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Game Maker Games - Black Warrior Kingdom
Black Warrior Kingdom by knight666
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Review by Serrellious
Black Warrior emphasizes a lot on blackÖand white. That is, considering the entire game is composed of only those two colors. But, despite this somewhat odd choice of colors, Black Warrior does apply complexity in the graphics, as everything has a great deal of polish added to it that makes this little black-and-white game look like a gem, regardless of how smallóit definitely outdoes some other black-and-white games I have played.

For example, I truly enjoyed the blocks that you walked on. Odd as it sounds, within this game, each different type of block that you could walk on had a great deal of polish added to itósome blocks, for example, had eyes that would follow you as you walked around the room. Others were TV screens that would show odd faces when you walked over them, and in fact, there were invisible blocks that would light up when you walked across them. There are, however, a few complaints here. It's the fact that the main character looks badly done, and the main boss and explosions are just way too simple. In addition, the clouds that were used for some of the backgrounds did not look so great, and their movements were too unrealistic.

All the while that Iím playing, I was listening to the music, of courseóBlack Warriorís music tracks, although they sound a bit out of place at times, definitely fit in very well for the most part. I especially liked the fact that the soundtracks varied and there was not one piece of music which was used constantly throughout the entire game. Unfortunately, however, Black Warrior had no sound effects to drone out the music every once in a while, whereas such an addition would definitely have added to the game quite a bit.

Black Warrior also had a minor storyline, which you could probably ignore for the most part, although the ending was a bit humorous. Donít go playing this game expecting serious comedy, though.

Gameplay for Black Warrior really shinesóthe platformer-puzzle concept is still relatively unused, so it fit well into the genre it was aiming for, but in addition, its engine was also exceptionally bug-free in comparison to most other platformer engines. I noticed a minor bug where you could at times get stuck on the corners of blocks, but again, this was only minor, and took nothing away from the overall game.

Though quite a short game and very easy to play through, as I beat the game in under fifteen minutes, Black Warrior shows a great deal of polish and thought, and as I mentioned before, is a little gem within the archive. For anyone with some free time willing to have some good fun, Black Warrior is a game of choice. My only regret is the fact that it has absolutely no replay value, considering the levels are easy as it is, and only become easier if you play through the game again.

Final Rating: 6/10

Highs: Detailed graphics for a B&W game, pretty good soundtrack, great deal of polish
Lows: Too easy, B&W in the first place, no sound effects, no replay value

The Author Wrote
When Harold gets a video game for his birthday, he is eager to try it. He puts the game in his cd-drive. But then, his mother calls him for dinner. When Harold comes back he doesn't see the cool flashy menu anymore, but some sort of strange vortex. Only moments later, he gets pulled in and has to escape.

UPDATE: Annoying 'stuck in air' bug has been fixed.

Download Black Warrior Kingdom (EXE, ~0.8 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.01.10 abproductions
Rating: 6

eh, alright. Nothing spectacular- could be better with little more added to it. color would be a good start.
2006.11.22 jer903
Rating: 10

hey i REALLY like knight666 game and this one....WOW SWEET!! oh yeah happy thanksgiving everyone!!=)
2006.11.21 jer903
Rating: 10

knight666,your game rock and this one is verrrrrrrrrry nice!(im a fan of your games)i give your games a 10! =)
2006.11.21 jer903
Rating: 10

knight,could you make more games,mabie a sequel to bkwk, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese? =)
2006.04.29 Maderick
Rating: 10


i finished it!
(abit on the short side though)
2006.02.16 Mooseyfates
Rating: 3

I thought i was not very good. I did not like the graphics or how difficult i find it to jump.
2005.05.24 Chriz
Rating: 7

Black Warrior Kingdom

Graphics Ė 7
Itís a great idea, making a game just in black & white. Some just donít like it, but itís original. You have drawed it nicely, itís not the easiest thing to draw sprites with just two colors. Too bad this resulted in less effects, but I canít complain. The objectís locations are mostly great. Just watch out where you put transparency on the objects.

Sound Ė 5
Good mix of music you have there. I didnít hear any sound effects though... Too bad. Well, what can I say? Good that you variate the music a bit.

Controls Ė 8
Good old controls, itís hard to discuss about the controls when thereís almost no buttons to use. You should have done so you could move around with W, A, S and D. Some people prefer this.

Challenge Ė 7
Good level-challenge, the difficulty increase slightly for each level, what is good. Itís also great that you had a flying level, so something new would happen. I actually died once on the last boss. On the flying level, I died five times, heh. You should have made more bosses to make the game more interesting.

Game Design Ė 7
Great a somewhat original game, at last! The bad thing is that there really is no brand new features to this game (ĎFinding points to create an exití exist in many games these days). Although, the flying level impressed me, so I give this a 7. The story is a bit short, and you should have made more depth into the story, not just using the messages.

Total Ė 7
This is my second review, and this is the best game Iíve reviewed so far. Probably, I think Iíll find more fun games than this, but if you love platform games, you could play this over and over. I actually played it more than one time. The black and white idea is great, but this lower some other things. A platformer worth downloading anyway!
2005.02.03 shyan
Rating: --

(OOC: Didn't play it)

The graphics are hard to do with two colors, but it doesn't mean a good game turn bad through a new originality style.
2005.01.26 TopDog Software
Rating: 5

The thing I don't like is the graphics. They are terrible! I'm going to rate it in my own words!

Graphics -10/10
Gameplay 9/10
Frustration NA
Overall 5
2005.01.14 ronnoc
Rating: 8

This game was good. You got a bad rateing, it should be much higher.
2005.01.14 dontask_37
Rating: 7

It is a good game but would have been better with some more levels and a better ending.
2004.11.24 AndrewFM
Rating: 8

Someone could spend hours on it if they really liked it and after beating it played it over again... like me! Anyway, I like your use of image_single to make the characters animation stop at exactly what it was when you let go of the button. I also like the physics of the game with the harder you press the button, the higher you jump, and the gradual walking movement, and skidding after pressing and letting go of the button. I expecially loved the black and white old graphics feeling of it. It was what really made me love this game so much. Very Very good game. Keep up the good work.
2004.09.30 hb2
Rating: 9

it's a nice game it's not too short but it's ok i love it and the monochrome idea is briliant :) it was so fun to play it and my brother had hours of playing fun, the story is origional too, it's you first game you say?
here a 9/10
2004.09.30 knight666
Rating: --

Uh, no, it's not my first game, what monochrome and how could somone spend hours on it? =?
2004.09.29 guzu
Rating: 7

Pretty fun to play, although there isn't much into it.
The game is smooth and has pretty good musics. Yeah, I liked the music very much, it fits the game alot.
2004.09.25 Seal
Rating: 8

Very fun. I dont really like black and wwhite tho. XP
2004.09.25 Daaz
Rating: 8

This is a fun game I was surprised at how much fun I had. I did't like the flying thing very much cause I'm no good at that kind of thing.
2004.09.09 Deeje the Great
Rating: --

interesting, very interesting...
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