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Game Maker Games - elu undersea
 elu undersea by clysm (tapeworm)
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Review by Serrellious
Scratching the Surface

Elu Undersea is as much an expansion on the original Elu as it is a completely new game. Complying with Elu's tradition of varying creatures, boat-loads of polish and the ability to actually interact with the environment as your own character, Elu Undersea expands by adding an arcade mode here you must fight off a plague, as well as a much more balanced environment.

Digging Deeper

The arcade mode is rather simple, but can be quite fun. In each round of the arcade, a certain number of creatures are infected with a plague. If an infected creature touches an uninfected one, the uninfected creature becomes infected. Your job is to touch all infected creatures to disinfect them. Once you have uninfected every single creature, you move on to the next round, where even more creatures are infected from the beginning.

Simple, easy to remember, progressively challenging and great fun--just as any arcade game should be.

In addition, the environments have improved considerably from the original Elu. Now, creatures will not go extinct so easily, as they did in Elu. For example, leaving the original Elu running for an entire day without interfering using your character would eventually lead to a completely extinct biome. But, in Elu Undersea, the biome remains balanced, showing a great deal of fine-tuning in the programming of the game.

Thinking on Eyes

Elu's graphics are simple and cleanly made. Each sprite fits in perfectly with another, providing a clean coexistence when running the game. This really makes you feel as though everything "belongs" and sets the atmosphere very well.

In addition, the gameplay is smooth as whipped cream. You really cannot complain about Elu Undersea's near-flawless display of well-executed mechanics. The game has absolutely no problems.

Not much more to say, is there? Elu Undersea runs as smoothly as it is good to look at.

Last Thoughts

Though Elu Undersea truly improves on the original in all respects, the Elu series (and all Life sims for that matter) are not always a favorite on everybody's list. Some people tend to dislike the lack of action and get bored quite easily; others run the life sims more to see what happens at the end of a long, uninterrupted period of time rather than actually delving into the world and taking an active role in it.

Taking all that into account, Elu deserves a fair 8/10 in my eyes.

In a Nutshell

Highs - Great graphics, very smooth gameplay, well balanced/programmed environment
Lows - Not a favorite for everybody; might get boring quickly for some.

Author's Description:

Another artifical life program like my original elu. This one takes place underwater and has a little more to it, including an arcade mode. There are also some secrets.

Download elu undersea (EXE, ~2.0 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about elu undersea

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.07.25 The HammerHead
Rating: --

I regret to say that this game bored the living daylights out of me. But no game is perfect.
2006.02.25 bubbleboy336
Rating: 8

hey I like this game but sometimes it gets old because there isnt a lot to do maybe you should be able to creat a file and choose who to be like a lurchin or whatever. maybe its because I am not to good at it and I dont know what eats what. but I give it a 8 because I know it must have been hard to make this
2005.07.15 duckman35
Rating: 8

Really good game. Nice idea. It is really cool how you thought of this. I think original made up games are the best. Good graphics.
2005.07.15 duckman35
Rating: 8

I found this game very addictive. I liked how you were like some Jesus fish saving all the other little fish. Sometimes I felt like I was going to lose but then I tried harder and I came back. Very fun game.
2005.02.26 rihgu
Rating: 9

This is one of the greatest games ive ever played, well, at least life simulators. i only have a few complaints though, my kalgae almost became extinct and i ended up with like, 10 kalgae and 1 miropod, then it recovered though. I also dont understand the purpose of the seadragon, i dont think ive EVER seen it do anything except for move around. Also, tho lurchin kept starving because the jees were all the way across the screen and the lurchin didnt seem to want to go over there. I never got to see the yellow guys :( . of course, you SHOULD ignore me because i havent made any games worth posting ANYWHERE so i dont deserve your respect.
2005.01.12 black floyd
Rating: 8

Did you know, if you type S during gameplay, it will turn all your mirapods to skeletons?
2004.12.18 Feet First
Rating: 5

I found this game quite uninteresting. It's slow like many similiar games and has little user interaction. Maybe more features would make it interesting.
2004.09.25 Lackey
Rating: --

The sea dragon is particularly nice looking. I like the underwater feel of the game, drifting food, the strange colour changes, that kind of thing.
2004.09.04 Razor
Rating: 6

It's better than the other elu,
but not perfect yet.
2004.08.31 gerry
Rating: --

this is a good game, but these sort of games have been done alot, not espessially on this site, but they have been done alot, lots of engines going round that let just about anyone make them. this is interestingly done though, it will probably get a good staff rating.
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