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Game Maker Games - Blopper
Review by Mocha Man
Blopper is a harmless standard platformer with a token cute character-- Blopper-- which can jump, bounce, and hover using the propeller on its head. Blopper can also somehow ooze back and forth along the ground despite its lack of visible appendages. This character and its behavior make up the most original element of the game.

The main draw of this game is its level design. The game spans 20 levels, with the first 6 or so designed to accustom the player to the game, and a separate level editor is included. After that, the learning curve is steep, but from that point onward it is rewarding to figure out how the levels work. Graphics are friendly and basic-- visually, the game has a solid amateur feel that is probably only appealing to other game developers. Sound effects are loud and repetitive, in a way that you almost expect from a stock platform game. Unfortunately, aside from a short riff on the menu, Blopper has no music.

Play Blopper if you want a clean, short, and mildly original take on the well-known Game Maker platform game that relies almost exclusively on cool level design for its replay value.

From the author
Blopper is a very hard old school platformer.
The game comes with 20 sometimes very hard levels,
of which the level designs are very good. The main character (called Blopper) is able to jump, hover, and bounce, which makes this platform game very interesting.

Download Blopper (EXE, ~1,5 MB )

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Opinions about Blopper

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2010.10.26 snowyowl
Rating: 8

Somebody remind 2dcube that he made this game. I want to see the look on his face.
2008.08.27 The HammerHead
Rating: 8

Very impressive... I give it an 8! The goofy art and the great puzzle makes this one of the best games on this site. Well done!
2008.08.17 Aidan12
Rating: 10

I've been looking all over the internet for a great game, and who knew that I had to look no further than Game Maker Games! Blopper is the funnest game I ever played, although Level 13 really makes me say, as the tree once said to a lumberjack, 'I'm stumped!' Any suggestions?
2008.06.07 Aidan
Rating: 10

I love it. I play it whenever I have time.
2007.05.18 Raccoon
Rating: 9

I'm not much of an puzzelgame player but this one caught my atention. I give this blessed game 9/10. Good luck in the future dude.
2006.09.12 Boonzgamez
Rating: 6

'You have finished the game!'
*Games takes me back to main menu*
All that hard work for nothing?!?!?!

Other then the lack of music, the 'ending', and the fact that there's only 20 levels (Not that I'm complaining...it's hard enough), this game is great. The difficulty does become INSANLY steep though. You really should make a sequal, addressing those issues.
2006.09.12 Boonzgamez
Rating: 6

Sorry, forgot to put this in my last post...
Acually, once the difficulty became really hard it went up and down a bit. I acually beat the final level in, oh, 2 or 3 tries. Whereas other levels took over 10 trys. So, I guess the difficulty curve is a bit of a roller coaster, goes up really high and then (Almost) all over the place.
2006.06.05 Aboriginal
Rating: 6

This game is very fun if you like puzzle games. For the most part, this game is bugless. One problem I found was the spikes that point up would sometimes kill you when you were beside them. The editor that comes with the game is very awkward and hard to use; very time consuming. It does look nice though! 6/10
Read the full review at www.freewebs.com/aborg/reviews/blopper.htm
2006.05.13 jmanjman47
Rating: 6

Blopper is a well done game. Kept my interest for a while until I couldn't beat level 11. Very Challenging.
2006.05.13 random
Rating: 8

I remember when I first played this game when it was first released on the GMC, and it's a very good game. I didn't beat it though ... it gets quite hard at the end. Definately good replay value. The puzzles are well done.
2006.05.13 Grate_Oracle_Lewot
Rating: --

Dude! How did you do that bouncing thing? I SO need that!

I like the game. Original and not too easy. Better than I can do, anyway, but that's not very hard.
Rating: 8

I liked this game, it reminded me of jumper. Keep up the good work.
2006.05.10 Re_jex
Rating: --

umm... wasn't this game reviewd last month or something?
2006.05.07 maotemagical
Rating: 10

I can`t beat level 10! but this game absolutely rocks!
2006.05.04 DukeSoft GameCreation
Rating: 9

Man i like this! Level 10 - i was to tired to go on... En je bent nederlands! HEHE
2006.04.18 Jessekrs123
Rating: 9

Wow this game is fun. Level 10 really stumped me, good game
2006.04.01 Fastschecky
Rating: 9

Amazing man i give you mad props
2006.03.28 Ahazi
Rating: 9

how DO you get past level 13? I cant get up to the third gem either.
2006.01.07 smolkomotion
Rating: 8

Fun game with great and challenging level design.
Hats off to you!
2005.12.03 nota1ot
Rating: 10

Very cool game. I am ADDICTED LIKE HELL and find myself repeating the game over and over! As TopHat said, Level 10 is really hard. Level 13 is too, I can rarely get up to that third gem. Thank-you for a wonderful game, and be sure to make a sixth version with more levels!
2004.12.18 Dr_baconman
Rating: 8

Hmm! Well, that impressed me! It reminds me of Jumper, in a way. A like the level editor, and TopHat probably found out that spikes can be used as platforms depending on how you land on 'em.
anyway, good game. Period!
2004.09.23 TopHat
Rating: 8

What a great puzzle game. Level 10 realy got me stuck there for a while.. and i like the graphics also. The level editor included was a big bonus also.
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