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Game Maker Games - Johnny 3: Moonlightificated
 Johnny 3: Moonlightificated by Sparlatacus (PG Games)
Johnny 3.

Download Johnny 3: Moonlightificated (EXE, ~3.4 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.04.10 Jabberwock
Rating: 8

Man, what a great game. I could never get into Johnny 2- I kept on getting stuck at the third room- but this one was great. Also, it was considerably better programming-wise than the others- there weren't really any bizarre errors to speak of, and no jumping bug either. pretty cool. I might try #4 too.
2005.12.14 Re_jex
Rating: --

C'mon. this whole Johnny series is just wierd and not the best. it's ok mabey. if your crazy. or on drugs or something. I sound like I no know english. Forgive if english is poor. I sorry.
2005.12.10 VGFox
Rating: 10

I love this game. I don't know why, I just do. It's got some nice classic jumping action, and though the graphics are bad, they fit very well with the theme. This is probably something I'll keep on my hard drive forever.
2005.09.03 Tinker Magoo
Rating: 5

It's pretty good, thought the boss muisc was good.
and FINALLY!!! you fixed the jumping bug.

2005.05.05 MINE
Rating: 7

Well My favorite enemie would be the guy who shoots the stars or at least the look like stars.
2005.05.02 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

What is your favorite enemy in this one? My favorite is that alien guy that shoots those red balls.
2005.04.16 awesome_kid
Rating: 4

Yet another Johnny game I can't beat. Make this game a little more fun, especially the details
2005.04.16 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

You can't beat 15 levels of fun?
2005.04.08 ImSneaky2
Rating: 6

Forget that top review!
The graphics made me spit out my rootbeer,because the first time I played this I was drinking rootbeer.
BTW,you could kill the enemies or bosses by jumping right in back of e'm.
Also there are hidden bonus rooms in a couple rooms,only they should have more coins,and hats during the bonus levels.
2005.01.15 ImSneaky
Rating: 2

This game is the worst game I've played.
Make a better game than this!
2004.12.11 CrashX
Rating: 8

Ahem, Mr. Ubersmack. I just wanted to say that I looked up your profile, and found no games. And you call yourself ubersmackGAMES. Besides that, I liked this game very much! It was fun, and even though Johnny has no movement, and he looks INCREDIBLY freaky, I had quite a time with this game. I agree with TheSodaMachine. It was hideous graphics-wise, but I'm still giving it an 8.
2004.09.26 ubersmackgames
Rating: 1

what the hell dude
this is going to be as indepth as posibel
i'm revuing this game only so all your games could be revewed and it is teribel
graphics:you cant spend 20 min in paint and call it graphics
sound:what where you thinking there is no efects and you play the same crapie song with nothing to do with the game over and over it killed me i almost threw my speackers at the wall
game play: its just stupid you run arowend and for no reason your shooting at stuff and there shooting at you and they can only attack in one direction and theres no fricen life bar for crist sakes
idea:are you stupid the other versoms got bad ratings and you want to try again you moron
coments:now you may say im like tommy from g4 but thiss offel (and i hate him) and you have made me fisicly sick i hope you wize up and stop making these games
2004.09.26 thesodamachine
Rating: 10

I have to agree with one thing from Ubersmack's review. The graphics are hideous. but other than that i see no serious problems with this game. (note, in a normal situation, i would not give this a 10/10, but i'm giving you a 10 because you just didn't deserve the 1 from ubersmack)
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