12.14 Ultima Games
Rating: 7

I like the game but the character doesn't have much health. Im stuck on the wizard guy.
2006.11.22 jer903
Rating: 9

i dont like the level you go jump up but aside from that its sweet!
2006.11.06 freakgames
Rating: 10

great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006.10.16 darthguy3
Rating: 10

OMG!!! this game rocks, and it's hard wich makes it even better. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW
2006.10.16 RoyalSmacketh
Rating: 10

A freaking awesome game. I loved it! The flying boss is the hardest (i think)
2006.09.24 zon3r
Rating: 8

while I usually don't like 'run through the level and kill bad guys' games, LoS is an exception. I like the upgradeble shuriken, but save them for the bosses, since I kill the ninjas with the sword. that's where another problem crops up. Great fun, but too easy. after a three minute play session i was at the second boss. bosses, fortunately, are brutal. I hit him with 24 of the highest level shuriken and he didn't die? the boss attacks are easy to dodge, but they are hard to defeat. Ah well. Nice game, darth. It's not going anywhere for a long time.
2006.08.31 cpc_kids
Rating: 8

it's a cool and fun game but it's a bit gory so my mom will not let me play it for more then 30 minutes.
2006.08.26 Rodney01
Rating: 10

Wat up it was awsomeness+it was kool Keep it up!!!
2006.08.09 piggybankvillan
Rating: --

Well as everyone knows darthlupi games are maybe the greatest id give it a 10 BUT theres an error with this cursor or somtin i played it b4 and couldnt figure out the controls so i came back to see em but this happened.
2006.07.12 davnovak
Rating: 6

Wow - Very good game - but hard jumping in that.
2006.06.07 LordMetroid
Rating: 10

Graphix: 10
Sounds: 10
Music: 10
Gameplay: 10
Overall: Guess.

Best GM game I ever played.
2006.06.03 meesa770
Rating: 10

This has to be one of the best gamemaker games ive ever played. i cant beleive it was made with gamemaker. it makes all my games look like dead fish on the bottom of lake erie. but right now i havent acually releised any games. but legend of shadow is an awesome game.
2006.05.04 kylegames
Rating: 9

Great Game! Awesome! Maybe I just suck, but the final boss seems really hard... Either way, Great game!
2006.04.30 MarkGamez
Rating: 10

TWO WORDS: AWESOME MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006.04.05 kramgogo
Rating: 8

Great game, but maybe to difficult sometimes ...
2006.03.06 Mr. Wiggles
Rating: 9

Wow. This might be the best gamemaker game I`ve ever played. The graphics are great and I love the blood. It would have gotten a 10 but there were some bugs in the control configure thingy.
2006.02.12 Pizzaroni
Rating: 10

hilarious game! with the deflecting and the slicing and hahaha nice game
2005.12.27 drdemention
Rating: --

Argh! I can't even beat the first level! My head gets cut off and my decapitated body spews blood all over the place and I just die a little on the inside. Nice graphics, though.
2005.12.12 GecSoft
Rating: 9

Wow 110% really cool game, a bit challenging but very well done, the graphics, sound and navigation of menu is excellent. Could do with a pause button though and the graphics glitches are a bit of a disappointment :( i got up to the second last boss and kills him and when the door opened the graphics went all slow :'(

Worth downloading and waiting!
2005.10.26 Morrha
Rating: 10

Well what shall I say? Well first of all, good job darthlupin (woho way to go kash :D and of course the rest XD )!!!
Even if it is a little game, it makes make u just leave the rest of the things ur are doing for just playing the game, even if u die all the time! To bad u cant save in the game but otherwise WOHO :) !!
Many applouds from Sweden :)
2005.10.05 Link4000x
Rating: --

Can anyone tell me where I can find all of the health powerups? Thanks is advance.
2005.09.26 SiLenT
Rating: 10

I've never played the original, but now I want to. Thanks for making great games.
2005.09.03 Link4000x
Rating: 7

I don't know what the big hype is about. The games not that great but it certainly is sort of fun. The graphics look good, the backrounds look wonderful, and the bosses were done nicely. However, there are to many enemies (not bosses) that chase you around in each level and I find myself just running away in each level and hitting the ninja stars back at them. I wish they were easier or maybe you had more life. Or maybe I just suck :P. I got to the thrid boss and couldn't beat it, but anyways its a good game and any real gamer should play it!
2005.07.15 duckman35
Rating: 9

Really good game. I've seen a lot of games like this one but this one is really good. Especially the graphics, how did you draw those sprites and backgrounds.
2005.06.29 SuperDylan01
Rating: 10

Oh, the long download, it's worth it!
2005.06.20 SuperDylan01
Rating: 9

SICK!!! Nice game! One thing, I can't get passed the third level. But, it needs xtra weapons, and moves. Nice game, still!
2005.05.26 Vistax
Rating: --

freakin sweet game i love it i think this is the best game ive played made from gm. you know what would be sweet an arena version that would kick a**.
2005.05.22 Tsunamidog
Rating: 10

This is one of my favorite games ever! The cool little graphics are awesome, and the moves/pick-upsyou can do and get are cool. I love dis game!
2005.04.28 leemcd56
Rating: 10

man, i love the game! this is so being reviewed on my web!
2005.04.16 toyyoda2
Rating: 9

i love this game! it's probably one of the best aciton games that i will ever play for a long time. the only problem is that it's a tad bit too hard, but maybe it's just me....anyway, it rocks!
2005.04.07 Naughty Budgie
Rating: 10

Great,I LOVE IT! Although once your finished it, you can't be bothered playing it again.So YOU RULE,DARTHUPI! YES YOU!
2005.04.05 leemcd56
Rating: 10

I love it, but I couldn't get passed the first stage! :(
2005.03.28 anthonyblack
Rating: 10

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome game! 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 out of 10!
2005.03.24 angrykoopa
Rating: 10

Hey, jim393, because you lack the intelligence to beat this game, you give it a one? That's like saying it's your teacher's fault that you score 0's on tests. Well, I can see you in that position, actually.
2005.03.24 ronnoc
Rating: 10

All i can say is this: I had this game for three weeks and played it daily and I did not know you were allowed to leave the screen you started on.
2005.03.19 Simppa
Rating: 10

This is the best game maker game what i have ever seen it is soooooooooooo the best it going to be on my computtter loong loong time thank for greating this game. :) (:
2005.02.07 Lord QZip
Rating: 10

This game is just plain good. The game play isn't that deep but it's crazy and you've gotta be good. It took me quite a few tries to beat that last boss. Everything works together to create a fluid and fun game that I can't say anything bad about.
2005.01.27 ChickenFu
Rating: 10

Whaaaat!!! this game is sick!! great anime inspired graphics, fun addictive gameplay and great pacing...
I love the gore...awesome ninja brutality...

loved the first boss..but I got stuck in a room in da cave? dunno maybe im just a dumbass..just played it once... but trust me imma play it alot more...

anywayz this is by far the best GM game I've played yet..Darth u really out-did yerself...
2005.01.23 Mr. Billion
Rating: --

Complaint: The game crashed when I hit the Escape key. I'm running Windows 2000.
2005.01.23 Mr. Billion
Rating: --

Addendum: That is to say, it actually crashed, not just closed out. The game closed, an error message popped up, and a game sound stuttered endlessly until I hit Cancel on the message.
2005.01.05 Dr_baconman
Rating: --

Oooo.... Ninja game....
I hate to say this, but the whole concept seems... cliched. Well, no matter. Still good!
Yes, fast-action... can't drop your guard for a second... such is the way of the Ninja... WHIYA!!!!!
Ahhahaha!!! You know, it'd be very interesting if you could make some kind of hidden technique that's super-hard to find, you enter a big button combo...
HIYA!! SAN KU-SEN!!! NI NO TAICHI!!! Ahhaha! You could practically become an ametuer Motoko!
2004.12.30 jim393
Rating: 1

This game is impossible I keep dying. Try making it a little easier, Darthlupi.
2004.12.16 Feet First
Rating: 8

Yes a very good 'game' I enjoyed it quite alot. I'm definatly adding it to my favourites. A sequel would be great.
2004.11.24 GameFreak
Rating: 10

This is one of the best Gamemaker games out there. Good job Darthlupi. I rate it a 10
2004.11.07 Cregan
Rating: 10

Nice! that's got to be one of the best gamemaker games! But is there any way you will ever have it on multiplayer?
2004.11.01 Wolverine
Rating: --

Best action platformer made in GM ever I reckon. Damn fun. Proud as hell that darthlupi let me contribute to it. Been months since I first played the demo and I still play the full game nearly every day
2004.10.25 edionds
Rating: 10

el mejor juego que he jugado JAAJAJA le pongo un 10
2004.10.17 greentec
Rating: 9

Good graphic & fast play. But I think it will be better than now.
2004.10.09 JackRussel
Rating: 9

Good work, this game is absolute genious, it even impressed my brother, which is a pretty big feat in it's self as he hates most video games.
2004.10.03 BleuCheese
Rating: 9

I couldn't help but laugh everytime I'd get mauled in this game. It's great! I can't help but just absolutely LOVE this!
2004.10.02 Yellow Monkey
Rating: 8

Generally Darthlupi's games don't bring anything new to the table, but he does present it in a way that it seems like something it's something new, original, and just fun. This game is no exception.

When the game starts out you have a wonderful intro and menu. There you can configure the keys to your liking, and change other aspects such as color depth and resolution, though if you configure the keys you'll notice it's quite buggy. However the core of the game, the actual game!

You see a young woman get captured in the forest, and your goal as the ominous hero is to rescue her, which is not an easy task. You start out with minimal health, no saving, and challenging enemies. Speaking of enemies, their AI will make a mockery of you, unless you happen to know their attack patterns, which you will soon learn after a few views of the continue screen. After traveling through four different areas, and beating four unique bosses, you'll be treated to the credits and an ending cinematic. Unfortunally I could never beat the last boss because of a bug that caused the game to slow down considerably. To be more specific: 1FPS. So the last boss was unplayable for me.

The best part about this game though has to be the outstanding graphics and sounds. I really liked the variety of music that Darthlupi has chosen for this game. And his custom sprite work makes my eyes fill with glee. A few sounds were annoying, such as the charging of the energy ball during the third boss fight, but that can be excused because the rest of the selection fits perfectly.

In all this game has a lot of fun in store for anyone lucky enough to download it. While there is a flaw here and there, its still worthy of the download. You should have fun with it.
2004.10.02 ruhtrA
Rating: 10

Another awesome game made by Darthlupi.
Good job man!
2004.10.01 TopHat
Rating: 10

Holy cr*p! I cant believe i missed the opening day!
I played the demo for HOURS! Now it's finally released! Wow Wow... Darth is the best.
2004.09.30 mysour
Rating: 10

Cool game, I'm on the last boss, and about to save the girl, :) Thanks for making this. This goes in my favorites.
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